Flowers That Start With A Letter E: How Fun Can It Be?

Would it be interesting to collect flowers that start with a letter E? I guess it became a habit, but after I started collecting small hostas, it went on with plants with spiky leaves. I am not bored and all, my days are just becoming exciting.

It was not easy. In fact, it was challenging. It took me a long time before I finally put it all together. A corner in my garden sat lovely flowers, well arranged and combined in a spectacularly.

Some I just discovered, some I am familiar with, but all I have grown to love. Would you like to give a try?

Edelweiss: A Flower Of Purity And Nobility

It is the first flower that came into my mind. Edelweiss means deep love and devotion.

It has a woolly look of white hairs making it looks silver under the light of the sun. The plant grows up to 16 inches and the double-start flower blooms in summer.

I have a happy memory with this beauty since there is a song dedicated to it that you see in the movie “Sound of Music”. In the song, the flower symbolizes nobility, loyalty, sacrifice, and courage intertwined in the era of war.



Although most of the time, Edelweiss signifies purity of every patriot’s heart, I would like to relate it more to romance. In romance, the beauty signifies a woman.

Usually, this flower grows in the mountains where the way is steep, fatal and dangerous. To prove their true feelings and dedication, men have to overcome the difficulty just to win the woman’s heart.

This beauty is popular in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It doesn’t matter that the flower has a short lifespan; still, it signifies national prestige. Do you know that Edelweiss is the national flower of Switzerland?

English Rose: Symbol Of Womanhood

What flower surpasses the popularity of a rose? Although English Rose is associated with English ladies, it symbolizes women in general. It usually refers to the natural beauty of a lady with fair complexion and is extremely attractive.



English Rose offers a sweet scent and tantalizing charm. The combination of the two qualities bursts into different colors of yellow, pink, white and red. These old type of roses are never beaten regarding fragrance and pure liveliness even amidst the modern roses.

English Roses are famous for its long lifespan, consistency, and robustness. I put my roses to adorn my borderline. The shrub of roses transformed the boring edge into lively colors.

I have planted some into large containers and placed them near the entrance. The vine type of roses is climbing into the fences that protect the corner giving a background of green and white.

Everlasting: Offers Its Beauty Beyond The Seasons

What made me interested in Everlasting is the fact that I can still enjoy its beauty even after it dies.

Yep, after it graces my garden with its beautiful colors for a long time; I can again make use of it even when it’s already dry. I can create bouquets and flower arrangements out of dried Everlasting, and it lasts for years.



There are different kinds of Everlasting that I have collected. It is nice to put them all together in one corner. There are brown, yellow, orange, pink, violet, white and red colors. My favorite hue is yellow, and it dominates the entire group.

Everlasting other names are Strawflower and Yellow Paper flower. It gives a warm and spicy scent that makes you think about candies and coffee. It is even an important ingredient in cosmetics and herbal mixtures.

Eucalyptus Flower: Remedy For Stuffy Nose

Among the colors of white, yellow, cream, pink and red, I chose white to decorate my garden. I always love white when it comes to flowers. Do you know that in Eucalyptus, “Eu” means well, and kalypto means, “to cover?”



It refers to the way the calyx forms a cover above the flower bud.  To describe, Eucalyptus flowers have many fuzzy stamens but don’t have petals. However, most of this kind don’t produce flowers until its foliage matures.

Unfortunately, Eucalyptus is a tree. Hence, I do not have enough space to grow in my yard. But, I want it to be a part of my list since I often use Eucalyptus as herbal and a remedy of a stuffy nose. It has plenty of health benefits.

Evening Primrose: A Wildflower In My Garden

Although Evening Primrose is a wildflower, I consider it as the sweetest and loveliest little plants scattered on the ground. Others may say that they’re weeds, but for me, they make a wonderful flower bed.                  



Like the Eucalyptus, it also has many medical uses. It’s a relief of a headache, a cure for baldness, induces labor, and believe it or not, a cure for my laziness. What’s more amazing, all the parts of an Evening Primrose are edible.

It was not hard growing my Evening Primrose. I just spread the seeds to the ground where I wanted them to be. I plan to create a meadow-like ambiance with a sense of being wild. Take note that transplanting an Evening Primrose will not work so stick to the seeds instead.


Can you imagine how my garden looks like? I have covered the borders with different colors of English Rose including the fence that surrounds the garden. I have planted a bunch of colorful Everlasting in the corners, and filled the area with Edelweiss, with a bit of space apart. In the bare ground scatters my Evening Primrose, which looks so wild and free.

I challenge you to make your own garden with your favorite flowers that start with a letter E. I suggest picturing how you would like the arrangement to be before planting. It is a long-term project, and it may need tons of patience, but I tell you, when the flowers are in full bloom, you will have a special look to refresh yourself.

Are you up for a challenge?

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