Top 7 Best Cordless & Battery Powered Lawn Edger With Blades

A lawn edger, otherwise known as an edge trimmer, is a piece of essential landscaping equipment used to create definite boundaries and inhibit grass incursions between lawns, walkways, or in golf courses. Therefore, it results in neat and polished edges around the gardens. The lawn edger is available in 2 various forms: manual or motorized.

  1. Manual lawn edgers are available in three types; Spade based, hand shears, and roller based
  2. Motorized lawn edgers are String trimmers, single wheel designs, and multi-wheel designs

Best cordless and battery powered lawn edger with blade reviews

The lawn edgers can either be wheeled or stick pole. The lawn edgers also utilize power, thus are available in gas-powered edgers or electric-powered edgers. This article focuses on electric-powered edger. The edger employs a cord that plugs into an outlet. A battery powers others -therefore, cordless.

Today, I'm gonna show you how to choose the best cordless and the battery powered lawn edger with blades. All reviews are being ready for you.

About The Cordless Lawn Edger with Blade:

Cordless lawn edgers are battery-powered edges that eliminate the use of power cords. Therefore, the edgers are battery-powered. Most battery-powered lawn edgers have approximately 18 volts. Cordless edgers with blades usually have sharp blades that measure about 7-9 inches. The blades may either be a plain edge blade or a serrated blade. The serrated blade is more advantageous as it cuts through soil and grass better than a blade with a plain edge. Additionally, they can tear through surfaces faster, thus assists one to edge the driveway without taking so much time.

How to Acquire the Best Cordless Edger with Blade?

There are various features of a cordless lawn edger that one should be keen about before purchasing it.

  1. The edger's Cutting Diameter and Depth-Experts recommend edgers that have a cutting capacity that ranges between 12 and 14 inches.
  2. Power source- Cordless edgers are easy to operate. They rely on long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, you can enjoy the freedom of meandering around gardens and yard elements without having to worry about tangling, tripping over, or snagging an extension cord.
  3. The edger's shafts and handles- If an edger's shaft is long enough, one can edge swiftly and without straining. Short shafts tend to force one to bend to achieve the desired look. The handles should be satisfactory, allowing a firm grip on both the top and middle of the shaft. Experts recommend using a D-shaped handle
  4. An edger's wheels- Cordless lawn edgers depend on wheels to guide them along a borderline while giving the edger more stability during the edging task. Therefore, reducing the occurrence of chipping the concrete on pavements and sidewalks. Experts recommend using an edger with dual wheels.

How to choose a battery for a battery-operated lawn edger.

When choosing a battery-powered lawn edger, it is best to choose one that utilizes a Lithium-Ion battery. The battery enables the edger to operate longer, especially if you own an enormous lawn. Lithium-ion batteries charge faster than other battery types.

There are various available lithium-ion battery-powered cordless lawn edgers.

Following Features

  • Extendable shaft- an extendable shaft allows you to adjust the shaft according to your height, thus prevents one from struggling during use. The edger is appropriate for use even by older people as this edger prevents back strain when used for hours.
  • 9-Inch Serrated Blade and 4-Position Depth Control- The edger possesses a 9-inch serrated blade that allows it to cut through soil and grass better than a blade with a plain edge. Serrated blades are advantageous than sharper blades as they can tear through surfaces faster. Therefore, it enables one to edge your driveway without taking so much time. The edger's 4-position adjustable depth control allows you to go as deep into the soil hence creating more precise edges.
  • The Scotts battery-powered lawn edger comes with an efficient charger that's able to charge batteries in 45 minutes fully. This fast-charging assists you in maximizing your landscaping within a short period.
  • It has a 20V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery-Lithium ion batteries charge faster than other cells.

Following Features

  • Nylon Blade Cutting System-The The VonHaus edger has a durable nylon blade cutting system that enables individuals to engage in light to moderate lawn edging. However, when doing heavy lawn edging, the nylon blade tends to wear off quickly, so it's better to secure spare blades.
  • Minimal Noise and Vibration-The edgers are ideal for residential areas as the battery-operated edger operates while producing little noise.
  • Adjustable Height-The edger has a telescopic handle that you can adjust its height between 34 to 45 inches to suit your preference hence appropriate for use by older people as this edger prevents back strain and struggle during edging.

Following Features

  • It has a big guide wheel that enables you to move across your lawn with little to no friction smoothly.
  • The Ryobi's 9-inch serrated blade penetrates grass and soil easier than a typical sharp blade. The serrated blades don't wear out quickly.
  • The edger has a 4-position depth control feature that enables you to adjust the depth of the edger for added precision and comfortability during edging.
  • The edger possesses a blade guard that protects the blade from wear and tear. The blade guard also keeps debris contained; therefore, it reduces one's stress of cleaning lots of scattering debris.

Top 4 Best cordless lawn edger

This edger doubles as a cordless trimmer and a cordless edger.


  • The edger has a long runtime of one hour. The run time is advantageous as most edgers have a run time of 30-40 minutes.
  • The edger is inexpensive; thus, budget-friendly.
  • Long battery life that allows individuals to maximize their landscaping within a short period.
  • Powerful transmission
  • It has an auto-feed spool system.


  • It is a burden for tall people as it has a short handle.
  • It takes a long time to charge.

It is a cordless lawn edger with wheels.


  • It is inexpensive, thus budget-friendly.
  • The edger is super lightweight, thus easy to use.
  • The dual-function spacer that helps guide the edging jobs while preserving any vegetation in danger of being whisked away.
  • The edger possesses a command feed system
  • The edger also seconds as a trimmer.


  • Its spool system may get jammed occasionally during edging.

This edger also seconds as a trimmer; therefore, it allows you to switch from edging to trimming quickly. Besides, it comes with two different control speeds that will enable you to change your running speed whenever you take a problematic cutting activity such as hedge trimming.


  • The edger has a Power cut system that allows you to enhance your cutting.
  • It has a Power boost system that is beneficial, both edging and trimming.
  • It doubles as both a trimmer and an edger.
  • The edger is affordable, thus cost-friendly.
  • The edger comes with Two control speeds that allow you to change your running speed
  • Powerful transmission
  • Easy feed lines


  • The Spool system may get jammed occasionally.
  • The battery takes a long time to charge.

Ego cordless edgers keep lawns, flower beds, and sidewalks prim and proper. The edgers are useful as they effectively trim areas where lawn mowers are not able to reach.


  • The edgers are cordless; thus, one does not worry about detaching the cord or snagging or tripping over the cable.
  • They have a 56-volt lithium-ion cordless powerhead that assures you of a long-running time.
  • It has a depth adjustment knob that makes it easy to switch from one area to another.
  • The edger has an active lock-off switch that keeps everyone safe when the edger is not in use.
  • The edgers use batteries; thus, they are eco-friendly as they have no gas emissions.


How To Use A Cordless Lawn Edger?

How can I Maintenance Of A Cordless Lawn Edger?

What are the benefits Of A Cordless Lawn Edger.


Incorporating the right tools can help you achieve the lawn desired. Cordless lawn edgers are the most effective tools to employ for easy usage at home. Not only do they require minimal manual labor, but they also assure one of a quality lawn without the worries of detaching cords. They are easy to maintain thus more advantageous to use. They also do not overheat quickly due to their rechargeable batteries. They are also lightweight and balance correctly, ensuring homeowners create crisp, clean landscaping lines. A well-manicured lawn elevates and uplifts the lawns' outlook as the edger achieves professional quality results.

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