Flowers That Start With K: Can You Name Them?

If you had fun collecting flowers that starts with a letter E, I am wondering if you are up for another challenge. Can you name flowers that start with K? This could be a memory game for some, but for a green thumb, this is just a piece of cake.

Some flowers that start with K could be your favorite, but I have my own priority list. I believe that the flowers that I have chosen are the prettiest and unique amongst all. Try to see if we think the same.


King Protea
The Flower That Rules Summer

I honestly don’t have this flower in my garden. Although you can already find King Protea to parks and gardens worldwide, I secretly desire to leave them be where they thrive originally.


As South Africa’s national flower, this bush is the most lovely and exceptional of all wild florets I’ve seen. If you notice, King Protea is one of South Africa’s famous symbols, and they consider the flower as “a crest of the beauty of the land.”

King Protea has the largest blossom head of its kind. It‘s also an award-winning for its artichoke-like blooms that vary in color from creamy white, pale pink or deep crimsonWhat is so outstanding with this flowering plant is the ability to withstand the wildfires that often occurs in its natural environment.

The plant has a thick stem that reaches underground and carries plenty of dormant buds safe from wildfires. Once the fire burnt out the plant in the surface, the dormant buds emerge displaying a riot of colors. It is indeed a rare sight to see wildflowers popping up from ashes.


Kaffir Lily “Major”
The Brightest Color In Autumn And Winter Shade

Kaffir Lily is not common in many gardens. Wanting to have a flowering plant that not everyone has, I purposely picked Kaffir Lily to grace my garden. I love the bunch of thin Iris-like leaves that amazingly hold the short points of big, bright red, star-like clusters like Lily flowers. It may look fragile, but in truth, it’s hardy and is best to be positioned frontline of any shrub along the perennial perimeter.


Although the pretty blooms only appear during the autumn season, I know that it’s worth the wait. This type of flower plant has wider petals compared to other kinds and has clumps of leaves that look impressive in large drifts. If you are in an area that is blessed with cool summers, the Kaffir Lily will most likely consider your garden it’s home. For areas with winter, I advise that you plant them in huge pots and place them indoors.

Take note that:

  • You must ensure that the soil must be equally moist. The bright red perennial plant easily blends in any nook of your garden. I chose this flower since its bright color and beauty stands out against other conventional cold season plants.


Yellow Shade Of Spring

Another name for Kerria is the Jew’s Mantle, Easter Rose, and Japanese Rose. Since I have the Kaffir Lily for the autumn blooms, I chose Kerria for my spring beauty. This dynamic, deciduous flower bush can grow anywhere. In fact, it quickly becomes a grove of tall flowing stems with saps growing from the creeping roots.

  • The pair of five-petal golden yellow flowers is evenly spaced as it peeks out from a bud during early spring. Its oval green leaves are alternate with a particularly ragged edge.
  • The strong but elegant spring flower typically grows as tall as 6 feet, and its green leaves turn to yellow hue on fall.
  • The Kerria flower is useful in wild gardens wherein the natural growth of the plant becomes a natural beauty to behold. Thus, they grow the flowering plant to sucker and spread.

Remember that: The best position of this type of plant is in the shaded area in your garden. They avoid direct exposure to sunlight that can cause decolorizing of flowers, So I placed my Kerria in a dim corner of my garden wall to brighten the area and give it a sense of life and joy.


Kniphofia Uvaria
Red Hot Poker Lily Of All Seasons

In my quest to find flowers that start with K, I discovered this exotic kind of plant that has a name that twists my tongue upon reading it. However, I included Kniphofia because it’s easy to grow and maintain. In fact, others say however harsh the season will be, it still gives your garden flamboyant, pointed, wand-like flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


These flowers are its best when grown with enough water supply although they manage to live and bloom even in drought. I plan to place them in flowerbeds mixed borders as a mass planting.

  • Kniphofia flower blends well when placed as ground covers, perennials, or aquatic plants. When exposed to sunlight, this flowering plant develops a more robust appearance.
  • Their unusual maroon flowers turn yellow during summer and autumn. Hence, it lacks cultivation thus making the plant spread into natural areas with its thick clump form.
  • In Southern Australia, they regard this beauty as an environmental weed? It may be because of its long and green grass-like foliage that supports the clusters of flowers with different shades of crimson, yellow and orange. 

I consider this species as another wildflower that offers natural beauty all year round. It completes my list of flowers that start with K. Each one of them graces every season differently.


Do you like my list?  I actually call them my flowers for the right season. Whatever the season is, I know that somewhere in my garden, buds are blooming, keeping my place lovely and alive. What about your flowers that start with k, what’s so special about them?

 I like to know how you came up with your own favorites. Would you care to share?

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