Best Garden Sprinkler Heads For Low Water Pressure


Having a yard or even a garden is not easy, especially when you have to go through watering it yourself. That can get particularly tiring. However, you do not always have to choose the rough path. Choosing the best sprinkler head would be the answer to your troubles.

With an endless array of sprinklers to choose from, one can get confused over which one they should actually pick. Not to worry, further down you will discover just what you need from a sprinkler and even as far as knowing which sprinklers are the best for low water pressure in the market today.

(Small area adjustable sprinkler heads)

In general, a sprinkler is a device used to water the lawn, garden, and sometimes it can even go as far as to be the one that puts out fires. However, in this guide, we will focus on sprinklers for lawns and gardens that are highly elevated. The higher the elevation of your home, the lower the pressure of your water source. The average range of water pressure on most homes is in between 30-50 pounds PSI depending on the elevation of the location of your home.

Sprinklers can come in all different types, designs, and materials, so if this is the first time that you are getting a sprinkler system, you might need help to avoid confusion. Considering that a variety of designs is available in the market, you must have a guide to pick the best for what you need. Yet, it is essential that your sprinkler heads are suitable for your water pressure. One might think that a sprinkler just comes as it is, but consider some factors before purchasing one.

5 Best Sprinkler Heads For Low Water Pressure - Updated Reviews 

There are many sprinklers in the market that are of good quality, but if you are looking for the best of the best, the ones in the list below are the ones that you should be looking at. Each of the sprinklers you will find will all be of different styles; each assigned for a particular kind of yard, specializes in certain areas and are great at it. Who knows, maybe you will be able to find the right sprinkler for your yard right here. Therefore, without any further ado, here are the top 5 best sprinkler heads in the market in no particular order.

It is hard to find a sprinkler that would be able to have the right amount of precision, which is why a lot of us end up with extra water going off the yard. However, with the XT4200, you would be able to get the precision you are looking for. Built inside of this sprinkler is an option that always you to adjust. It comes with a flow control dial that has designs held inside so that you would be able to control the adjustments according to how you want them to be.

Other than precision adjustments, this sprinkler even comes with a comprehensive range of coverage for those who have a significant amount of space to water. The XT4200 can cover over 4,000 squares! If you are not sure how big of a range that is, try to imagine something a little bit smaller than a basketball court.  However, if you do not need that big of coverage and just wish for the sprinkler to handle a small area, you have the option of using the range control. This way, you can adjust just how far you want the sprinkler to go like 75’ as the maximum length and 15’ as the lowest.

Your capability to control the water pressure is a handy option as well. It is quite useful especially when I am adjusting it; that way, I can prevent water splashing all over me. Durability is also on the list of good qualities for this sprinkler. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, this little champion proves to go through all of those seasons without breaking down.

The sprinkler itself is very lightweight, so if you want to store or move it, there would be no problem. Yet, if you are going to keep it on the ground, you are going to have to put some weights on top if you do not want it flying about.

If you are looking for something different, something on the classic side, then there is the Rain Bird Brass sprinkler. As of now, it is the number one best-selling brass impact sprinkler. With the materials that are made out of (Brass, bronze, and stainless steel) this sprinkler can last longer than most other popular sprinklers that are made out of zinc. It is a traditional kind of sprinkler that all gets us nostalgic and satisfied.

It gives out that familiar sound of water falling all over your yard telling you that your grass is not going to be dying from dehydration any time soon. Because it can cover 5,200 square feet, you can use this sprinkler for large areas like farms but is just perfect for your lawn or even your little garden just the same. The Rain Bird Brass sprinkler has a simple adjustment system that can create controlled steam so that the water would not go beyond where it intends to land on. With its easy installation, you would be able to get it working in no time.

It's actually quite hard to find a quality brass sprinkler that's able to connect with a hose, so imagine how delighted I was when I saw this because it's way better than the plastic versions that aren't able to last that long. However, because its construction material is out of brass, it is a little slower than the plastic ones. That just makes it perfect for small gardens like vineyards. A fun fact about the Rain Bird Brass sprinkler is that it was the world’s first ever “Impact” sprinkler.

Therefore, for those over there who are interested in getting the classics with a twist of the modern world’s upgrade, this one should be the right one for you.

#3. Gilmour 808763-1001 Circle Pattern Spot Sprinkler                              

For the third sprinkler on the list, we have another one that is of metallic construction. Very significant when it comes to durability because compared to plastic, metal obviously can last longer throughout the years. However, it is small, and even though it is out of metal, it is actually lightweight. Therefore, you might have a little trouble keeping it grounded and might also go as far as to take creative lengths.

It is smaller and with less amount of area to push down onto. I found it useful just to use an old wired hangar to push it through the little hole and have it tied up. With just that, it was easy to keep it grounded. Unlike the previous sprinklers, this one does not have that big of a range coverage when it comes to watering and instead is only able to make it to 30 feet around it.

However, this makes it ideal for those who have small lawns or gardens that require taking care of and is perfect for places that have low water pressure. The gentle flow of its water is especially suitable for taking care of little seedlings in your garden. If your yard were small, there would be no water wasted since it specializes in such. You are still able to adjust the range of its coverage though if you think that 30 feet are still too big of a field. 

If you have a small yard or a garden that you are too tired of watering manually, then you can get the Gilmour sprinkler to fix that watering problem. The gentle way it sprinkles is more effective for little sprouts, and it would be able to water it more evenly while gently soaking the water into the soil to make it moist.

Plastic is not always the material that people go to when it comes to sprinklers, but there are still some exceptions. One of those exceptions is the number one bestselling impact sprinkler Rain Bird, and yes, it is the plastic version of the brass one that you have come across from above review. Although some of its parts are out of plastic, it still has some brass on it like the double-weighted arm attachment. You would be able to adjust it for slower rotation or increase the range for the water.

The weighted arm itself is the one that controls the steam, so rest assured that with the right amount of adjustments you would not be wasting any of the water that leaves the sprinkler. If you want something different, it even has a diffuser screw that will change the size of the water droplets. If you wish for smaller ones, you can adjust to be able to get just that. When it gets to cleaning time, you would not have to go through many difficulties because the bayonet nozzle is removable. Even though it is plastic, there is a reason why this is one of the best selling! It is very durable to withstand all year long and still survive without a scratch.

The set of controls for this one is easy to use, even for someone like me; I was able to get it done quite quickly. Installing it is very simple that you can finish it in just a few minutes. If you want to have more than one of this kind of sprinkler, here is something that you should know: you can get them all running at the same time because it can connect to the hose simultaneously.

When you are searching for something on a fancier and advanced side, then this sprinkler should be perfect for you. Even its name sounds like it is on another level. The Orbit sprinkler is one of a more modern approach equipped with its day and night detection. Isn’t that a smart option?

It is a unique feature that you cannot find on most sprinklers, like; it is tough to find another one with the same function. With this, you would not have to go through the trouble of actually going outside and turning it on yourself since it will activate automatically whenever it is time for the plants to get their daily nutrition. You can choose whether you want it to work during the day, during the night, and even have it for 24 hours. It is completely programmable.

Many times, we have trouble with having the sprinklers grounded onto the surface, especially when the construction material is out of very light materials. However, with the Orbit sprinkler, you can just stab it into the soil, and voila, you have a stable sprinkler that will not shake or fly out of your yard. The sprinkler itself runs on battery life, but it includes advanced sensing technology that would be able to conserve both the water and battery. If you are wondering just how much it can save, well, the product can run through 7,500 activation cycles with only four AA alkaline batteries.

For water, you can only use two cups of water every time it activates. Now that is what I call smart saving. When you think it is not that advanced and smart, then you are wrong! This sprinkler can even use smart sensing technology that enables it to know what the difference between living things and inanimate objects is. Well, if you think that it is going to activate every single time something moves then rest assured.

It is excessively cutting-edge for something like that. Indeed, the sprinkler of our generation! 

What Are The Different Types Of Sprinkler Heads?


(Rain bird rotary sprinkler heads)

Generally, sprinklers come in different types. The models are different in ways like how they can spread the range, or what kind of spray type they will be able to put over the lawn, and more. As of today, we are in an age of technology, so there are more kinds of sprinklers flowing in. Therefore, I will show you a guide on how to identify the differences between these types of sprinklers.

1. Spray Heads

This kind of sprinkler is the kind where its water pattern is the shape of a fan whenever it is spraying water over your yard. The one people call "fixed spray heads." If you need more visualization for the kind of spray it has, try to imagine a shower. Spray head sprinklers have many nozzles that you can use for replacements, and this way allows you to change the pattern according to what you want. I believe that some offers feature capable of 90-360 degree angle.

If the coverage of the water is not enough, then you can adjust that one as well. Among the different designs, you can pick some that are even capable of narrow areas. I advise picking the spray heads that have a durable spring retraction that is completely enclosed. These pop-up heads can avoid stumbling accidents.

The thing about this kind though is that this sprinkler would need around 20-30 PSI water pressure so that it would be able to work well.

Here is a video showing you how a spray head works:

2. Rotors

When you use the word rotor for sprinklers, it means it can move, or rotate and would be able to distribute the water evenly over the entire area.  You can extend the nozzles from the ground to water the rest of the area in your garden. The sprinkler heads only work with low pressure and can accommodate watering a radius of 30 feet coverage. There are different kinds of rotor sprinklers. 

a. Impact Rotor Sprinkler/Rainbird

This kind of rotor sprinkler will send the water through back and forth movements. It is simply suitable for taking care of huge turfs. The kind makes the familiar sound we all know in movies that we all love and enjoy. The water will come out in round motion and then swivels above the threaded head.

However, due to how the times have changed, they are now finding alternatives to replace impact rotors with gear type rotor heads.

b. Gear Driven Rotors

It seems like there are people who do not enjoy the classic sound of water falling as much as I do because gear driven rotors are becoming so popular. This sprinkler is famous for being super silent. It lets the water flow out smoothly with even spray and equal spreading to the ground. To make things better, it does not need as much maintenance as “Impact rotors,” and with its small size, it will not look that much as an eyesore on your yard.

c. Turbine & Gear Driven Rotors

Instead of one water stream, this kind of rotor can have more, and just like how its name goes similar to the one above, it is silent when it is watering your yard as well. It is more or less entirely the same for gear driven rotors except for the fact that it can shoot more than just one water stream if you want it to.

d. Multi-Stream Rotors

If you want your garden to look like pretty dewdrops of rain sprinkling all over it, then you would wish for a multi-stream rotor. More for aesthetic purposes, this kind of sprinkler will provide your yard with multiple water streams and will entertain you for hours because it is just that nice to look at.

To give you an idea here is a video showing you how a rotor-type sprinkler head works:

3. Bubblers

This type of low-pressure sprinkler heads looks like little fountains that you can call bubblers. This design is just for watering limited spaces. If you have plenty of plants in pots, home vegetable garden, or flower beds, this is the best sprinkler head for you. This will enable you to water directly to a particular setting.

Its water flow is just a few inches wide, creating well-drained areas the perfect moisture it needs.

4. Drip Irrigation

Homes that have very low water pressure, drip irrigation is suitable for your daily use. It can maintain a steady water supply with just 20 PSI. The system uses water hoses with emitters carefully attached in the layout on the ground. With water filters and regulators, water passes through the hose.  

What do you need to consider when buying a sprinkler?


(Hunter pop up sprinkler heads home depot)

You need to consider many things when buying a sprinkler. After all, you cannot just go ahead and buy the first sprinkler that you see. You might end up with something dysfunctional or maybe one that does not even last for a month. Check out various factors that you need to watch out for when searching for a new sprinkler head.

The Material

The material is one of the most important aspects you have to pay attention to when choosing a product because it tells you if it is going to last longer than a year or just a few weeks. Most of the time, people go for the plastic sprinklers because it comes at a lower price, but this type is more known to break down as they go throughout the seasons. However, you must not underestimate plastic sprinklers, because depending on the product, even a plastic sprinkler can be of super high quality. The kind of material you have to go for is one that is of metallic properties like brass and stainless steel.

The material will also tell you how much it weighs. Depending on the kind of sprinkler, most often, they stand solitary on the ground. Therefore, if it is too lightweight, it might end up flying about when you turn it on.

The Range

The most essential feature to look for when choosing a sprinkler is the range that they can cover when they are distributing the water. Then you need to think about the size of your turf when searching. Let us assume that you have a small industrial farm that is worth around 3,000 square feet long, but the sprinkler that you bought was only able to cover a range of 70 square feet. That would be a disaster. If you have a smaller yard, there is no need to worry about buying a sprinkler can cover an extensive range, because most sprinkler designs have adjustment options when it comes to coverage. 


If you find a sprinkler that does not allow you to change any of the options, do not buy it. A sprinkler must always be able to provide you different adjustments so that you can change it according to the length or size of your yard. Not only that, modifications can come as the amount of pressure, a different kind of spray pattern, or even how long it's supposed to sprinkle. Getting a sprinkler with adjustment features will be perfect for your yard.

That way, you would be able to have the right amount of assurance. 

What causes low water pressure?


(Sprinkler system troubleshooting low water pressure)

It is disturbing to know that my area is the unfortunate part of the subdivision block, which has low water pressure. It is the main reason why I need the best sprinkler heads for low water pressure. I have tried to finds the primary cause of the dilemma. It turns out that that somewhere between the water source and my connection, a pipe leak was there all along for quite some time. Fixing the pipe did not only fix the low water pressure problem, but it also helps in saving my water bills.

Hence, I have been very careful thereon on spotting certain changes in my water pressure and learned that there are several reasons cause low water pressure. I like to share with you for further information.

You missed checking your pressure regulators.

Defective water pressure regulators can cause unstable performance. Initially, the manufacturer set it to 45-60 PSI. In time, units may deteriorate especially when you expose it outside. When it malfunctions, the common outcome is the low pressure of your water at home.

Do not forget to let it a professional fix it or otherwise, you need to buy a new one.

Accumulation of mineral deposits in the pipes.

Clogged pipes could be the culprit of your low water pressure problem. This commonly happens to old homes that have galvanized iron pipes. When mineral deposits accumulate inside, there will be a narrow space for the water to flow. I advise calling your plumber for an immediate fix.

In some other cases, you might find that the roots of plants can cause damage and blockage to water pipes. Hence, it is better to clear any plants that you may think be a cause of such a problem. Therefore, what do you need to solve this?

  • Check your neighborhood for probable leakage. Trace back the pipes from the water source to your own connection.
  • Make sure to check your sprinkler head. Clean your sprinkler heads to avoid blockage in the holes. Dirt can cause difficulty for the water to flow. Keep your entire sprinkler heads well maintained.
  • Your faucet may also be the culprit. Make sure that its backflow preventer valves are completely open for uninterrupted water flow.


Humans created technology for a reason, to make a human’s life easier. Sprinklers are just one of the million examples of that. If you want to go for efficiency and better performance, then one of the things that you would need would be a sprinkler, especially when you want your yard and/or garden to be healthy at all times. There is a large variety of sprinklers to choose from, but I hope you were able to find out just what kind of sprinkler you should select or look for through this short guide.

Do you already have a sprinkler in mind? Go and get it!

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