Top 10 Best Outdoor Refrigerator Units USA 2021

When it comes to outdoor kitchens, they are typically not complete without outdoor refrigerator units. You can also use these appliances in any outdoor space, that is ‘designed to hold them. They just need ‘stabilized electricity to run.

In this article, we have discussed outdoor refrigerator units, types, features, and also the buying guide

Outdoor refrigerator units store cold drinks, salads, and other foods, just like their indoor counterparts. However, they have some technical differences as elaborated in the buyer’s guide section of this article.

Whether you entertain your guests or indulge in sporting activities outdoors, just walk to these appliances for drinks or food. No need to walk all the way long to the indoor kitchens anymore!

In fact, these convenient additions enrich your outdoor experiences both by their functions and looks. Just keep the edibles inside and enjoy them whenever you wish!

Pricing and Rating

While purchasing outdoor refrigerators, you can come across different types as briefed below in this article. In fact, their prices range most widely from 200 USD to 5,000 USD and beyond.

Typically, most of the lower-priced ones are not rated for outdoors. Their design does not suit outdoor usage. In fact, you may find this information in ‘fine prints or manuals bundled with the product.

On the other side, many of the premium-priced models are rated for commercial usage. Hence, they may not suit home needs. Therefore, it is necessary to “investigate” on rating and usage designs of these appliances, before purchasing them.

In general, an appliance has to pass through several durability tests and performance tests to gain an outdoor rating. In most cases, the Underwriters Laboratories (impartial standards company) conducts these tests.


Typically, there are several varieties of outdoor cooling units available in the market. We have briefed the most widely classified ones below

Outdoor Refrigerator Units

Both indoor and outdoor refrigerator units are designed to store the foodstuff for shorter durations. Moreover, they have to be certified for food safety.

Typically, the food-ruining bacteria thrives well above 40°F. Setting the temperatures between 32°F – 38°F slows their growth. It also preserves the food relatively longer. However, temperatures below 30°F can freeze the foodstuff.

Outdoor Beverage Coolers

In fact, these products are designed specially to store beverages. They are not supposed to store perishable foods. Ideally, they operate regulating inside temperatures between 40°F – 45°F. Hence, they consume less powered compared to refrigerators.

Also, some types of beverages like red wine should be stored specifically in this temperature range. This helps them to retain their freshness and taste until they expire.

Outdoor Freezers

Typically, outdoor freezers can fit in small spaces. You can store meat, fish, and also other raw items in them, to retain their freshness for longer periods. These freezers may have many units. So, you can store your other food items separately, if you wish.

Dry-Aging Refrigerators

In fact, these appliances are specially made for storing and safely drying aged meat. Just above freezing temperatures, controlled humidity, and air circulation preserve the aged meat with its awesome effects.

10 Best Outdoor Refrigerator Units

Editor’s Choice

1.) Bull Series II Compact Outdoor Refrigerator (13700 Series)

The Bull series II outdoor refrigerator units are the perfect choices for your outdoor kitchens. You can use it as a free-standing unit and also as a built-in unit.

The 4. 9 cubic feet cabinet features 2 adjustable shelves and a fixed shelf. The internal LED control panel is easy to operate. At the front, a venting panel with fans dissipates the generated heat outside effectively.

Typically, its reversible, self-closing doors seal the cabinet tightly. They also have a bull handle and a lock. With 304 stainless-steel built, this product offers maximum resistance to corrosion and rust. This also ensures longevity and durability.

This fridge provides full temperature control from 32°F to 50°F. It also has ‘all season’ ratings with CE (energy saver), doe, and ETL certifications. You can also enhance the looks further by fitting Bull #13900 Finishing Frame to the borders.

What We Like

304 stainless-steel constructions
Fast cooling actions
Powerful venting fans

Runner Up

2.) Blaze Outdoor Rated Stainless-Steel Refrigerator (24”)

This blaze product is ideal for small spaces in your outdoor kitchens. Also, the interiors are designed specifically to offer plenty of shelf space. This product can accommodate your favorite foods and refreshments easily.

With its sleek stainless-steel designs, it can pair well with other kitchen utilities. Typically, these kinds of fridges need 115 volts, 15 amps to operate safely

In general, its spacious ‎5.2 Cubic Feet cabinet is sufficient for single-family usage. It also has 3 chrome shelves (adjustable) fitted inside. For your convenience, this product features reversible doors too!

The bright internal lighting provides good visibility. You also get a “cool blue” lighting option.

It’s automatic defrost technology reduces freezer burn and maintenance. The efficient internal fans circulate the chillness and provide even cooling. This product also features a digital thermostat for controlling the temperature precisely.

This product comes with an ETL certification for outdoor usage. The warranty also includes the compressor for one year. It covers manufacturing defects and workmanship.

What We Like

5.2 cubic feet spacious cabin
3 adjustable chrome shelves
Digital thermostat.

Budget Pick

3.) Summit SPR196OS Outdoor Refrigerator

Summit SPR196OS is safe for outdoor usage. It is designed for both Freestanding and built-in usage. Moreover, this product meets UL-471 standards for commercial use. It is also listed for NSF-7 requirements. Hence, you can use this product for both commercial and residential purposes.

This compact product measures 17.25″ deep and 19″ wide. However, its cabin is large enough to store all your food items and beverages. It also features automatic defrost, helping reduce user maintenance.

This product features reversible doors that seal the cabin tightly. These stainless-steel doors also ensure durability and add elegance to the product.

Typically, three adjustable glass shelves help to organize foodstuff conveniently. A Thermostat dial is used to control the temperature range (34°F – 50°F) effectively. Also, a powerful interior fan regulates the airflow and spreads the cooling evenly.

For security, this product comes with a pre-installed lock. This appliance consumes low power. It also has ENERGY STAR certification for power consumption.

What We Like

Elegant stainless-steel doors
Adjustable glass shelves
Low energy consumption

Other Picks

4.) Danby DAR055D1BSSPRO Professional Outdoor Refrigerator

Danby Professional DAR055D1BSSPRO is a compact, stylish outdoor refrigerator. It adds an elegant touch to any outdoor space including outdoor kitchens and serving stations.

This product is made from stainless steel for premium looks. Also, a unique smudge-proof protective coating is pre-applied to the steel. Hence, this product can resist glaring fingerprints, smudges, and streaks.

You can simply enjoy the sophistication and beauty of stainless steel, and its premium finish.

The spacious 5.5 Cubic Feet cabinet has cool LED lighting for interiors. It also comes with tempered glass shelves. The doors have a sophisticated storage arrangement for 2-liter bottles.

Typically, a powerful fan forces cooling evenly throughout the cabin interiors. Also, a superior airflow system dissipates heat efficiently. This improves the cooling system’s longevity to a great extent.

If the doors are not closed, an alert system activates and sounds gently. Also, an audible temperature control system announces temperature levels. All these advanced features ensure the safety of food items stored inside.

You can store beverages and also perishable foodstuffs inside this appliance. However, setting temperatures appropriately provides enhanced food safety.

Typically, this stand-alone, free-standing, Energy Star product consumes less energy.

What We like

Premium stainless-steel finish
Powerful interior cooling fans
Audible temperature announcements.

5.) Danby DAR044A6BSLDBO Outdoor Refrigerator

Danby Contemporary Classic is a mini outdoor refrigerator. It is best suited for small outdoor kitchens, decks, or backyards. Actually, this 124-liter fridge has 4.4 Cubic Feet of space inside. Hence, it can serve a small family conveniently.

This appliance features UV-protected plastics and waterproof electrical housing. For safety, this product also has water ingress protection (IPX4 rating). The ball bearings of casters (bottom wheels) are made of stainless steel. Hence, they are rust-free and help to move the appliance easily.

Typically, this fridge provides excellent cooling even in tropical environments (up to 43°C/ 109°F). it also features an environmental-friendly refrigerant (R600a) and is Energy Star compliant. The Automatic defrost helps to minimize human intervention and maintenance.

In fact, the integrated door shelves are specifically designed to hold large water cans and other cool drink utilities. Also, a CanStor Beverage Dispensing unit is integrated into the door system. It helps to store cans conveniently and efficiently. Moreover, the doors come with reversible hinges.

Typically, the spotless steel finish doors sport an ergonomic rubber-grip chrome handle. The scratch-resistant worktop further adds convenience to this product. It also comes with a factory-fitted door lock.

The interior LED lights further brighten the white cabin. The adjustable glass shelves are easy to organize, remove, and clean. Also, the bundled ice bucket is waterproof and food grade. An efficient mechanical thermostat provides easy temperature settings.

What We Like

Ergonomic door handles
CanStor Beverage Dispensing unit
Low power consumption

6.) Bull Outdoor Refrigerator (11001)

Bull 11001 is a compact outdoor refrigerator. Its ‘flush back design helps saving spaces to a large extent. Hence, you can use this product in small outdoor kitchens or any outdoor space. It also has ETL certification for safety. This fridge has a shiny, glossy finish to suit modern spaces.

The cabin measures 4.4 Cubic feet and has 3 shelves. You can also remove the shelves to organize your storage. However, make sure to keep the doors fully open while removing the shelves. This prevents accidentally damaging the door gaskets.

The cabin has LED lights to brighten the interiors as you open the doors. It also features automatic defrosting technology to reduce manual maintenance.

The cabin doors are made using 304-grade stainless steel, to ensure the safety of your food. You can also reverse the doors if needed. Moreover, the stainless-steel doors add sturdy looks to the outdoor kitchens.

Typically, this fridge engages audible alarms and flashes temperature displays when the interior temperature rises heavily. This may be due to various reasons such as placing warm food inside, power failure for a long time, or appliance fault.

However, the alarm automatically silences and the display stops flashing as the interior temperature becomes cool.

Also, the alarms activate if you left open the doors for more than a minute. Just pressing any key stops the alarm sound. This product comes with a factory lock. The key is bundled with the operator manual.

What We Like

304-grade Stainless Steel Door
Full range easy temperature control
Automatic alarm indications.

7.) Summit SPR316OS Stainless Steel Outdoor Refrigerator

Summit SPR316OS measures just 15” wide. Hence, it can fit easily in small spaces. Its weatherproof construction makes it a perfect choice for outdoor operations. You can it both as freestanding and built-in units.

In spite of its compact nature, the cabin provides 3 cubic feet of storage space. It has 3 nos. of adjustable glass shelves. Hence, you can organize them as needed. In addition, the floor is designed to hold wine bottles.

Typically, a digital thermostat provides easy temperature controls. Also, the fan-forced cooling system spreads the chillness evenly across the cabin. Recessed LED provides cool, fresh lighting inside the cabin.

This appliance operates frost-free. Hence, maintenance is minimal. For added safety, this product comes with an integrated GFCI cord. Other modern features include temperature alarms. door-ajar alert systems and also a quick-freeze mode.

The stainless-steel doors seal the cabin tightly. You can also reverse them if needed in accordance with the layout. The doors come with a long handle (20”) for ease of opening and closing.

This outdoor all-refrigerator is designed to use both in commercial and residential kitchens. It also comes with a factory-installed locking system for additional safety.

What We Like

15” Wide for easy storage
Integrated GFCI cord
Recessed LED lights

Beverage Coolers

8.) EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD Outdoor Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD is a popular outdoor beverage cooler. With full stainless-steel encasing, this appliance is approved for outdoor usage. Typically, this unit suits well for outdoor garages, bars, and kitchens. You can use it as a built-in unit or as a free-standing unit.

The spacious cabin offers 5.5-cubic feet of space. In fact, it can hold about 142 beverage cans of standard size (12 ounces). It also has three glass shelves that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The long handle attached to the stainless-steel door is convenient for closing and opening the doors.

This appliance also features powerful compressor-based technology for cooling the interiors. A power fan with digital controls spreads the cooling evenly. Hence, the cold spot risk is eliminated completely.

This appliance has other advanced features such as auto defrost, a built-in carbon filter, and also cool-blue lighting. This increases convenience and decreases maintenance.

Typically, this fridge has a temperature range of about 38° F – 50° F. This fits perfectly for beverages. However, this temperature is not ideal for storing perishable foods.

This fridge can hold its interior cooling efficiently even at hot outdoor temperatures (50°F – 95°F). It also comes with a factory-fitted lock for safety. If needed, you can install casters to move this fridge around easily.

What We Like

Perfect temperature range for beverages
Spacious cabin
Stylish looks

9.) Whynter BOR-53024-SSW Stainless Steel Outdoor Beverage Cooler/ Refrigerator (24″)

Whynter BOR-53024-SSW is both a beverage cooler and refrigerator. You can use this appliance both indoors and outdoors. It also fits well both as a free-standing unit and as a built-in unit. However, it has a limited outdoor temperature range (60°F – 90°F)

This appliance has a generous cabin (5.3 cubic feet). Its interior temperature range is 32°F to 64°F. Hence, it can store perishable foods (lower temperature settings) and red wine (high-temperature settings) along with other beverages.

Typically, this appliance has three adjustable glass shelves. You can re-organize them to store foodstuff, beverages, or any other items. Powerful compressor cooling (fan circulated) distributes chillness evenly inside.

This product also features “fast cool mode” to chill the stuff quickly. A digital thermostat offers precise control over the temperatures.

The stylish, sleek stainless-steel casing makes the fridge suit all modern spaces. It also has a luxurious curved handlebar. Moreover, this product consumes less energy and has Energy Star certification.

This product also comes with a factory-installed cylindrical lock (with 2 keys) and optional casters for portability.

What We Like

Wide temperature range
Powerful compressor
Advanced features

10.) NewAir Weatherproof Outdoor Beverage Cooler/ Refrigerator (24″)

NewAir Outdoor Refrigerator and Beverage Cooler are one of the best and efficient products you can buy in the market. Typically, it can withstand heavy rain and intense heat outdoors.

You can use it as a free-standing unit or build it into any 24” standard counters. Unlike other cheap options, this fridge provides excellent cooling even in the hottest of temperatures.

Manufacturers have used food-grade stainless steel (304-standard) to construct this fridge. It is also corrosion-resistant and weatherproof. Hence, this product suits best for any type of hard outdoors.

With its capacity of 5 Liters, it can hold up to 160 beverage cans easily. A digital thermostat offers precise temperature control from 32° F to 50° F. Hence, you can store perishable foodstuff (lower temp. stings) and also beverages (higher temp. settings).

In addition, the adjustable shelves enable organizing your beverages and foodstuff as you desire. You can store cans or bottles of any size inside the cabin.

This fridge features internal LED lighting and also auto-closing doors, adding convenience to the users. The product comes with adjustable feet and easy gliding casters. Hence, you can adjust or move the product around with minimal effort.

For safety, the product includes a factory-installed security lock. This helps to keep the contents safe and prevents theft.

What We Like

Excellent outdoor performance
5 Liter Capacity
Easy mobility

Outdoor Refrigerator Buyers Guide

An outdoor refrigerator is an essential addition to the outdoor kitchens and other living spaces outside. You can store foodstuff, beverages, and also other items inside it.

Typically, outdoor refrigerators have to withstand moisture, rain, humidity, debris, dirt, and temperature fluctuations. They also work harder compared to their indoor counterparts. Hence, it is necessary to find a fridge that can endure these abnormalities.

Weather-Proof Features

Typically, these fridges are constantly exposed to outdoor harsh weather. Rainstorms, floods, and other water problems can damage the appliance severely. Also, the intense heat outside can have adverse effects on them. Hence, weatherproofing these units becomes necessary.

Also, rusting formation deteriorates the fridge in a quick time. It also increases the risk of electrocution. Hence look for a fridge that is built with corrosion-resistant materials.

Typically, most modern-day outdoor refrigerator units are weatherproof. However, we recommend you to go for the ones with UL certification.

Filters and Seals

The debris, grime, and other dirt outdoors can damage the fridge compressor and motor severely. Hence, the most modern outdoor fridges come with adequate protection. They include filters, sealed bearings, sealed hinges, and also weatherproof insulations

So go for outdoor-rated, certified products. You may have to spend a few more bugs. But these appliances repay you in the long run with their low maintenance and high durability.

Materials Used

Manufacturers use food-grade stainless steel (304) to build some premium fridges. It has good oxidation and corrosion resistance. it does not contain chemicals that pass on to the foodstuff. Hence, it is safe for food items. Also, these metals ensure at least 5 years of the appliance’s service life.

Plastic-bodied fridges are best suited for high humid areas. Often, the plastic models are lightweight and budget-friendly. They also offer easy mobility around the places. However, it is advisable to look for models that have steel finishes on their hinges and fasteners.

Typically, the lightweight silicone door seals undergo go weathering in harsh outdoor environments. This ruins the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator. Hence, we recommend you to look for fridges with weatherproof door seals.


In general, the standard outdoor refrigerator units have adjustable shelves, interior lighting, and leveling feet. In most cases, these units are sufficient for your needs.

However, if you need more convenience, you may have to go for high-end fridges. They offer ultra-modern, advanced features. Some of the features include auto defrost, auto door closing, audible alerts, interior fans, and dedicated solutions like the CanStor Beverage Dispensing unit.

Maintenance of Outdoor Refrigerator Units

Generally, the outdoor refrigerator units have good durability and long service life. With their robust construction, they will seldom break or rust. Just re-fill the gas every 7 -10 years and enjoy using them as usual!

However, maintaining the fridge regularly increases its efficiency and longevity.

1.) keep it Dry

Water can cause rust and electrocution. It may also damage the internal components. Hence, keep the fridge away from the pool, out of the rain, safe from floods and other water sources.

2.) Keep away from Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight heats up the fridge exteriors. It may hinder the interior cooling. As a result, the cooling system has to work harder consuming more energy. Still, the results may not be as expected. Hence, avoid exposing the fridge to direct sunlight.

3.) Ensure Ventilation

Typically, the fridges release the inside heat into the surrounding air. This is essential for effective interior cooling.

The “Free-Standing” fridges release this heat from the back, sides, and top. Hence, they need good ventilation around them. Similarly, the “Built-in” fridges have frontside vents to drive the heat away. Make sure they are not blocked


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