How Long Does Broccoli Last In The Fridge?

Not everyone likes broccoli. Ask my daughter if she does. I didn’t know when I was her age too. However, when I get older and recognizes the importance of health, I tend to eat more vegetables than I used to be.

How long does broccoli last in the fridge? It’s the same question I ask each time I store a veggie in the fridge. When I decided to live healthily, I need to learn the shelf life of the vegetables for proper storing. For now, I’m obsessed with broccoli.

Let’s find out more!

are you familiar with broccoli?

Broccoli belongs to the cabbage family. By the way, the name broccoli is an Italian word that means flowering crest of cabbage. In short, “brocco” means sprout.

This green vegetable has its flower heads sealed off with leaves. You will see that it looks like a tree that branches out from a thick stalk. Do you know that broccoli is nutritious?


It offers plenty of nutrients like potassium, folate, and vitamins. It also has a low level of calories. You can eat the green flowering head of broccoli as a vegetable. You can cook it in so many ways like stir-fry, steam, or even raw.  Stir-fry is my favorite, seasoned with oyster sauce.

how long does broccoli last in the fridge?

The fact that broccoli is nutritious is true. However, you know that just like any other vegetable, it would stay that way as long as it doesn’t wither. The truth is it all depends on how it is stored. In the fridge, of course, the shelf life of broccoli is longer than storing it outside at room temperature.

  • Broccoli whether its raw or cooked will last a maximum of 5 days when properly stored in the fridge.
  • Broccoli that is already sliced and stored in the fridge will last for only 2 days.

However, it’s best to cook or consume your broccoli within the first few days of storage. The earlier to eat it, the more nutrients you can get from it. Besides, vegetables are highly perishable and spoil easily in any slight change of temperature.

can you tell if your broccoli is spoiled?

If you love vegetables, knowing their shelf life must come first. It is essential to learn how long it will last to determine the quantity you need to buy for a certain time frame. It’s also safe to be aware when it would last to prevent health risks.

Here are the different ways to know if your broccoli goes bad:

  • Appearance
  • Smell test
  • Touch

How to know if the broccoli is fresh with just one look? The color of this vegetable is near between bright or dark green. However, when it goes bad, the color will change into yellowish. Remember that when the discoloration begins, it’s no longer safe to eat, so you need to throw it away.

Another way to identify if it’s going rotten is the slippery specks on the buds. When spoiled, the flowers will appear wilted, and holes will appear in the florets of the broccoli.

how to store broccoli the right way?

The best way to ensure that your broccoli will last longer is to learn how to store it properly. I will share with you some tips and precautions when storing broccoli in the fridge.

First, you should find out where your broccoli come from. Is it direct from the farm, or from the supermarket? If it’s fresh from the farm, you need to wash it to take away the dirt and the insects that come with it. Remember to be conservative in using water to discourage the growth of molds.

Vegetables in the market

If you bought it from the supermarket, that means the store already washed and dried the broccoli. Just sprinkle it gently with water. If you plan to use it early, wrap it with a towel and store in the fridge.

But, if you plan to store it for a long time, here are some easy tips for you:

  • Before storing, make sure your broccoli is no longer dripping wet. It will last longer with lesser moisture when stored in the fridge.
  • Place it in an airtight container or a zipped bag, with a size that is enough to fit the broccoli to the brim. Make sure to let all the air out to prevent moisture from filling in. It would be perfect if you got a vacuum sealer. I prefer to store it in a box to protect the vegetable from bruises.
  • Make sure to maintain the cool temperature of your fridge. If there was a power outage, take all vegetables right away and cook them. NEVER store your veggies back in the fridge after you took it out. It’s already exposed to contaminants outside.


Broccoli like all vegetables is easily are spoiled when not stored properly. It’s a good thing that we already have a fridge nowadays. It doesn’t matter whether it’s short or a long time when broccoli is stored. It is better to cook them before the expiry date. This way, you can still enjoy its nutrients.

Are you now completely in love with your broccoli? How long does broccoli last in the fridge? Take note that: It shouldn’t be more than 5 days. If it goes more than that, it would already be risky for your health.

Do you have any questions? Drop a message, I would be glad to chat with you.

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