The 6 Best Hand Tiller For Hard Clay Soil

It’s not for the blessed gardens with the rich loamy soil but for the grounds with soils like clay that you need to put in too much effort and tilling is one major part of that process.


Clay soil stiffens easily which leads to poor drainage and death of the cultivation further.

Thus, loosening this soil is really important and tilling can play a major role in that.

Choosing the right tiller, in this case, is another important task and we are here to help with the top choices from which you can pick the suitable and best tiller for clay soil.

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Reviewing The 6 Best Tiller For Clay Soil

We researched well to curate this list of the 8 Best Mini Tillers and here are the reviews to help you make the best buy.

Image Product Features More Info
  • 20V MAX Tiller
More Info
Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Schiller Grounds Care 7920
  • Mantis Design
  • 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator
More Info
Troy-Bilt TB146 EC Troy-Bilt TB146 EC
  • 29cc 4-Cycle
  • Cultivator with JumpStart Technology
More Info
Husqvarna FT900-CA Husqvarna FT900-CA
  • Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller
More Info
Earthwise TC70001 Earthwise TC70001
  • 11-Inch
  • 8.5-Amp
  • Corded Electric Tiller
  • Cultivator
More Info
Sun Joe TJ604E Sun Joe TJ604E
  • 16-Inch
  • 13.5 AMP
  • Electric Garden Tiller
  • Cultivator,Black
More Info

#1. Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator


This tiller by Earthwise managed to grab the first position in our list of the best tillers because it plays the dual role of being a tiller as well as an efficient cultivator too.

You can choose this tiller-cum-cultivator if you want something that is laced with a lot of advanced features but still manages to remain handy and compact.

This tiller is perfect to be used for treating both small and medium-sized gardens along with the narrow flower beds too.

The best electric tiller for clay soil has a very powerful motor with an 8.5 amp transmitter that makes it the most durable, superiorly performing, efficient, and perfect for tilling even the big grounds.

It also features four stainless steel tines that are very durable and whirl in an ultra-fast motion for tilling up to 8 inches deep and around 11 inches of the area at once.

Earthwise tiller has a great ergonomic design that includes a handle with a soft grip that makes the tiller easily operable and maneuverable.


  • Easy power on and off with solo lever switch
  • A combo product which gives tilling and weeding services both
  • Supreme performance 8.5 amp motor with high durability and efficiency
  • Durable tines of stainless steel that perform deeper and wider tilling


  • Difficult to assemble parts
  • Lever switch fails

#2.Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

Promising efficiency and power, this tiller-cum cultivator by Sun Joe can prove to be the perfect product for you if you want something that fits your budget easily without compromising on the services.

The design and functioning of this tiller incorporate a lot of advanced and precision technologies.

A warranty of two years is promised with this product by the brand which also comes with a no-question asked policy on returns.

This best rear tine tiller for clay soilr has been fixed with the 13.5 amp ultra-high performance engine and angled tines made of the best quality stainless steel that can till up to 8 inches deep into the soil and 16 inches expanse on the ground at once.

It also has adjustable wheels that can easily be rotated in three various positions to leave no trace of ground untamed.

The size of this tiller is very compact and it also comes with a foldable handle that means you can take it anywhere easily as well as store it in the most restricted spaces.


  • Powerful motor with the 12 amp and 120-volt specifications
  • Operates on electricity via power cord which is a cleaner and sustainable option
  • Six stainless steel tines for efficient tilling
  • Three-way maneuverable rotating wheels


  • Not meant for rocky soils
  • Restricted reach



This powerful tiller became our pick for this list because of the supreme battery life and high durability it flaunts.

The machine is fitted with a 20-volt lithium-ion ultra-performance battery that promises a huge run time.

This battery puts up great competition to the NiCad batteries in terms of both performance and safety as the former remains resistant to any damage along with ensuing power for longer operation of the tiller.

You can go on cultivating areas of more than 300 sq. feet with this best electric tiller for clay soil.

The two metal tines of this tiller also make it possible, digging deeper into the soil for allowing the nutrients and water to reach every layer of the soil bed.

The counter-oscillating motion of these blades turns the soil thoroughly enough to remove all the weeds efficiently without causing them to tangle with each other or getting rooted again.

The brand warranty of this tiller also applies to all the parts of the tiller kit.


  • Various kits available with safety glasses, gloves, and additional batteries
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for long-lasting and safe operation
  • Dual power tines with counter-oscillating movements
  • Deeper and highly efficient tilling for any lawn size


  • Inefficient tool design
  • Difficult to operate

#4. Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator


The tillers by the company Mantis are well known for their smooth operability and convenience and this is why we have chosen this product for our review of the best tiller for clay soil.

This tiller is very lightweight, weighing merely 20 pounds that means it can be carried to any part of the lawn easily and operated with convenience too.

The foldable handlebars fitted into this tiller can be folded easily which eliminates the burden of making special storage space for this machine.

The two-cycle engine of this tiller has a highly advanced gear that promises higher power output along with a very efficient turning of even the rockiest soils.

The special design of the tiller not only makes it easy to be held but also highly maneuverable to till even the toughest of land with lesser efforts.

You can use this tiller for the small to bigger garden including raised bed lawns, flower beds, etc.


  • Ultra-lightweight tilling machine weighing only 20 pounds
  • Ergonomic design for more convenient storage and better operability
  • High power engine suitable for tilling any kind of soil
  • Multi-purpose tool with a lot of attachments available


  • Starting issues with the tiller
  • Poor brand-customer assistance

#5. Troy-Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Cultivator with JumpStart Technology

This rear tine tiller for clay soil has been our choice for this review because of the highly advanced technologies that have been incorporated into the performance-driven functioning.

The motor engine of this tool is the star feature and has a lot of specifications that will amaze you.

It is the 29cc four-cycle engine that works on the SpringAssist JumpStart technology which allows the machine to be started without requiring the cord to be pulled.

The kit comes with a separate engine started that helps with powering on the tiller.

You also don’t have to deal with feeding oil and gas to the tiller for functioning.

The steel blades not only cultivate but also till deeper up to 5 inches.

The grab bar of the tiller makes handling the tool very easy and you can glide it easily through the narrow flower beds too without causing any damage.

Another great part of the tiller’s design is the foldable handle that allows convenient storage of the machine in any space.


  • SpringAssist JumpStart technology for instant starting the tiller without any cord pulling
  • 29cc 4-cycle high-performance powerful engine with fuel-saving technology
  • Premium stainless steel blades for deeper and better tilling
  • The ergonomic design of the tiller allows convenient storage and high maneuverability


  • Instant start fails in some time
  • Engines choke sometimes

#6. Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller


If you have been looking for the best electric tiller for clay soil that does the frontal action for highly efficient cleaning of your garden, then this is the perfect product for you.

The front-facing tines fitted into this tiller are made of supreme quality metal that won’t rust easily.

The engine of the tiller is the 208cc Briggs & Stratton version which is known in the farm equipment world for its power and quality performance.

Another unique element is the ability to adjust the tilling width of the machine where you can clear an area of 12, 24, or 26 inches as per the requirement.

The drag bar of the tiller helps in managing the weight of the machine for easy operability.

All the technology standards and specifications of the machine are compliant with the CARB standards that approve its safety-centered approach.


  • Front-facing and moving blades that work great for efficient cleaning of soil
  • 208cc extremely powerful engine that promises a great life of the tiller
  • Drag bar manages weight distribution of the machine for easier operability
  • Adjustable tilling with various width expanses up to 26 inches at once


  • Blades slip while tilling
  • The fuel pit gets clogged sometimes

Buyers Guide

For gardening enthusiasts, it is very important to choose the right equipment and that will only be possible after understanding the working and functioning of the particular machine.

To help you with that, we are including this buyer’s guide with all the related aspects of the best hand tiller for clay soil.

Importance Of The Tillers

Tilling is a very important part of the gardening process as it involves the harrowing and plowing of the soil efficiently enough for weed removal and proper aeration.

Another important role that the tillers play is to break the bigger soil chunks into smaller and smoother pieces to make the soil more workable and make it usable for other purposes.

The basic components of a tiller include rotating blades, engine, attachment handle, fuel pit, and operating handlebar and all of these parts make it very easy to use it.


Advantages Of Using Tillers For Clay Soil

It is very difficult to till heavier soils like clayey soil and it is here that the task is made easier by the rototillers.

Here are some of the benefits of using them:

  • The mechanized tillers can dig deeper up to 10 inches which is more than the depth that manual tilling allows.
  • Tillers also help easier blending of the fertilizers and compost for proper amendment of the soil.
  • They help with soil aeration and permeability boost.
  • The areas with heavy traffic are majorly prone to compaction and tillers can greatly help in those areas.
  • Mechanized tillers are highly efficient and give various services with their advanced features.

Considered While Buying Small Tiller For Clay Soil

There are a lot of technical things to be kept in mind while looking out for buying the hand tiller for clay soil.

Type Of Blade Rotations

You must check out for these types of rotation blades:

  • Front-line blades: These are fixed in the forward-facing direction and move forward too to provide basic ground working and weeding of smaller to medium lawns.
  • Rear-line blades: These are fixed in both frontal and backward-facing directions and create a counter-movement to allow deeper and wider digging for comprehensive groundworks.
  • Vertical-line blades: These do all the job of breaking and mixing this soil in one stroke and are good for all types of soil beds.

Types Of Engines

There are primarily two types of engines-gas and electric in the tillers.

While the electric tillers are an environment-friendly easily usable option, the gas tillers that run via fuel cylinders are very efficient and can reach any space easily.

You must choose accordingly as both have their pros and cons and the right one must serve your purpose.


A convenient design with components like adjustable handles allows easier storage and better operation which is a plus for better digging and maintenance of the tool afterward.

The size of the tiller also plays a role here as it should be small or light enough to allow easy carrying anywhere.

The machinery should be suited enough to be easily handled by you or the results won’t be satisfying.

Area To Be Tilled

Choose the right type of tiller after considering the area that you are going to kill as the power source required for running the tiller and how much reach it allows can affect your operation.

Bigger grounds and harder soils need a tiller that runs for longer and thus, you must choose the tiller with the suitable power input.


Q. How to Fix Clay Soil Problems?

A: These soil issues like compaction and drainage can be fixed by proper amendment through fertilization.

Q.Can you use a tiller on clay soil?

A: Yes, you can use a tiller on clayey soil to soften it but make sure that the soil is a bit moist.

Q. How do you break down clay soil quickly?

A: Tilling along with proper fertilization amendment can break down clayey soil fast.

Q. Why is clay soil so hard to till?

A:  Hard Soil or compacts very easily due to the smaller pore size becoming difficult to till.

Q. Can you till wet clay soil?

A: That is only a bit moist and not soggy or highly wet can be tilled easily.

Q. How do you break up clay soil without tilling?

A: There are many other ways to do like topdressing, liquid aeration, deep soil integration, core aeration, grass mulching, dig and drop composting, etc.

Q. What will break up clay soil?

A: Thorough composting and fertilization can loosen the soil and support easier tilling.

Q. What can I add to clay soil to break it up?

A: You can add gypsum, composted leaves, pine bark, organic compost, etc to break the clayey soil.

Q. What mulch is best for clay soil?

A: Mulches like shells/hulls, tree bark, and wood chips are great for preparing these soils.

Q. Are coffee grounds good for clay soil?

A: You must use coffee grounds intelligently by mixing them with other organic matter for use in this soil.

Q. Does lime break up clay soil?

A: Lime is very good at breaking this soils and even the unique reactive clays.

Q. Will compost break down clay?

A: Compost is one of the best additions for this clay that softens it when applied rightly.


This was our review for the best tiller for clay soil where each product featured unique specifications and technologies for an efficient tilling of clayey soil grounds.

We would recommend the Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator as it has got all the advanced and essential features and promises the best results.

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