Choose Top 3 Best Replacement Weed Eater Edger Blades Reviews

Whether you wish to make your lawn look a bit tidier or simply want to create beautiful shapes or designs, a lawn edger will make your work a lot easier. Unlike weed whackers, lawn mowers and shears, edgers are built to cut the grass around precise lines.


In today’s time, a lawn edger can be considered as one of the most important appliances for any home lawn care. No lawn can look perfect and excellent without the help of this appliance. However, the main component that makes this edger work is the blade. The best replacement weed eater edger blades will help you create precise boundaries and edges according to your preference.

3 types of edger blades you will find on the market

You need to take note of the type of blade that your lawn edger needs to have. The type of blade you choose will depend on how deep you want the cuts to be and what type of area you are planning on using it upon. It is quite important that you choose the blade wisely since the texture and the nature of the lawn will depend on it.

Some types of blades for edgers you will find on the market include:

Flat rectangular blades

These are blades that have a cutting edge located on the opposing corners, which make them extremely sharp. They work particularly well when you want to edge a lawn that is level and flush, with unpaved driveway. But it would be better to use this type of blade on electric or gas-powered edger since it can be difficult to rotate them manually on thick soil.

You can make use of your lawn edger’s blade adjustment feature to lower or raise the blade if you want to cut different types of grains or grass along the edge of your lawn. This type of adjustment will allow you to trim through broad-bladed and thick or narrow-bladed and fine grass types.

Flat blades with scoop-cut ends

These types of blades are perfect if you want to edge your lawn that is right next to a bed of flowers that might have soil covers like mulch. The scooped ends of the blade will dig through the cover of the ground, making a well-defined and clean edge between the flower bed and grass. They are particularly useful for keeping grass out of the flowerbed to prevent the spreading of mulch.

Alternatively, if your driveway is paved with paving stones or bricks, or even if grass or weeds have started to sprout between them, you can make use of a lawn edger with this blade on its lowest speed setting to dig out the grass between the pavers. You can then refill the space with silicon paver fill so that the growth of grass and weed is discouraged in the future.

Star-shaped blades

These are lawn edger blades that are suited for edging lawns next to a solid barrier like a retaining wall. These blades have up to eight points, which make it perfect for keeping shrubbery and hedges under control near flag stoned or paved surfaces. You can also adjust the edger’s cutting angle for other purposes like digging a drainage channel around a flower bed that is raised.

You can also make use of this blade for another purpose; you can use a lawn edger with this blade as a lawn aerator. You can simply run around your lawn during the spring season and make aerating holes, before fertilizing your lawn or spreading fresh grass seeds. You need to set the height of the blade to make deep and shallow holes in your lawn, depending on the depth of the fertilization or sprouting penetration.

What are the best edger blade on the market today?

One stand-out feature for any building or home is the lawn. This means that you need to take care of these places as much as possible. This means that when someone visits your home, the lawn is the first that they notice in terms of neatness. This is why here is the list of the best replacement edger blades reviews you can purchase:

This pack of Edger blades by Stihl offers you four blades that measure 7-11/16-inches. It is a genuine rotary replacement part. All you need to do is consult the owner’s manual for the proper number identification and installation.

These Stihl edger blades offer the best durability and long-lasting. They are high-lift products that are more than capable of just clipping and cutting the grasses. The product is priced quite reasonably for its durability and efficiency, thereby making it one of the best blades for a lawn edger.


  • The pack is a good deal since you receive four blades at once
  • These blades are thicker than its counterparts and perform well
  • The blades are capable of holding up very well


  • Several customers state that the company only sent empty packages, without any blades
  • Fitting the blade can be difficult

These Oregon Gator blades have a reputation for being one of the most efficient and high-quality blades in the market today. These blades are perfect for replacement with different model numbers as well and will offer you a very decent service, if not a better job than most custom ones.

This weed eater edger blade can be considered one of the most versatile blades in the list since it can fit perfectly on other brand devices like Snapper, Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Honda.


  • The Gator edger blade is quite durable and long-lasting
  • They are versatile and can fit into other lawn edging appliances as well
  • The pack is value for money since you receive five blades at a time


  • Since the product is made in China, the quality of the blades is often questioned
  • The company might overhype the advertisement

This set of blades by Black and Decker is very popular and one of the best replacement blades in the market today. The blades measure 7.5-inches and are a perfect fit for most products in the market. This is a good thing since the company manufactures blades that will fit almost all mower machines in the market.

The Black and Decker electric edger blade does not weigh a lot and priced very reasonably; additionally, you get two blades in a single go. The lightweight aspect of the blades is perfect since you would not want to add weight to your lawn edger.


  • The blades are very easy to install
  • The blades look quite attractive
  • Value for money


  • The packaging of the blades is not up to the mark
  • Since the Black Decker edger blade is made in China, the products do not carry much credibility

Weed eater edger blades buying guide

Here are some factors that you need to consider while looking for the best edger blades:

Blade type

First of all, you need to consider the type of blade that you are looking for. Based on the manufacturing company, you need to know if the blade is a low-lift blade, standard blade, high-lift blade, etc. Each one of these blades has specific operations that they are used for. Hence, you need to know the blades well. You would not want to get stuck with the wrong blade. For instance, a steel blade edger will use a steel blade.


You need to ensure that the blade you buy is compatible with your edger. The attachment point needs to be such that it is easy to mount. One other aspect that you need to remember is that whether the blade is not too heavy for the edger. Thankfully, most blades are compatible with a majority of the edgers by different manufacturers.


The durability of the blade does not only have to do with how long the product lasts. Its effectiveness for an extended period is also what matters. Mostly, the longevity of the blades is connected to how thick the product is. If you do not want to keep changing the blades, you must choose the one that has high durability. For instance, the yard machine edger blade is considered the most durable.

Cutting efficiency

This is one of the most crucial considerations that you need to remember while choosing any type of lawn blade. You will find a lot of blades with different designs and manufactured by different companies. You need to ensure that the cutting efficiency of the blade is nothing but the best and works seamlessly on your grass. If the blade you choose has a considerable amount of sharpness, you will not have to put in a lot of effort during the edging process.

What is a lawn edger?

The lawn tends to harbor a lot of dangerous insects and animals if they are not looked out for. This can, in turn, prove to be dangerous for people who live in that vicinity. Thankfully, there is a lot of different equipment that can help you take care of your home lawns; one of these important items is the lawn edger.

A lawn edger is a motorized or manual tool that has been designed to form distinct boundaries around your lawn. For instance, you can use the appliance to trim the strips around your mailbox pole, areas where the soil is not covered, areas of sand or gravel, and paved areas.

When it comes to taking care of the edges of your lawn, a regular lawn mower is not going to cut it. These mowers are too wide to handle these small areas to create sharp and nice edges.

How do you edge a lawn with a lawn edger?

Most people are not too comfortable using a lawn edger since the equipment looks a bit intimidating. However, since you will be using the appliance in the long run, fearing it should be the last thing in your mind.

If you want to use a lawn edger, you need to push it in the same way you would to a normal lawnmower; the difference here is that you are required to work strictly along the edges of your lawn, rather than its entirety. If you want to know how to use a lawn edger, then you can watch video below. Most of these edger machines are fitted with three wheels and feature a blade at the front, which makes it much easier to mow down the edges of your lawn with precision.

Once you are done with the trimming process, all you need to do is pack the appliance away. While some edgers are fitted with an in-built bin, others will trim the grass and leave the fallen grass behind. Of course, you need to choose a product that fits your needs and preferences.

How do you sharpen the edger blades?

Similar to a lawnmower, you need to maintain and keep the blades of your edger sharp and nice if you properly want to chop the lawn. Mostly, most lawn edgers are fitted with a single blade with many edges. In most instances, you will have to remove the blades from the machine to clean it thoroughly; however, this is not necessary if you can access the blades outright!

If you are an experienced gardener, then you can make use of a small and handy grindstone to sharpen the blades with ease; if not, you need to buy an angle grinder (check this link: https://happyygarden.com/the-best-garden-tool-sharpeners).

For the blade cleaning process, you need to ensure that you are wearing proper protective gear. The first thing on your list should be thick gloves since you will be sharpening something that can easily pierce your skin and cut through your flesh if you are not being careful. Once detached, you need to hold the blade with the help of a clamp and start running an angle grinder along the edges to sharpen them.

You only need to sharpen the blades every once in a while, to keep your lawn edger working in the best condition.


As mentioned above, edgers are one of the best tools you can use to trim the edges of your lawn. However, the productivity of the edger will depend on how effective the blades are. The above-mentioned blades are some of the most well-reviewed blades on the market today.

However, the best one among these is the Stihl edger blades since they are quite thick as compared to others, which results in better performance. Moreover, you receive four Stihl blades in one pack. With this one of the best edger blades, you will be able to cut the grass in the most precise way.

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