All You Need to Know About Best Dandelion Killer Spray For Lawns

Who agrees with me when I say Dandelions are the most stubborn of all weeds ever? Getting rid of them needs more of your patience since it is a complicated process. I should not let them grow too long and thick to make my challenge a bit easier. Hence, applying a superior dandelion killer is necessary.

I am going to share with you the products that I have used and tested to eliminate dandelions from my yard. All prove to be active and can remove the weeds to your satisfaction. However, you need to be well informed on its application before trying to use them. Learning various kinds of these chemicals is essential. Besides the proper way of using them, you will also discover the many benefits that they offer.

It could be a challenge when searching for the best dandelion killer spray for lawns but do not worry; I am here to guide you in the process to shorten the time and effort that you will need. I hope that you will be able to find the product of your choice.

How To Get Rid Of Dandelions?

Many say that frequent lawn mowing can keep unwanted weeds to grow and spread all over the area. However, doing so is just not enough to kill dandelions. Mowing will only cut off the upper part of the weeds and keep the roots underneath alive.

I understand that hand weeding is the safest way to keep your grass intact when removing dandelions, but I admit that when my time is limited, doing so is the last of my options. Hand weeding takes much time and effort for a busybody like me, but it sure is the best way. However, taking good care of your grass and making them healthy will lessen the growth of weeds. Hence, pulling weeds out would be less tasking.

You know what, pouring boiling water over weeds kills them faster too. It is even more effective when you mix salt with it. If not, then sprinkling salt alone on your lawn edges can work as a weed barrier.

Hence, after all, options above, the most effective and fastest way of getting rid of dandelions would be the use of herbicides, although I admit that this method must be the last resort.

Do you want to make your own Dandelion Killer spray for lawns?

When you are the type who wants to make things from scratch, you can DIY your killer spray. This can also serve as an emergency and temporary solution when you do not have access to buy Herbicides. The ingredients are just within your reach. Just mix some vinegar, salt, and dish soap, and all is good. Check out this video showing you how to make weed killer formula.

Best Weed Killer for Dandelions Reviews

Dandelions are under the family of broadleaf weeds. Hence, find a weed killer that is specific for this class. In eliminating dandelions, the product should penetrate the root level to kill it entirely and not just at the stem.

Green Gobbler is the leading brand when it comes to dandelion killer sprays for lawns. It works well with all weeds and even grass you can find in just a few hours. Before the day ends, expect that the dandelions are all dry. The formula is multiple times tougher than the vinegar you use in the kitchen. However, you do not need to worry since the formula is certifies for organic use and is completely safe for your pets. 

With 20% acetic acid composition, apply this product not only for dandelions but also for crabgrass, clover weeds, white clover, moss, and all sorts of unwanted vegetation. Your pets can run free and safe even after use of this formula and it is trusted to be excellent for your home, commercial, industrial and even for farming use. Now you do not need to stress out because of those dominating dandelions at your fort.

You can spray Green Gobbler weed killer right from the bottle and the purchase comes with a trigger sprayer. Yes, no need to do mixing or diluting before application. Spray it anywhere from your driveways, footpaths, concrete, mulch beds, pavers, garden, parking lot, farmlands, and even barns! This vinegar weed killer is from ethanol-distilled from corn grains and is non-toxic. The powerful formula has no probable cancer-causing chemicals and is glyphosate-free.

However, you need to take note that vinegar weed killer is under the non-selective herbicide category and must not be sprayed on healthy grass and other plants. Although it is free from harmful chemicals, please use this with utmost caution and care.

I advise that you read the manufacturer’s user instruction before application. I use Green Gobbler to areas where I do not want grass to grow. It will not leave any stains anywhere but honestly, this product is just for smaller areas. Otherwise, you will need plenty of this and would be expensive when applied to wider turf.

If you are still worried about your pets, I usually let mine out a few hours after the procedure. Just remember not to be playful and accidentally spray it directly on them. For those who want to plant vegetation after treatment, vinegar breakdowns faster in soil so it is safe to plant sooner than you think.

This 2-gallon weed killer is so effective that it can prevent weeds from growing back for a year. You could relax and enjoy your weed-free lawn for that period. You can apply it anywhere at home. Spray it on your patio, driveways, pathways, garden edges, near your fence, and other areas you need to be clean of messy weeds. It sanitizes the soil so no vegetation can grow on it afterward.

Ortho GroundClear is a fast weed killer that takes effect only hours after the spraying. It would be quick when you have a sprinkling can or a tank sprayer. This product is available in concentrate, ready to use with sprinkler cap, and ready to use with comfort wand. Remember that this formula kills anything green, including trees so be careful where you spray it on.

The concentrate is best for value. The application can be for both large and small areas. Mix it with water, and it is ready for spraying.

Ready to use with sprinkler cap is suitable for cracks and gaps. Take the top cap off and slightly tilt the bottle depending on how you control the flow.

Ready to use with comfort wand is appropriate for vast areas that you need to cover. Make use of the comfort wand for easy control and precision.

GroundClear is a firm mixture of chemicals. Do not use your watering can or other containers for other application other than this. When there are residues left inside, it could kill your favorite plants or worse, pets. I suggest spraying it more than six feet away from any vegetation you want to keep.

I used an ounce of the formula and mixed it with a gallon of water to give you an idea of the ratio. Take note also that the product does not come with a sprayer. Do not forget to read the directions carefully before application. Being cautious during the procedure could help. I recommend not using this on slope areas, during rainy days since it may wash out, and gets close to areas you do not want to sterilize.

Roundup Max Control 365 1-Gallon is a ready-to-use comfort wand sprayer that is a weed killer and weed preventer in one. After the application and successful weed elimination, this product creates a barrier to prevent the weeds from growing for another year. The formula penetrates down to the root of the weeds to kill the whole plant system effectively. Spray them on your patios, sidewalks and gravel spots.

The favorable result will be visible in about 12 hours. However, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction so you would be able to apply it the right way. Roundup max Control is concentrate, and you need to dilute it before spraying. After attaching the extension wand, you can spray the formula right away to areas where you want to eliminate weeds and prevent them from growing.

A unique comfort wand that goes with the purchase is a continuous spray that does not require you to bend over and get tired. Just replace the AA batteries at the back of the base of the wand when needed. You can adjust the pencil lead directed spray to a diffuse stream if you want to try a more significant coverage. If you are not satisfied with the performance, Roundup Max Control offers consumer’s guarantee as long as you bring proof of purchase.

I say that this product is suitable for smaller areas only because as I observed, the wand only produces a small stream of herbicide during spraying. If you are covering a more extensive yard, it will take much of your time. Nevertheless, on the brighter side, I like how I can do the spraying even closer to flowers and other plants without the fear of harming them because you can control it well. Just remember that anything more closely could endanger other vegetation since it can kill all it contacts.

How to use this herbicide? Always wear a mask or anything to protect your face, do not let loose your pets while in treatment process until a week or so. Make sure to spray them on dry grounds or a few hours before the rain. This stuff is a bit expensive, but you will not mind because it works. You can adjust the stream coming out from the wand and is a perfect tool for detail spraying.

Are you looking for a weed killer that can be practical to use for broader and bigger spaces? PBI/Gordon Speed Zone is the product that best performs with such conditions. You can see results in just a few hours and can immediately start reseeding in only two weeks. It is excellent to cover 14,000 to 18,000 square feet yards. This fast and effective weed control can kill any weed type in your turf.

However, this product is less toxic and does not harm your lawn grasses. Remember to read the instructions on the label for proper use. However, you need to dilute this formula with water first before spraying. The ratio would be dependent on how strong you like the herbicide would be. It works best during cooler temperature but not when the heat of the sun is too high and too breezy.

The post-emergent product has an overpowering smell that may go beyond from your home to the neighbors. Hence, it is better to inform surrounding homes that you are going to use the herbicide so as not to alert them. The nauseous smell would last depending on how strong you made the formula. I used an ounce of PBI weed killer and diluted it with a gallon of water using a 2.5 dial sprayer.

For those who have vast lawn areas, try using 1 to 5 gallons pump sprayer in a 1 oz. = 1-gallon ratio after adding some spreader sticker so to eliminate the dandelions faster and would withstand the coming rain. How to do it? Just look for a hose-end sprayer with a dial on top since it works well. Fill in the bottle with the product and attach. I mixed mine with water, but you can opt to use it directly if you want to. Let the sprayer do the work in the 2.5 settings!

When planning to use it in certain areas only, it would be better to use a hand spray so that you would have better control. Gordon Speed Zone consists of 28.57% 2, 4-d, 2 Ethylhexyl, 5.88% Mecoprop-p. 1.71% Dicamba, and .62% sulfentrazone-ethyl.

Are you looking for less toxic herbicide to kill your dandelions and other weeds outside? Doctor Kirchner’s weed killer is ocean water made with commercial food-grade vinegar. This is safe for your pets, kids, rain, and replanting. The natural herbicide gives outstanding results within hours. Besides, it is not concentrated so you can spray this right away with no mixing needed and wait overnight to see best results.

The product proves to be not threatening to our children, environment, pets, and the whole surroundings in general. Once it is dry, the soil is ready for replanting once more. You cannot even see any traces of the chemical since it would not stain your landscape. Mind you, no need to use safety gears even during the application!

The non-selective vinegar and ocean water solution kills weeds down to its roots and is utterly pesticide-free. Spray all the weeds until it is all wet. Although most weeds will die in a few hours, some grassy weeds will turn brown after two days or less. It does not translocate, so your favorite plants and trees are very safe. This waterway-safe product is sustainable and will last for years on your shelf.

Why is this product an assurance that it will kill all unwanted weeds but does not harm your lawn grass?

Well, this natural herbicide does not migrate to other plants when sprayed directly. Hence, as long as you do not spray the solution directly to your lawn grass, it will not impose any harm. I used a sprayer with a pump handle that gives off a small and fine mist that is controllable. Sometimes, a small amount of the spray reaches the grass, but it is not that bad to eliminate. This is best to use in your garden where you can directly spray to areas you do not want weeds to grow.

However, I suggest using this product in small areas only wherein you can directly spray to a particular part of your garden. No worry about staining for it does not leave any traces around. Applying this to an entire lawn would be tedious and time-consuming.

Dandelion Killer Buyer Guide

After the review, you may find it necessary to check some factors that are vital to consider when choosing your weed killer. This brief buyer’s guide will help you decide on what to purchase according to your need. This is just a summary of what you have learned earlier in this article.

  1. Coverage: Select the product that is practical and effective to use according to the size of your lawn. Make sure that it can cover a wide and huge size turf or a limited space of your home garden. Picking the product suitable to the size of your area may save you money, effort, and time.
  2. Selectivity: The best weed killer will only eliminate the weeds and not include the greens all around. Choose the herbicide that will cause less harm with the vegetation in the surroundings. The lesser harm it brings, the most suitable it is for your lawn.
  3. Residual effects: As I have discussed earlier, the residual effects your product deposit in the soil beneath, the bigger the harm it brings to your future plantation. The perfect product will dissolve immediately and will not prevent growth to other vegetation.
  4. The type of area affected: Depending on the area, you will find specific weeds that are thriving. Certain type of weed needs a corresponding herbicide. Hence, you need to read and ask if the said herbicide you plan to buy is capable to get rid of dandelions.
  5. Effectivity/Result: If you want the weeds to be eliminated the fastest and will not grow for a very long time, then choose the weed killer that can penetrate down to the roots and is strong enough to destroy the weed in less than a day. Therefore, it is advisable to ask experts and study it well on what to choose. Remember that the stronger the formula is, the more harmful it is to the environment.

Dandelions Killer

Dandelions are rampant, especially during early spring. It is in that season that these weeds are dominant, notorious, and aggressive. The perennial plants are survivors and can grow to any soil and create a thick taproot. The taproot could be 2-3 feet deep beneath the ground.

Once their flowers mature, the seeds start flying everywhere. Along with your favorite blooms, and the fast showing of new greens, are the fast-growing of different types of weeds as well, especially dandelions. Unfortunately, what our favorite plants need to be healthy are nurturing the weeds as well. Hence, regardless of its yellow flowers, getting rid of these broadleaf weeds is necessary.

It is best to start getting rid of dandelions while the flowers are still yellow before they can produce seeds. However, unless you destroy the taproot, dandelions will keep coming back. With this, we need the best dandelion killer spray for your lawns.

Types of Dandelions Herbicides 

Selective and non-selective are the two kinds of herbicides on the market.

The non-selective herbicide will kill all the plants in your area. If you found dandelions around your pathway that you want clear from plants, then you can choose using this type. Because it does not distinguish between dandelions and another kind of greens, this type is not always best for all situations.

However, if your dandelions are dominating in your garden along with your precious grass and other plants, the selective herbicide is the suitable formula that you need to apply. Selective herbicides are less toxic than non-selective. Depending on where you will use it, the need for both herbicides may arise. You can use it directly to kill dandelions and will keep the surrounding grass in place.

Yet, selective herbicides are not as strong as the non-selective ones. Therefore, you may need to reapply it more than the non-selective. It will cost you more time, investment and effort to get rid of your weeds completely. Since I agree that the best dandelion killer spray is under the selective herbicides category, how many times do you think you need to spray the weeds before you succeed? The answer actually varies since it depends on the user’s preference.

Taking advantage of the available Organic Dandelion killers that are very low in toxicity is the best idea I have. Certain herbicides that are effective in killing the weeds but leave your grass unharmed do exist. Picking safe herbicides can save your lawn from chemical burn-down. It usually is safe for the family and pets as well.

Nevertheless, I suggest that you carefully follow the instructions found in the spray label during application. Organic products are effective as long as you use it properly. No matter how harmless it is to the environment, still, and us the use of vinegar to the soil will leave it with high acidity level. I will include the best brands in my reviews for your consideration.

Remember, these five types of herbicides that fall into this category:

  • 2, 4-D (Phenoxy Herbicide 2, 4-dichloro phenoxy acid): Usually used during post-emergence procedures, this herbicide is a favorite for farmers who wants to eliminate weeds that grow side by side with the crops, especially when in the stage of rapid growth.
  • Triclopyr: This type of selective herbicide prevents weed growth by shamming its natural hormones.  However, do not apply this to areas with livestock and edible plants to avoid contamination.
  • Dicamba: Like any other selective herbicide, it is applicable for both before and after development. Dicamba is more suitable for your lawns at home and even golf turf.
  • MCPA: With the same characteristics as Phenoxy, it is compatible with other herbicide such as Dicamba and 2, 4-D.
  • Carfentrazone Ethyl: This is an herbicide suits application after plant development. By disturbing the weed’s cell membranes, its category belongs to chemicals safe for grasses.

If it will make you feel better, it would be a lot easier as well to protect the grass by covering the surrounding area when doing the spraying of the weeds. I suggest using a tarp to cover your grass. Tarps are waterproof and big enough to ensure coverage.

Chemical Herbicides are inorganic solutions that guarantees high level of efficiency in killing weeds. However, using these products requires you to take safety measures since it could harm your family, pets, vegetation, and the entire neighborhood. Even the pollinating insects in the surrounding are at risk as well. It is not a guarantee that once it dries it is already safe so try to avoid close contact with the area affected.

The use of herbicides

Learn how herbicides work before starting to apply it on your lawn. Knowledge would make your first venture easier, faster, and a lot safer. Some solutions would only prevent the sprouting of new weeds while other formulas will kill the mature weeds on the spot. Check out the differences between variations. You would be able to choose what killer spray you intend to buy for your lawn then.

1. Pre-Plant herbicides

If you are still a newbie with this procedure, pre-plant herbicides may not be suitable for you. Usually, this type applies for agricultural purposes. Farmers spray the product in a certain timeframe before planting season. Mostly, it would be around 30-45 days prior.

Expert farmers know the exact ratio and amount of herbicides to use that will only kill the weeds. They know how to do it properly so not to prevent seeds from growing or damaged. Hence, this type of herbicides are suitable for large-scale turf or farmlands. I do not suggest using this on your garden or home yard.

2. Pre-Emergence Herbicides

This herbicide works best when you need to stop seeds from germinating and stop the chance of sprouting into annoying weeds. However, it cannot take care of existing living weeds. I am quite okay with this herbicide but this does not really work all the time. Besides, some products leaves remnants to the soil that sink far below and contaminate the groundwater. Not very helpful especially for your flower garden.

With pre-emergence herbicides, you need to apply the spray directly to the soil and not the weeds.

3. Post-Emergence Herbicides

At last, you are now familiar with post-emergence herbicides. This type you use to eliminate existing weeds in your lawn. It will kill all types of weeds that sprout and are the cause of sore-eye in your garden. Post-emergence herbicides can also stay in the soil and can prevent plants from growing. Your home garden may be at risk.

With post-emergence herbicides, you need to apply the spray directly to the plant itself. Yet, there are certain products that can be applied both to the soil and foliar. Therefore, follow carefully the instructions in each product and perform it with caution.


Whether you have a bigger lawn or just an area with limited space, the best dandelion killer spray for lawns must be a product that is safer for the environment. I will not mind whether it will take a lot of effort, time and resources as long as it is effective and safe for my family, pets and all that surrounds me, then I will take the challenge. Unwanted weeds could be a nuisance in our yards and gardens, but with the appropriate weed killer, it cannot give us a stressful day at all.

Choose the best dandelion killer spray from my suggest review list and worry about those stubborn dandelions no more! All guarantee to offer you what you need. That is, to get rid of those troublesome weeds!

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