Top 5 Best Lightweight Gas Weed Eater For The Money

When you are looking for the best gas weed eater for the money, it should be something that is extremely easy to operate. After all, these appliances have been a staple in garages for years now. However, when you are shopping online, the process is not as easy as you might have imagined. It is a common practice for manufacturers to oversell what their products are capable of doing while trying to hide any potential downsides.

Best-Lightweight -Gas-Weed-Eater-For-The-Money

If you are a well-informed customer, you need to make the most practical decision. This is why you can refer to this compiled list of the top gas weed eaters in the market today. However,after we dive into this list, let us go through some basics and learn some things about gas weed eaters and its buyer’s guide. This way, you will have a clear understanding of the appliance and choose a model that is perfectly suited for your needs and won’t break your bank as well. 

Top 5 Best Gas Weed Trimmer For The Money

You'll be had an idea about what weed eaters are and what you need to remember before buying them, here are the top five weed-eating appliances in the market today:

The 128LD by Husqvarna is one of the best gas weed eaters in the market today. It is fitted with a cutting edge of 17inches, which is quite massive and will help you clean up your lawn faster than other similar appliances.

It also features a Smart Start system that makes the engine easier to start with just a single or double pull. The product can work with trimmer line diameters measured .065, .080, and .095-inches, thereby allowing you to use whichever gauge is necessary for the task.

The 128LD, which is also the best gas weed eater for a woman, serves as a base for a wide range of tools by Husqvarna. The attachments can be removed easily from the shaft and additional accessories can be purchased to transform this appliance into a pole, a saw, a tiller, tree pruner, edger, sweeper, brush cutter, or hedge trimmer. This is one of the most important reasons why the 128LD is considered the best value for your money.


  • Multiple trimmer line diameters
  • Fitted with a smart start system
  • Packed attachment-ready
  • Cutting width of 17-inches


  • The carburetor might need some adjustment
  • The shipment quality is poor

The Poulan Pro 967105301, or the PR25SD, is the best gas weed wacker for your money that you should own if you are looking for something efficient and affordable. It is a multi-purpose tool that is supported by five attachments. It also features a spring-enhanced start off that minimizes effort used to switch on the device.

The PR25SD is an ideal weed eater if you have a home lawn that demands maintenance; the appliance will leave it nicely manicured. The swath will ensure that the product will not leave behind weed or grass within the diameter of 17-inches. The device can be assembled, used, and maintained very easily as well. The machine does not weigh much and will make your walk around the lawn very comfortable.

The PR25SD weed eater can be used also as a cultivator, pole cutter, pruner, edger, and blower. While the attachments are not included in the packaging, they can be purchased from your local vendor or online at a very pocket-friendly price. The tank is pre-mixed with oil and fuel for your initial use; you need to pay heed and use the correct ratio when preparing the fuel.


  • Easy to use the device
  • Lightweight
  • Cutting length is wide
  • Can be used for multiple purposes


  • The durability is poor
  • Loose handle

If you have a tall height, then the WS205 by Craftsman is the weed eater that you need. Or else, there will be a risk of you bending too much working that will result in your back being strained, even before you complete trimming the yard. Thankfully, the WS205 is fitted with an 11-inch long handle, which makes it perfect for tall people.

The device, which is fitted with a weed eater handle for tall person, has a cutting width of around 17-inches, which means that you can finish trimming your yard within a few rounds using this tool. Unlike other cheaper alternatives, this weed eater will shorten the time needed to trim a lawn of any size.

Apart from offering efficient length, the weed eater is also very easy to handle. The trimmer features a straight shaft with a well-implemented curve; this means that you will not have to struggle with missed corners and inaccurate cuts when holding the device.

Weighing only about 13-pounds, this means that you will be able to carry the WS205 all across the garden and lift it easily and comfortably; it is always important that you choose a weed eating gadget that is lightweight and can be carried around without a lot of hassles. However, this does not mean that the device has compromised on the engine; the WS205 features a heavy-duty 25CC engine that will allow heavy usage without causing any type of problem.


  • Compatible with different weed trimmer attachments
  • Packed with a two-year warranty
  • Potent 25CC engine


  • The head is made of plastic and might break if subjected to a heavy load

If you are looking for the best gas weed eater for home use that is powerful, yet easy to use and lightweight, you can check out the Echo GT-225. While the appliance is light enough to be carried around, it is quite sturdy and will get the job done, even if you have a lot of thick and tall weeds. While it might not be fitted with all the bells and whistles that other trimmers may have, the GT-225 is quite a decent choice.

As mentioned above, the GT-225 is a lightweight weed eater; however, this does not mean that the appliance is not powerful. In fact, you can do all the edging and trimming without having to worry that the gadget will give out halfway through the job. While other similar appliances boast of being powerful, they lack the combination of being lightweight and powerful at the same time.

The GT-225 is one of the most durable weed whackers in the list, thanks to its robust and sturdy construction. You do not have to worry about accidentally hitting a tree or bumping into a rock. There are always obstacles in your lawn, and the GT-225 is made to withstand these obstacles with ease.


  • Packed with a 5-year warranty period
  • Easy to use
  • Cutting width measures 16-inches


  • No availability of any type of attachment

While this weed eater by Dewalt might look very simple, it is powerful enough to be used for commercial landscaping purposes. Similar to other high-end models, this gas powered weed eater for the money features a split shaft design. Hence, it can be assembled and disassembled without any additional tools. As such, the device perfectly balances its weight of the 20-volt battery.

The string trimmer is fitted with an over-mold trigger handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip. Additionally, the D-shaped guide handle will offer you a lot of gripping possibilities. Thanks to the neutral balance, the overall appliance feels quite light.

The variable speed trigger will allow you to boost the run time and power. Also, the ergonomic design will minimize user fatigue. The power-drive transmission will deliver more torque as well.


  • Variable speed control offers more control
  • Gear drive transmission makes trimming thick weed/grass easier
  • Cutting diameter measures 13-inches


  • Quite expensive, compared to the other weed eaters in the list

What Is The Lightweight Weed Eater?

A weed eater is a powered tool that makes use of a single line (string) rotating at an extremely high speed to remove weeds or to cut grass;the machine works on the law of centrifugal force. A long shaft is used to hold the head, thereby making the device ideal for yards with steep terrains and obstacles.

There are three types of weed eaters – gas-, electric-, and battery-powered. All three types have their shares of pros and cons. For instance, gas weed eaters are the most powerful among the three; however, they might be a bit heavier and emit fumes. Electric weed eaters are perfect for small yards, but cannot operate without a power source. Battery-operated weed eaters can be used for lawns without any power source, you will have a recurring cost of purchasing batteries once they run out.

To learn how to use a weed eater, you can watch this video:

How To Choose The Best Gas Weed Wacker For Your Money?

When it comes to purchasing any type of industrial equipment for home use, you need to keep some buying tips in your mind. Your primary objective is to find the right tool that will help make your life easier. Additionally, you would also want something durable and available at an affordable price.

Since there are many manufacturers in the market that offer good-quality gas weed eaters, it can be quite a challenge to make a selection of the tools. So, how do you narrow down your list of the best gas weed eater that will serve your needs most effectively? Here is a buying guide that will help you make that decision.


Take for example that you are buying your very first car; in these cases, it is important that you check what is under the hood. The same logic applies to weed eaters as well. Your primary focus needs to be directed towards the power of the engine. You need to know the horsepower the engine can deliver and the number of cylinders the model is fitted with.

The power of the engine will determine the effectiveness and the strength of the weed eater. The more potent the engine is, the better is its performance. It also means that the weed eater is powerful enough to handle heavy-duty jobs.

Cutting Width

The cutting width of the weed eater can be compared to the working space operated by the blades of the device while cutting off weed and grass. By standard, the width of most weed trimmers in the market should be between 12- and 15-inches. However, you will also find some durable options with cutting width blades over 15inches.

The larger the cutting width, the less effort it will take to operate the appliance. Additionally, the cutting rate will be high as well. For maintaining a large yard, it is recommended that you go for one that has a larger cutting width.

Shaft Length

You will find gas weed eaters with either a straight shaft or a curved one. With a curved shaft, the weed eater can bend between a spinning trimmer head and the handle, which makes it perfect for small people. The appliances with a curved shaft also tend to be more durable since the design enhances the flexibility of the drive cable. The curved shaft also offers better balance and increases maneuverability to areas that are hard to reach.

Alternatively, straight shafts are perfect for tall users. These models are also much powerful and more suitable for larger lawns. Weed eaters with straight shaft can be used for an extended period as well. However, this type of weed whacker is more expensive than the former.


Lastly, the weight of the weed eater is a crucial consideration that you need to remember. Unlike commercial lawn mowers, you will have to carry the weed whackers along with you while using it. Hence, you need to look for an appliance that is easy and comfortable to handle and carry. Always pay attention to the overall weight of the device, along with its power.


With the help of the best gas weed eater, you will be able to trim down weed from your lawn or yard much more easily. The type of weed eater you choose will ultimately depend on factors like the size of your backyard, how much time you are going to utilize for the task, how often do you plan on doing it, etc.

The Husqvarna 128LD is the top choice when it comes to the best gas weed eaters in the market today. The appliance is perfect for daily use and features a lot of aspects that cannot be found in other weed eaters in the same price range. Hence the Husqvarna 128LD is the best lightweight gas weed eater for the money.

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