Top 10 Best Brush Cutter Machines USA 2021 and Buyer’s Guide

Brush cutter machines are essential tools in the gardening world. You can use them to trim shrubs, small branches and also destroy weeds. They ease your job, reduce the maintenance time and increase productivity.

In this article, we have briefed the top 10 best cutter machines and also an informative buying guide.

Typically, brush cutter machines operate similar to traditional string trimmers. However, you can use them for heavy-duty, tougher tasks in lawns and gardens. Some of them feature wires rather than traditional strings. Some models also come with dedicated heads with steel blades for cutting.

Top 10 Best Brush Cutter Machines

Editor’s Choice

1.) Husqvarna Gas Brush Cutter (128LD 17″)

Husqvarna Gas Brush Cutter 128 LD is a best-selling machine. It is powerful and lightweight. In fact, this product eases your job to a large extent compared to other cheap models.

This machine also features a smart start technology, that reduces the resistance of the starter cord by about 40%. Hence, you can start the engine easily, without sweating. After that, its ‘Tap n go trimmer head, makes the job a breeze!

Typically, the design (straight shaft) makes it easy to reach the underside of the bushes and almost any hard-to-reach location. Also, the detachable head enables easy transportation and storage.

In fact, this product is a smart multi-tool kit. Its power base connects to three individual attachments at a time – a cultivator, a pole saw, and also an edger. However, you may have to purchases the attachments separately.

Husqvarna 128LD is a lightweight, powerful tool. With attachments, it can perform multiple jobs in a smart, easy way. The package includes a string trimmer (128LD), manuals, and an easy-loading automatic trimmer head (T25). It also features a braided cable drive for a longer flex life and increased mechanical strength.

What We Like

Powerful Motor (28 cc, 2 stroke)
Tap n go trimmer head
Large cutting deck (17 inches)

Runner Up

2.) Makita Gas-Powered Brush Cutter (25.4 cc)

Makita Gas-Powered Brush Cutter is a heavy-duty, industrial model machine. It has wide handlebars that provide good control over the shaft. It also features an ergonomic trigger connected to a locking mechanism.

You can also adjust the length of the shaft to gain extra reach. It is made of steel, ensuring good durability and longer life expectancy.

Moreover, the engine features automatic mechanical decompression for an easy, quick start. A multi-position lubricating mechanism enables the engine to operate inclining at any angle. Hence, you can ‘twist and turn’ the product fearlessly while working.

The powerful 4-Stroke gas-powered motor (25.4 cc) eases your job and also saves your time. This compact, lightweight (12.1 lbs.) product includes a brush cutter blade in the package.

What We Like

Steel Shaft with Wide handlebars and ergonomic grips
Powerful 4-Stroke motor (25.4cc)
High-quality components

Budget Pick

3.) Remington RM25S Lightweight Brush Cutter Machine (Gas Powered)

The Remington RM25S is a powerful, user-friendly machine. In fact, it is designed to cut off even the toughest overgrown yards. It comes with a powerful (2 stroke, 25 cc) motor to perform these hard tasks.

Typically, the engine starts almost instantly with its Remington QuickStart technology. This technology eases the pull start task to a large extent.

The straight shaft provides easy access to hard-to-reach spots. The ergonomic adjustable handle reduces fatigue and increases comfort. It also provides superior control for both left- and right-hand use.

The product features a 16″ cutting swath and also a dual line bump head to perform the job smoothly and quickly.

In fact, this powerful, lightweight, and user-friendly machine is also a budget-friendly product. This reliable machine is battle-ready out of the box.

What We Like

Dual-line Bump Head
Curved shaft (at the working end), makes the job easier
Reliable Engine (2 stroke, 25 cc)

Other Picks

4.) Remington RM25C Brush Cutter (Gas Powered)

Remington RM25C is an affordable, powerful offering from Remington. This product is ideal for small yards, backyards, and also inhouse gardens.

This product comes with a powerful engine (Gas powered, 25cc, 2 stroke). It also features “QuickStart technology” to ease the pull starts. It operates smoothly and efficiently.

Moreover, the curved design of the shaft makes the trimming and cutting jobs easy. It also provides more balance and comfort. The cutting swath (16 inches) with dual line bump head, trims down wider sections of even the toughest grasses in a quick time.

What We Like

6-inch cutting swath (Trims wider sections)
0.095-inch-thick line (durable)
Dual-line bump head (feeds more line readily with a simple tap)

5.) Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA Straight Shaft Brush Cutter (Gas Powered)

Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA brush cutter is powerful, lightweight, and an ergonomic machine. It is driven by a less noisy, 30cc 4 stroke, gas-powered engine. It also offers a wide cutting width of about 17 inches, with a thick line (0.095 inch)

Typically, it’s advanced (2 steps) prime and pull technology, almost instantly fires the engine. The easy winding head (Weed Wacker) feeds on a 0.095-inch line. It is also easy to refill.

The ergonomically designed handle provides excellent grip. It also reduces the vibration, provides excellent control, and minimizes operator fatigue.

In addition, the straight shaft provides excellent access to hard-to-reach locations such as underneath the bushes. A clear, translucent fuel tank enables the user to monitor the fuel level easily.

In fact, this product is compatible with many other attachments including those from Trimmer Plus. Even for the toughest tasks, this machine is battle-ready out of the box.

What We Like

Powerful Engine (30cc, 4 stroke)
Large cutting decks (17 inches)
Advances 2 step prime and pull technology for easy start.

6.) HENX Cordless Brush Cutter (14-Inch, 40V)

This product is a user-friendly, affordable offering from HENX. A brushless, DC motor powered by a 40 V battery operates the machine. It also has an easy push-button start facility.

Typically, this engine exhibits power equivalent to a 20cc gas-powered motor. This reliable, low noise engine is also durable. The variable speed adjustments provide extended run time and additional power.

Also, the heavy-duty cutting swath (14 inches) with dual twist thick (0.095 inches) lines helps to complete the job quicker. For extended coverage, just bump the head down.

You can also adjust the handle to suit your comfort. In addition, you can fold the shaft for easy compact storage or transportation.

With a battery pack and charger included in the package, this is a great value for money product.

What We Like

Easy push-button start
Adjustable handle
Foldable shaft

7.) Greenworks Pro Cordless Brush Cutter (80V Li-Ion Battery)

Greenworks pro is an eco-friendly, powerful brush cutter machine. Its highly efficient brushless motor is powered by an 80 V Li-Ion Battery. The product does not come with battery and charger. You have to purchase them separately. However, the package includes a brush cutting tool and bump head in line feeder

The compatible battery models include GBA80400 and GBA80200. Similarly, compatible charger models include GCH8040. The 2ah and 4ah batteries can be charged in 30 minutes and 60 minutes respectively.

Typically, this product is compatible with most of the gas attachments available in the market. This lightweight product is also easy to use. It features a variable speed trigger to adjust the speed in accordance with grass types. It also offers a wide 16-inch cutting path.

In general, the power of this motor is equivalent to a gas-powered 26 cc engine. This durable product is designed for heavy-duty jobs. Making almost nil noise, this machine runs smoothly for about an hour on a single charge.

What We Like

Eco-friendly product
Brushless DC motor
Features Variable speed trigger for various operations.

8.) Wild Badger WBP26BCI Grass Trimmer and Brush Cutter

The Badger WPB26BCI is a powerful, versatile tool. It comes with a brush cutter blade (for heavy grass) and a grass trimmer attachment (for normal grass).

The package also includes a shoulder harness for relieving strain and improving stability. A powerful, full-crank engine (26cc, 2-stroke) engine operates this machine.

Typically, the full crank design has many advantages. They include quicker starts, an increase in fuel efficiency, smoother operations with reduced emissions, and also longer life expectancy.

The vented aluminum casing supports the transmission and also reduces vibration to a large extent. Hence, you can be comfortable with reduced operator fatigue during operation.

The straight shaft is made from robust aluminum and has a versatile link-on connection system. Hence, this lightweight shaft is attachment capable and also durable.

Also, the tap and go trimmer head features Twist – N – Load facility. This enables quick loading of the lines. It also has a large cutting deck (17”). Therefore, you can complete the job in a real quick time.

What We Like

Powerful engine (26cc, 2 Stroke)
Lightweight shaft with a link-on connection system
Attachment Compatibleness.

9.) Craftsman WS235 Straight Shaft Brush Cutter (Gas Powered)

Craftsman WS235 is a robust and effective machine. This is also a lightweight, user-friendly product. It is powered by a 2 stroke, 27cc engine that runs on gas. Pull starts are simplified to 3 steps by Easy-start technology.

Typically, the powerful engine produces less noise and fewer vibrations compared to other cheap alternatives. It also features a large cutting deck (18”). Hence you can complete the job more easily and quickly.

The product comes with Weed Wacker (fully equipped) trimmer attachment. The package also includes a shoulder strap and a metal cutting blade (heavy-duty). You can remove the bump head and attach the blades within minutes easily.

The adjustable, J-shaped handle provides multiple gripping positions. Hence, it provides excellent control during the operation. This product is also suited for both left-hand and right-hand use.

This unit is compatible with several other attachments. However, you have to buy them separately. You can use this product in your lawns, yards, and other spaces. It is best suited for both landscapers and contractors.

What We Like

Large cutting swath (18 inches)
Shoulder Strap (reduced operator fatigue)
Metal Blades (Heavy Duty)

10.) Wild Badger WBP31BCF Straight Brush Cutter

Wild Badger WBP31BCF brush cutter is a powerful, versatile tool. It is operated by a gas-powered, full-crankshaft engine (31cc, 4 Stroke). It comes with a grass trimmer attachment and also a cutter blade. Hence, you can trim both normal and tough grass using this equipment.

Typically, the full crankshaft design has many advantages. Some of them include quick start, smooth operations, reduced emissions, fuel efficiency, and durability. The aluminum casing supports transmission and also reduces vibrations. Hence, you complete the job comfortably.

The aluminum straight shaft is lightweight and durable. It also has a good gripping handle that provides excellent control over the device. The tap-and-go easy trimming head is equipped with twin lines for cutting. It is also easy to replace the lines in just a few steps.

The package includes a harness for easing the shoulder stress. In fact, all these high-quality components increase comfort levels. They also help to complete the tasks quickly and easily.

What We Like

Powerful Engine (31cc, $ stroke)
Large cutting swath (17 inches)
Tap and go easy bump head

Buyers Guide for Brush Cutter Machines

Also known as brush mowers, these machines are convenient and stronger versions of lawnmowers. These powerful, tough, heavy-duty machines can take on almost any type of challenging task.

In fact, these reliable machines are more expensive than other common equipment. You can use them to cut tough- tall grasses, saplings, shrubs, bushes, weeds, and also the woody shoots.

In general, there are a number of factors to consider before buying brush cutter machines as discussed below

Gas Models vs Electric Models

Electric Models

Generally, they are available in two options – Battery powered (cordless) and Electric powered (With cord).

Mostly, these models are lightweight and available widely in the commercial markets. You can maneuver them easily into tight spots. Nowadays, most of them are as powerful as gas-powered ones.

On the flip side, the batteries may drain quickly. The tethered cords limit the coverage of electric ones, especially in larger areas.

Gas Models

Typically, the gas models are known for their raw power. You can use them for the toughest of jobs. You can also use them on large lawns without restrictions. They work as long as the gasoline is present in the tank.

On the flip side, they are noisy. Some models are heavy. So, you may face difficulty while maneuvering them. Hence, they often come with a shoulder harness.

Engine Power

Electric Models

Typically, these models are available in 20V, 40V, 60V, 80V Options. 20V options suit well for average lawn care and occasional uses. 40 V and 60 V options are best suited for heavy jobs. However, the 80V option is most preferred for heavy-duty jobs.

Gas Models

Generally, gas-powered models come with two different options – 4 Stroke, 2 Stroke.

4 stroke engines provide more power and operate smoother. On the flip side, they are heavy and expensive. They are also complicated to maintain.

2 Stroke engines comparatively provide less power. But they are more balanced than the 4 Stroke ones. They are also comparatively smaller and less expensive. Hence, they suit well for handheld machines.

Shaft Styles and Their Benefits

Typically, a shaft connects the working head with the motor. Most models use steel shafts while some use aluminum shafts. However, these shafts have two different designs – Bent shaft, Straight shaft.

Bent Shaft

Typically, they are called curved shafts. They provide more balance and comfort during the operation. They also help to work closely with objects for fine trimming. However, they may encounter mechanical problems often.

Straight Shaft

These models directly connect power sources with working heads. Hence, they can deliver more power. They are also compatible with many attachments. These shafts provide easy access to hard-to-reach spots like underneath the bushes.

Handle Types

While using any heavy-duty equipment, good handles with excellent grip are necessary for safe operation. Mostly, the brush cutter handles come in two different designs – looped handle (J handle) and double handle (Bike handle).

Typically, the hand-held machines designed for one-hand operations feature looped handles (J handles). Similarly, the heavy-duty machines come with a double handle (Bike handle) for two-hand operations.

Vibration Levels

Typically, the vibrations from the operating machines cause operator fatigue. Hence, most of the high-quality brush cutter machines have anti-vibration mechanisms. They increase comfort and reduce operator fatigue.

Generally, the hand-held low-power machines vibrate less. The heavy-duty high-power machines vibrate more. So, look for the ones with anti-vibration mechanisms for comfort. Nonetheless, this is just a personal liking.

Blades and Cords

Typically, the blades come in two options – Nylon and Metal (mostly, stainless steel).

The nylon blades suit well for light jobs and small lawns. Often, they tend to dent and break when used for heavy jobs.

In general, metal blades suit well for heavy-duty tasks. They have longer life expectancies. Specifically, go for stainless steel blades as they are more durable.

Moreover, 8 teeth blades are suitable for cutting weeds and grasses. 9 – 40 teeth blades can cut shrubs, bushes, and plants. For small trees and wooded plants, use blades with more than 40 teeth.

Similarly, the string trimmers come with different sizes of cords. Thicker cords can handle rough jobs more efficiently than their cheaper, thin counterparts. They are also more durable.

Accessories and Attachments

Some brush cutter machines are compatible with many attachments and accessories. You can interchange with line trimmers, blowers, and also heavy tools such as hedge saws.

However, make sure to go for high-quality products from reputed manufacturers. Otherwise, you may encounter issues, particularly with low-quality multi-functional machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

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