6 Best Bed Bug Powder: Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs Reviews

Are you fed up of bed bugs in your home? Are you constantly looking for the best ways to kill bed bugs in your house using special powders?


Bed bugs are the most difficult pests to kill. This is because they remain hidden and just come out to feed, that is, for drinking blood at night. There are several bed bug killing powders available on the market. However, the question is what kind of powder kills bed bugs?

The answer to this is diatomaceous earth. It isthe most effective and powerful treatment for controlling bed bugs. However, with so many options out there, you might get confused as to which bed bug powder is the best one for you.

In this article, we have listed the best bed bug powder - diatomaceous earth bed bugs review so that you can buy the best one for yourself as per your specific requirements and preferences. All these bed bug powders have been tested and then put down on this list. Plus, we have written about how you can use the powder that kills bed bugs, what things to avoid while applying bed bug powder, and how is borax different from diatomaceous earth for killing bed bugs.

Top 6 Best Bed Bug Powder And Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs Reviews

Now that you knowhow to use bed bug powder, you can take a look at the top six bed bug powders available on the market. All these bed bug powders have been explained in detail with their respective pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice.

Bonide BND121 bug killer kills different types of insects, including ants, cockroaches, earwigs, beetles, silverfish, slugs, millipedes, fleas, grasshoppers, centipedes, bed bugs, and other crawling insects.

This powerful insecticide is ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor use. You can use it in your home, barn, stable, and flower and vegetable garden. Plus, you can even apply it to your crops and stored grain.

Bonide diatomaceous earth can be used directly as a dust or mixed in slurry for spraying. It is very effective and kills beg bugs within 48 hours when they ingest or come in contact with this powder that kills bed bugs. Moreover, insects can’t grow immune to Bonide insecticide since it does not contain any chemicals.


  • Kills several types of crawling insects
  • Safe around kids, pets, and livestock
  • Kills bed bugs within 48 hours of contact
  • Non-toxic
  • Bed bugs cannot grow immune to it
  • Safe to use both indoors and outdoors


  • Some people say that it does not work on ants
  • Somewhat dusty
  • Does not come with a powder applicator so you need to purchase it separately

Safer Brand 5168 is a great bed bug killer that can be used both outdoors as well as indoors on ants, bed bugs, and all crawling insects. This organic pest and insect killer is safe for your pets as well as kids. It works in two ways when it comes to killing bed bugs. It kills pests whenever they crawl across or ingest it.

Moreover, beg bugs can’t become immune to Safer 5168 since it does not have any chemicals to which insects can grow immune to. Safer 5168 diatomaceous earth power is great for getting rid of pests from your garden as well. Moreover, being food-grade and non-toxic, this insect killer is safe for your garden produce.


  • Bed bug powder safe for humans and animals
  • Works in two ways by killing insects that crawl across or ingest it
  • Works both inside and outside the house
  • Being food-grade, it’s not harmful even if you ingest it accidentally
  • Bed bugs can’t get immune to it
  • Works great as a garden pesticide as well


  • Need to re-apply in case the area gets wet
  • Small bottle
  • The applicator nozzle is not really good

DEsect diatomaceous earth insecticide is quite effective against insects such as bed bugs, roaches, slugs, earwigs, ants, grasshoppers, crickets, millipedes, silverfish, centipedes, sow bugs, lice, pill bugs, box elder bugs, aphids, carpet beetles, Japanese beetles, and snails.

This product is safe for using outdoors on plants, fruit trees, and flowers in your garden as well as indoors. You can use it as a wettable powder. DEsect diatomaceous earth is registered organic with the Organic Mineral Research Institute (OMRI).


  • Super effective against bed bugs and other insects
  • Kills bed bugs quickly
  • Odorless
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Bed bug powder safe for humans and animals
  • Registered with OMRI


  • Effective for only two weeks
  • Messy application

Harris bed bug killer has diatomaceous earth. It is a powerful desiccant that eliminates bed bugs within 48 hours. Plus, Harris bed bug diatomaceous earth powderkills beetles, ticks, and mites on furniture and carpet. This non-toxic powder does its work even after 48 hours wherever it’s applied when that place is kept dry.

Harris bed bug diatomaceous earth powdercomes with a value size option and a free applicator. It is registered with the Organic Mineral Research Institute (OMRI) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, some people claim that Harris bed bug diatomaceous earth powderhas given them a rash.


  • Registered with the OMRI and EPA
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic without any additives
  • Bed bugs die in 48 hours
  • Accompanies a free powder applicator
  • Effective up to four weeks


  • Some people complain that it leaves a distinct odor
  • Some people say that they have developed a rash
  • The area where it’s applied should be kept dry for the powder to work, which means it might not work in humid environments

Safer 51702 insect killer eliminates bed bugs and other insects within 48 hours after its application. It is made of diatomaceous earth formula that is not harmful to animals or humans since it’s made without any chemicals.

Safer 51702 insect killer can also kill fleas, earwigs, ants, and roaches. It works both indoors as well as outdoors. Safer 51702 earth crawling insect killer is easy to use in all places where bed bugs hide. As soon as the insects come in contact with this powder, they immediately die.

The powder does not contain any odor and is non-staining, which means you can easily use it at your home. However, you must ensure that you apply this powder again in case it gets washed away.Moreover, this insect killer does not come with an applicator.


  • Comes in a packaging that can be sealed again
  • Easily vacuums out of carpets
  • Works up to four weeks after application
  • Diatomaceous earth-based formula
  • Kills bed bugs in every life stage
  • Kills within 48 hours


  • Only works when it’s kept dry
  • Dusty application
  • Some customers say that it’s not very effective

Safer 51703 is a 100% natural killer for bed bugs that is offered at an affordable price. This powder that kills bed bugscomes in a packaging of 4 lb and is great for large-scale infestations. It can also eliminate small to medium infestations. However, it does not work in very humid environments since diatomaceous earth mixed with water for bed bugs is not effective.

Apart from bed bugs, Safer 51703 killer can also get rid of fleas, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, and crickets. The main advantage of this powder is that insects can’t resist it since it does not contain any chemicals that can help them build immunity.However, this is no application device offered with this bed bug killer, which means you will have to buy one separately.


  • Good residual control
  • Kills bed bugs within 48 hours
  • Kills many other insects apart from bed bugs, including earwigs, cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes, ants, crickets, and silverfish
  • Affordable
  • Diatomaceous earth is made of recycled algae
  • All-natural and bed bug powder safe for humans and pets
  • Bed bugs cannot become resistant to it


  • Does not come with a brush or duster
  • Drying effect if you inhale it
  • Does not work in moisture

How to use bed bug powder

Not everyone knows how to use bed bug powder correctly. Therefore, here we have listed the ways to use bed bug powder properly. Before you start with the extermination, make sure you wear gloves and a face mask so that you don’t inhale or touch the insecticide even if it’s not harmful.

Crack and crevice treatment: Primarily, you should use bed bug powders inside cracks, nooks, crevices, etc. You can put the bed bug powder in rooms where there are bed bugs or where you feel bed bugs could be traveling through or hiding. Make sure you apply bed bug powder in bed frames, wall gaps, carpet edges, and floorboards between the carpet and the floor. Moreover, you must put the powder that kills bed bugsin baseboard gaps, inside the vents, outlet plates, and switchboards. In such spaces, bed bug powders are really effective since they can settle there in a better way as compared to bed bug sprays, foggers, and other treatments. This way bed bugs will get trapped inside the parameter created by the bed bug powder and when they get hungry, they would have to come outside by passing the powder, which will eventually kill them. However, you must apply the bed bug powder a few times in order to kill all the bed bugs.

Your bed: If you are wondering, “Can I put diatomaceous earth on my bed,” then the answer to this is yes. You can use diatomaceous earth under your mattress and box spring where it will stay put and kill bed bugs. However, make sure you don’t sprinkle it on or under your sheets since you will feel uncomfortable while sleeping due to its rough particles.

Wall gaps and other places: You should apply the bed bug powder in the interiors and joints of wooden furniture, under appliances, and on window and door frames. Make sure you cover all places where you think bed bugs can be hiding. This is because bed bugs like to hide in any place they can.

Powder applicator: Some bed bug powders come with powder applicators and some require you to buy them separately. You must buy a convenient applicator in case you don’t get it with the bed bug powder. Make sure you buy a professional applicator that can get deep into wall voids, crevices, and cracks. The powder applicator emits small and even powder amounts, which saves you money and allows you to use the powder for a longer time period.

How not to use bed bug powder

You should not use bed bug powder like this:

Scatter everywhere: You should not sprinkle bed bug powder aimlessly everywhere in order to kill bed bugs. This is because bed bug powders are relatively less effective in open spaces as compared to when they are applied inside tight crevices and cracks. Bed bug powders must come in contact with bed bugs in order to kill them. Moreover, by sprinkling the bed bug powder everywhere in your house, you will potentially spread toxins everywhere, damage your furniture, carpet, and floor, as well as make it messy without effectively killing bed bugs. This is more dangerous if there are small kids and pets in your home who can ingest or inhale this pesticide.

Not reading the instruction label: Every bed bug powder is made differently with different active ingredients that have unique compositions. This is why you must read the label on the packaging of the product so that you know how to use the bed bug powder.

Do not mix diatomaceous earth with water:Diatomaceous earth mixed with water for bed bugsis not at all effective since water makes it lose its abrasive quality.Bed bug powder is only effective till it stays dry and is not exposed to water.

Borax vs diatomaceous earth for bed bugs

Many people say that Borax is also a great way to get rid of bed bugs, just like diatomaceous earth. However, this is not the reality. As per a paper in the Journal of Economic Entomology, boric acid can kill cockroaches but it’s not effective in killing bed bugs.

On the other hand, diatomaceous earth is quite effective in killing bed bugs. It eliminates bed bugs between seven to 17 days and has durable, long-term effects. Moreover, this bed bug powder safe for humans.


The right bed bug powder can save you from those painful and annoying bed bug bites. You can choose any of the bed bug powders listed here since all of them are the best. However, the best bed bug powder - diatomaceous earth bed bugs review that stands out from all others is the Safer 51703 Diatomaceous Earth-Bed Bug Killer.

This is an all-natural bed bug killer that is great for all types of bed bug infestations. It kills bed bugs within 48 hours and is safe around humans and pets. Safer 51703 insect killer comes in a bag that can be sealed again. It is offered at an affordable price as compared to other bed bug killers out there.

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