How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds In The Most Natural Way

I love Mockingbirds. I like to listen to its songs at night. But when it’s nesting season, all they do is sing the whole day, and it starts to get annoying. The melody will turn into noise, and it can ruin my mood entirely.

Besides the fact that they are disturbing, I can’t get a good night sleep. When I tried to get rid of them the first time, it was out of frustration. I wasn’t prepared and properly guided. It was a success alright, but I learned it the hard way.

Do you know how to get rid of Mockingbirds? My simple guide is to help you out of the misery that Mockingbirds bring. You’ll get rid of these birds the natural and safest way!

What You Need To Prepare

To get rid of Mockingbirds, you need to be ready and prepare the following tools that you will use in every step. These are the weapons for your battle.

1. Super Soaker: Good thing I bought my son a massive water gun on his birthday. Water hose in your garden could be useful and the Nerf gun too.

2. Water: It would be nice if you have a faucet near the tree where the Mockingbirds are staying for easy access to water. If you plan to use a Nerf gun, make sure to pick the soft bullets.

3. Handy Telescopes Or Binoculars: With the thick leaves of the tree, it is hard to spot the exact location of the Mockingbirds. The binoculars will help you see the location.

4. Lights: Flashlights, penlights or well, maybe torches are essential for your safety. Use this to survey the entire area for clear visual and avoid safety hazards. Make sure no live electricity wires are hovering near the tree. Sharp rocks, pointy branches or bushes around that may hurt your feet.

5. Figures Of An Owl Or A Hawk: Do you remember the classic scarecrow? It’s the same idea. Since it’s the modern times, you can make a figure of an owl or a hawk.

Birds are scared of owls and hawks. A cardboard material is best and easy to use in making one. Challenge your art and crafting ability.

I bought an ultrasonic pest repeller the last time, the kind that could drive away mice. Some say it will work, but it only disrupted the birds a bit, like they appear to be confused for a short while. They never left the tree, or maybe I did not use the right timing at all.

5. Pruner/Nets: I know you have this to maintain your garden.

5. Earplugs: Just in case everything fails, well, earplugs are helpful. Headphones or anything that helps cut the noise will do.

Some Important Facts That You May Want To Consider

  • Mockingbirds are very aggressive during mating season. To avoid being attacked by them, the best time to get rid of them or prune your yard is between September to February.
  • According to some studies, Mockingbirds can recognize people that they see as threats and those that are not. I mean, just a heads up. They may declare war on you first and show you their bomb-attacks!

Step By Step Instructions: How to Get Rid Of Mockingbirds

I am sure that you are in complete surrender to your anger by this time. Otherwise, you won’t be bothering yourself to get this busy at this hour of the night. Good, your rage can help you in your conquest!

But, remember you are going to get rid of the Mockingbirds. Don’t kill them, will you? Those poor little things are just hoping to meet their mates and multiply.

The Water Attack

Step 1- Survey

You may want to use your binoculars first to survey the area. Make sure the coast is clear. You don’t want any obstacles along the way like slipping or falling over. Locate the birds.

Step 2- Aim High!

As soon as you see where the Mockingbirds are perched, aim for them. If you are using the water hose, turn on the water max so that it’s strong enough to hit the target. The water and nerf guns would be smooth for you. SHOOT!

The Scaring Technique

Cross your fingers, this may work. But aren’t Mockingbirds smart? However, this tactic is commonly used by so many.

Step 1- Craft Time

Draw a hawk or Owl on cardboard. Make it look at least real for a Mockingbird to see. They’re scared of such predators, you know.

Step 2- Cut it out

Make cutouts from your drawings and place them near the tree to intimidate the birds. Add some ultrasonic pest repellants. You want to win, right?

Well, if you’ve got a soft heart and just can’t do it for fear of harming the birds, then these methods may be suitable for you:


Better leave the Mockingbirds alone. Anyway, they will eventually fly away to another place after the nesting season or when they can’t find a mate. Make use of your earplugs to conceal the noise, or you can put on your headphones, and play some favorite music.

Be Pro-active

Learn the spots where Mockingbirds love to nest. They usually like dense, low shrubs or at the top of small trees. You can cover those areas with nets when the mating season is coming to prevent them from perching.

Prune trees also that you think are most likely be a candidate for them to nest.


So which are you? Are you the fighter type, or the soft-hearted? Mockingbirds don’t flock, and if they love your garden, they can be useful at times. They fed themselves with grasshoppers and other garden pests.

Do you think my methods are workable? Try it if you’re determined to get rid of Mockingbirds. I did it, and honestly, I had the fun of the water gun much more than getting rid of them. If you have another gentle way on how to get rid of mockingbirds, will you share it with me? Please?

Source: Happyy Garden

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