Top 7 Friendly Ways To Remove Weeds From Large Area

Do you want to know the best ways to remove weeds from large area? If yes, then read on.

A lush yard needs balanced and healthy soil for growth. However, the soil that benefits your plants also benefits weeds. Getting rid of weeds is something that many home growers are familiar with and struggle with it regularly, including me.


7 Best Friendly Ways To Remove Weeds From Large Area

Nothing ruins your yard or garden like weeds. These uninvited guests rob plants of nutrients and space. So, you have to remove these weeds from your garden. However, getting rid of weeds can be tiresome.

If you track down every hour that you spend in your garden, you will discover that most of the time you spend on weeding. While some weeks of slashing off these intruders could prove satisfying in the beginning, soon the chore wears thin.

However, now you can easily get rid of weeds using the methods written below. I have used all these methods and can surely tell you all of them are really effective.

These are the best methods for you. You can choose the strong chemical products or only the favor eco-friendly products below. You can easily kill weeds naturally using these methods with the products that you can easily find in your home.

7 Ways To Remove Weeds from Large Area

1. Do not wait to weed

When you let weeds climb over your tomatoes, you will have a hard time eliminating them. It is easier to pull out these unwanted plants when they are small and have weaker roots. So, commit to carrying out a swift walk-through of your garden on a regular basis. This just takes some minutes to pull out young weeds if you encounter some.

It is best to pull them out soon after a rain shower or watering the plants. When your garden soil is moist, the entire weed comes out by its roots. Also, it is absolutely fine to place the eliminated weeds in the compost bin, where the hot temperature will naturally destroy the seeds.

2. Mulch

Mulch benefits your plants by keeping the soil moist and cool. This even deprives weeds of light. You can go for organic mulches that host carabid beetles and crickets, which look for and devour countless weed seeds.

Some light passes across chunky mulches and you will find too late that the mulch is covered with weed seeds. Thus, it is important to replenish it for keeping it around 2 inches deep. Also, you can cover the surface of the soil with a light-blocking layer of newspaper, cardboard, or any biodegradable fabric to set weeds back.


A sheet of newspaper will block oxygen and sunlight from reaching your soil. This will smother these unnecessary plants that are already sprouted and even prevent new weeds from growing. So, just throw down newspaper in a layer of 10 sheets and wet for holding it down. Now, cover it with a layer of mulch of about 1-2 inches. If weeds start to grow in this mulch, you have to add extra layers. This will nourish and decompose the soil eventually.

Home growers can also use old carpet samples and shower curtains between rows or in garden paths to keep weeds from showing their unnecessary heads ever. Now, cover it with mulch.

3. Corn Gluten Meal

This corn by-product prevents seeds from emerging into weeds. As this meal prevents germination, you can spread this meal around your established plants, after transplants and seedlings have gripped the soil. You can even spread corn gluten meal after harvest for preventing late-season weeds.

4. Vinegar

Acetic acid acts as a desiccant in the 5% vinegar. This sucks out the life of leaves. It is most harmful to young plants having immature roots. However, it also rolls the weeds off with waxy leaves, such as thistle or pennywort.

Ensure you cover your favorite plants before spraying as vinegar is a destructive agent. To target weeds precisely, remove the bottom of any 2-liter plastic bottle and place the same over the weed. Now, spray vinegar into the bottle’s mouth. This will keep the vinegar from splattering on the vegetables.

Or you can make your own Vinegar Weed Killer, check this:


5. Vodka

It is quite unsure whether vodka makes these unwanted plants fall-down drunk or dead but an ounce mixed with water of about 2 cups, and a few drops of dish soap dry out weeds that live under the sun. This solution does not work well on the weeds that love shades. You have to protect your loving plants as vodka also dries them out.

6. Soap

Soaps also help you get rid of unwanted plants in your garden. The oil in your soap could break down waxy or hairy weed surfaces and make them susceptible to desiccants. All you need to do is add some drops of dish detergent soap to vinegar or vodka sprays for keeping the mixture on the weed leaves. The solution even makes leaves glossy, which helps you in monitoring what you have sprayed.

7. Boiling Water

Once you have made a cup of tea, you take your kettle outdoors and pour boiling water directly on the weeds. This is going to burn the weeds up. Usually, this is a nice way for whacking walkway or driveway weeds because boiling water could run off the surfaces that you cannot reach easily and cool down before reaching to border plants.


So, these are some of the best ways to remove weeds from large area. You do not require standard weeding tools for killing weeds. You will find some of these items readily available around your home. Try any of them and see the results in a few weeks.

The best way is not to wait for weeds to take over your beautiful garden. Pluck them out when they are small and young. Enjoy your bountiful fruit and vegetable harvest as well as beautiful flowers.

If you have any queries or any other natural remedies for removing weeds, tell me below in the comment section.

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