Buy 5 Best Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade for Human Consumption

For health issues like hair loss, constipation or want an organic detoxification product, diatomaceous earth is a good option to consider. Organic food grade diatomaceous earth products are very handy to have at home as they provide multiple benefits. And you can find some of the best products at affordable prices. If you are not familiar with diatomaceous earth, read this article to know the various health benefits and how to buy the best diatomaceous earthfood grade.

With so many different brands present online and in the stores, finding the right product can be difficult. You have to consider the quality, safety, price and other aspects for each one of them. Fortunately, we have made your task easier by narrowing down the best in our list of best food grade diatomaceous earth for human consumption. Read on to know their features, pros and cons and our recommendation.

#1. Nature's Wisdom Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Meeting food grade standards of FDA is a task that many brands find difficult to attain. Nature’s Wisdom is an exception since it uses diatomaceous earth mined from pure source of fresh water.  There are nearly 600 deposits in the USA of which the FDA considers only four to meet its food grade standards. Nature’s Wisdom DE sources from on such FDA approved fresh water deposit.

The manufacturer assures the product is free of contaminants and it is professionally packaged in plastic bags with air tight seal. The diatomaceous earth powder is available as 5 lb and 3 lb bags.  The product can be used for personal detox as well as for pest control.


  • FDA standard food grade product
  • Is effective for use in organic gardening as natural insecticide
  • Can be used for control of fleas, lice and ticks


  • The package does not contain any instructions on usage
  • Is not OMRI certified

Mined from pure deposits found in fresh water, Lumino DE is made in the United States. It contains about 85% of silicon dioxide. Other components in the diatomaceous earth include iron and clay making it a nutrition rich product.

The product is easy to dissolve and does not have any taste. The diatomaceous earth properties of the product benefit humans, pets and plants. Lumino diatomaceous earth reviews indicate it is a fairly good product that is moderately priced.


  • Easily dissolves
  • Tasteless
  • Quality is good
  • Container is convenient for storing
  • Price is affordable


  • No specific instructions on usage present in the pack

Fossil Power Diatomaceous earth is a good choice to consider, if you are looking for a safe to use detox and health supplement. It is equally effective on fur of cats, dogs and horse. With silica as the primary ingredient, this Fossil Power product is a 100% natural powder with no chemicals or contaminants in it.

The product is packaged in an FDA approved facility. Important features of the product include its effective impact on nails, skin, hair and body. Regular addition of this supplement can help in curbing sugar cravings, enhance mood and improve nail and hair health.

The resealable bag in which the product comes packaged in ensures you can use it without any hassle. The package has specific instruction on proper dosage for enjoying the health benefits of the product.


  • FDA standard food grade product
  • Resealable package is very convenient to use and store


  • Price is expensive
  • The powder is very fine creating unmanageable mess especially when spraying.

If you are in search of an OMRI listed diatomaceous earth product, Harris diatomaceous earth food grade is a good choice. The product is free of harmful chemicals and is safe for use around children as well as pets.

Available as 10lbs packs, the product is made of 100% natural diatomaceous earth derived from freshwater source without fillers or additives added to it.

The product includes a powder duster, which helps in easy and mess free application of the product on animal feed. The product is made in United States with mining done in Nevada and the packaging in Georgia.

The powder duster has an extension nozzle that helps in easy application. The nozzle tip is very fine and the body of the duster is flexible allowing easy handling.


  • OMRI Listed product and satisfies FDA standards
  • Packaging is convenient to use
  • Powder duster dispenser is good


  • Packaging is very flimsy
  • Applicator is packed with the diatomaceous earth so creates a big mess when removed from the pack

Root Naturally is a good quality diatomaceous earth with OMRI listing. It is sourced from freshwater deposit in the USA, which is one among four deposits in the country. The main component in the product is amorphous silica.

The product is available in 5lbs. and 10 lbs.packs. Top-grade stainless-steel equipment is used for filling the diatomaceous earth.

The brand is family owned small business founded by two brothers. Because of this it strives to provide best quality to its customers.

The product dissolves easily in juice or water without clumping. It is finely ground and is not noticeable at all when added to food. It works well when used in toothpaste and as deodorant too.


  • OMRI listed product
  • Easy to mix with food, water or juices


  • Dries out skin on contact
  • Package is very thin so can tear easily

Where To Buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth For Human Consumption?


Where to buy the best diatomaceous earth food grade for human consumption?

There are many brands of food grade DE that you can find online and in the stores in your locality. To choose the best brand of diatomaceous earth food grade, you have to look at the quality, variety of sizes, price, support and of course whether it is certified as naturally organic.

OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certification ensures the product is free of contaminants or additives. You can also use our list of best food grade DE products to make an informed choice.

Is It Safe To Use?

Diatomaceous Earth can bring a host of benefits to you including healthy weight loss, anti-fungal and antiparasitic actions. Food grade diatomaceous earth is considered to be safe for consumption. But care should be taken to avoid inhaling it. 

This is because the crystalline silica present in concentrated form can irritate or damage the lungs. Silica also has the potential to scar tissue in the lungs and cause the condition termed as silicosis.

About Organic food grade Diatomaceous Earth Humans Use

Diatomaceous earth (DE) consists of fossilized shells belonging to diatoms, which are aquatic single celled plants such as phytoplankton or algae. These are the major source of food for marine organisms. The fossilized diatoms contain silicon dioxide and lake beds (old) are the main mining source for the product.

Food grade diatomaceous earth contains silicon dioxide in the form of 90 to 95% amorphous silica. It also contains trace minerals such as calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, iron and zinc. The natural powder is odorless and does not produce any chemical toxicity. It works physically. Thus, it is classified as food grade and used for various purposes including in supplements.

Common Uses Of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth products are available in various forms including powders, dust, pressurized liquids etc. These are used in food manufacturing, water filtration, farming and skin care products. It is also used in filtration of wine.

The food grade product is used as topical and oral consumption. Topical application includes for skin exfoliation and in tooth paste for brushing teeth. The product when consumed as supplement can help in high cholesterol and in constipation. It is also good for healthy hair and nails.

Health Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is well known for its anti-fungicidal and parasite cleansing actions. Silica is a vital component needed for healthy bones, skin, blood vessels, tendons and cartilage. It is present in the blood and in organs such as lungs, heart and liver.

When consumed as a supplement, the diatomaceous earth can promote healthy skin, nails, hair, ligament and joints. It aids in digestion and helps in bowel issues. It is also used for cleansing of colon.

Why Use Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth supplement is easy to consume. You can mix it with water and consume it. The product produces results in a few weeks’ time.

If you are using it for detoxification or as antifungal or antiparasitic treatment, taking the supplement half an hour prior to consuming food will give best results.

The effectiveness of the product will be seen in the changes that occur to your nails, skin, hair, metabolism and appetite. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated while taking Diatomaceous Earth.

Is Silica Available In Our Regular Diet?

It is possible to enjoy the benefits of silica by taking foods rich in silica such as rice, oats, wheat, green beans, seeds, nuts, dairy products, banana, dried fruits and meat products.  But using a diatomaceous earth supplement will increase the benefits.

What Does Food Grade Mean?

Food grade also known as Food Chemical Codex Grade product denotes that it meets the safety standards set by FDA.

You can use the food grade product as supplement or for other uses around your home safely.  Food grade DE, for instance, contains about 95% of amorphous silica that is safe and does not produce any unwanted side effects.

Can DE Be Used As Pesticide?

DE is a natural and organic pesticide that acts effectively on insects. The diatoms act like glass shards on insects cutting their outer covering resulting in injury and dehydration.

By sprinkling DE powder on the affected area indoors or outdoors you can get rid of pests. But make sure you wear protective masks and gloves, while applying the DE, as it can dry your skin and irritate it.

While applying the powder indoors, you have to use the product multiple times to get rid of critters fully.

Is It Good For Flea Removal?

DE can be used for flea treatment. When you dust the powder on the coat of your pet, it can get rid of fleas without causing any harm to your pet.

However, for internal use on you pet you have to first consult your vet and ensure it is the right option.

Tips On Using Diatomaceous Earth

When used as a dietary supplement, diatomaceous earth can provide numerous benefits to you. Here is how you can use it to enjoy it benefits to the maximum.

Diatomaceous earth works best on empty stomach. You should start in small amounts and gradually increase the dose like a teaspoon of the powder mixed with 12 ounces of liquid.

The powder should be mixed vigorously and consumed immediately. If you find the gritty texture and chalky taste of DE and water mix, use liquids such as juices, milk, smoothies or coffee or even food items like applesauce, oatmeal and yogurt to mask the bland taste.

Note: When used as detox, diatomaceous earth can result in symptoms that mimic flu. The effects are mostly due to the toxins being eliminated from your body and not due to the product. You have to increase fluid consumption and keep yourself well hydrated, and also reduce the dose for a few days to manage the unwanted symptoms.


Now that you have read our comprehensive guide on diatomaceous earth for human consumption, you will find it easy to choose the best brand.

Of the various brands, Diatomaceous earth food grade is a top-quality product we would recommend, as it is OMRI listed with good sourcing and packaging that meets eco friendly standards. Good pricing and reviews further add to its benefits.

All the products in our list are organic and natural. They do not contain any contaminants, chemicals or additives hence are completely safe. Whether you are looking for using them as health supplement or for animal consumption, the best diatomaceous earth food gradeproducts listed above give good value for money.

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