Top 10 Best Pre Emergent Herbicide Solutions USA 2021 and Buyers Guide

The pre emergent herbicide solutions prevent weed growth even before they sprout out. They also preserve the grass on the surface. Hence, most gardeners prefer to use these products.

In this article, we have briefed the top 10 best pre emergent herbicide products for you to choose from. They provide the best results.

Typically, gardeners carry out these types of jobs in the pre-growing season. Start spraying pre emergent herbicide solutions in the early spring. For best results, begin the process when the temperature stays constantly above 55 F and the ground is fully thawed.

In any case, do not delay till summer. If you do so, you may get mixed results.

10 Best Pre Emergent Herbicide Solutions

Editor’s Choice

Sedgehammer Pre Emergent Herbicide

Sedgehammer pre emergent herbicide is our best pick. This product controls the young weeds most effectively than many other premium offerings. It also does not damage plants and grass. In fact, this is one of the best products you can purchase in the commercial market.

Typically, you can prepare 40 gallons of pre-emergent with each bottle of Sedgehammer. The advanced formula of this product has helped many farmers to increase the yield, preventing weeds. Hence, it has a good reputation in the field.

What We Like

Provides effective results on almost all growing surfaces
Each bottle makes up to 40 gallons of herbicide
Can cover about 1,000 sq. feet

Runner Up

Quali-Pro Prodiamine Pre Emergent Herbicide (Generic 65 WDG Barricade)

Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG is one of the best Pre-Emergent Herbicide solutions available in the market. It is also most widely available both online and offline.

Typically, this liquid controls most types of weeds including crabgrass, chickweed, henbit, and spurge. You can use this product in flowerbeds, lawns, borders, and other planted beds.

In fact, this professional-grade product comes as a granular concentrate (5 pounds). You just have to dilute it before spraying. After diluting, use them as early as possible. Also, use sprayers instead of simple dusters for better results.

You can use the product in early spring and again in late fall. This helps to maintain the lawns almost weed-free.

What We Like

Formulated with Prodiamine
Easy application (Liquid formulated)
Does not harm established plants in the garden

Budget Pick

Espoma Organic Weed Prevention (CGP25 25 lb)

Espoma Weed Preventer is an all-natural, organic weed preventer. You can use it to control common weeds like dandelions and also crabgrass. It gives long-lasting protection. It also does not burn the grasses

In fact, Espoma Weed Preventer is made using corn gluten meal, a byproduct of cornstarch. It also feeds the garden plants with essential nutrients. It is Granulated for sprinkling or spraying easily.

For best results, apply this product in early spring and again in late fall. This product is also perfectly safe for children and pets. However, it is best fitted for established lawns only. So, avoid using in a new lawn, particularly while seeding.

What We Like

All-natural, organic
Safe for children and pets
Long-lasting protection

Other Best Picks

Scotts 40210 Moss Control

In the spring, moss sprouts first, even before the lawn grass. It invades the lawns and other spaces inviting several problems. Hence, it is essential to control the moss.

Scotts Turf Builder is an excellent moss killer. It also feeds the lawn grasses and thickens them. As a result, the future growth of moss extremely reduced. You can use this product in lawns, parks, open spaces, and also in golf courses.

With a single pack, you can cover a space of about 5,000-square feet. For better results, apply in early spring and again in the late fall.

What We Like

Not damages the lawn instead improves its water absorption ability.
Encourages growth in grass
Granular formulation (Helps easy spreading)

Voluntary Purchasing Group Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules

VPG Hi-Yield provides excellent control over Pre-Emergent Weeds around shrubs, trees, and also certain vegetables. Typically, this product is used before mulching for best results.

This product comes in granular form. Hence, it is very easy to sprinkle around with your hands. You can also use mechanical spreaders to spread these granules.

VPG Hi-Yield is an efficient pre emergent herbicide. It contains the TreeFlan compound (patented). This product will not harm established plants. In fact, this product provides extra nutrition and enhances growth in flower beds and certain vegetables.

For best results, sprinkle the granules before the rain. If you sprinkle in dry grounds, just water the granules to activate them. Typically, you can use this product in all seasons. It lasts longer effectively controlling weeds

What We Like

Budget-friendly, efficient pre-emergent herbicide
Contains TreeFlan (patented)
Can be used in vegetable gardens and flower beds

Preen Lawn Control Pre Emergent Herbicide

Typically, preen Lawn Control pre emergent herbicide prevents grassy, broadleaf weeds including crabgrass up to four months. For these results, you have to apply this product before germination. You can use this product on ornamental turfgrasses and lawns.

Similarly, this product offers post-emergence control up to 4 weeks after germination. Therefore, this product can both prevent weeds before germination and kill weeds after germination.

Typically, spring is the ideal season to apply this product. It ensures season-long protection from the toughest weeds. This product gives the best results when activated with water. So, apply water thoroughly, if rain is not in the forecast.

Preen Lawn Control can protect your lawns from over 40 types of invasive weeds. They include henbit, crabgrass, yellow foxtail, chickweed, and also spurge weed. This product is effective both in cold and warm weather.

Generally, this product does not damage the lawns or flowers. Instead, it adds nutrition to the soil. One pack is enough to cover about 5,000 square feet of area.

What We Like

Efficient both in cold and warm climates
Controls about 40 weed types
Provides full-season control.

NITRO-PHOS Barricade Pre Emergent Herbicide (10 LB)

NITRO-PHOS Barricade herbicide consists of Prodiamine. Typically, this product offers the best control before the germination of weeds. You can also apply it immediately after removing weeds mechanically. It provides efficient control over the pre-emergent weeds.

Generally, gardeners spread these granules by hand. You can also make use of manual or automatic spreaders to cover large areas (10 pounds/ 5000 square feet)

You can use this product in all types of open areas. However, if you have pets, it may not be the best option for backyards.

In any case, this product works well when activated with water. So, apply it just before the rains or water thoroughly after application.

What We Like

Formulated with Prodiamine.
Enriches soil with nutrition.
Can be used in most open areas including lawns and on established turf grass

PBI / Gordon 652400 Pre Emergent Herbicide

Gordon Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer kills the weeds in just a few hours. This product is ideal for both landscapers and homeowners. You can use it to cover about 14,000 – 18,000 square feet of land.

Typically, this product kills weeds more efficiently and quickly than many other premium-priced ones. At the same time, it will not harm the established plants. You can use them in flower beds or lawns.

In fact, this product performs excellently in cold weather. Hence, it can be the best choice for gardeners in the northern states. However, this product is not available in some states. We recommend you to check the regulations of your state before ordering this product.

What We Like

Starts working in a few hours
Performs Excellently in cool-weather conditions
Covers about 14,000 – 18,000 square feet

Preen Garden 21-63905 Weed Preventer

This Preen Garden product controls weeds efficiently in all seasons. It also contains a multi-purpose fertilizer. Hence, it promotes growth in established plants. It also increases disease resistance. For more information on specific plants, refer to the product label

In the spring, mulch the shrubs and flower beds. Then, apply this pre emergent herbicide before the weed growth. This provides better results. Also, you can use this product all year round.

Also, the retail can comes with a spreader jug at the top. This facilitates easy sprinkling of the granules. After sprinkling, activate the ingredients by watering thoroughly. As a result, the product forms an invisible barrier blocking weeds below the surface.

Typically, this product prevents common broadleaf weeds for about 3 months. These weeds include purslane, thistle, knot, claw, foxtail, crabgrass, and also bluegrass. The instruction label has a complete list of weeds that the product can control.

What we Like

The spreader jug facilitates easy application
It kills weeds and also feeds plants
Product labels contain detailed information.

Southern AG Pre Emergent Herbicide (2, 4-d Amine)

Southern AG pre emergent herbicide is a budget-friendly, effective product. It is formulated with potent 2, 4-D acid. Hence, it can kill a wide range of invasive grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Typically, this product works well on almost all surfaces including grasslands, lawns, fences, pastures, and ditch banks. It is also effective as both pre and post emergence herbicide.

For usage, fill a bucket with water (3-5 gallons). Then, add the concentrated solution (2-3 scoops) and mix well. After that, spray the mixture with a coarse spray (low pressure). For better overall spraying action, use fan-type nozzles.

Generally, while performing these types of activities, we recommend using respiratory PPEs. This helps to avoid breathing vaporized solution in.

What We Like

Suitable for large spaces like parks and lawns
Controls a wide range of broadleaf species
Effective as both pre and post-emergent

Buyers Guide

Typically, the weeds and other nuisance grasses compete with garden plants for nutrients. Sometimes, they even outgrow seasonal plantations. As a result, the lawns grasses, and plants may get deprived of essential nutrients.

As a precautionary measure, gardeners apply pre emergent herbicide solutions to prevent the weeds and other invasive grass. With just a single application, these powerful herbicides can kill the weeds effectively. This also provides excellent growing conditions for plants or flowers.

We have briefed some important factors to consider while selecting pre emergent herbicide solutions as below


Primarily, the pre emergent herbicide solutions are available in two forms. They are the liquid form and granular form. Some herbicides are available in powder form also. But they are not common.

In any case, all of them work in a similar manner. Gardeners prefer one over the other as per their needs. However, most of them have similar efficiencies, irrespective of their forms.


Typically, liquid types are available either as concentrated or full-strength solutions. Concentrated forms are preferred for commercial applications like parks and golf courses.

You can also use them for noncommercial applications. But, dilute them as instructed in the labels. Otherwise, they may not be as effective as expected.

On the other hand, full-strength solutions do not require any special attention. Therefore, you can simply apply them out of the box.

In any case, liquid solutions are easy to use. You can simply apply them with a pump-type sprayer in your lawns and other spaces.


In general, granules are small chemical grains. You can sprinkle them using a broadcast spreader or a drop spreader. Also, you can simply shake them out of the cans.

Typically, these granules require water for activation. So, you have to water them after sprinkling. Otherwise, you can simply sprinkle them before the rains.

After activation, these granules form a thick barrier underground, preventing weeds from germination.


Generally, post-emergent herbicides target different types of plants. However, pre emergent herbicide solutions target several stages of growth in plants.

Usually, Pre emergent herbicides effectively prevent the rooting or shooting of weed seeds. But they may not damage the already existing roots, especially of the perennial weeds like witchweed or bindweed.

To treat them, wait until they sprout out of the ground. After that, treat them with a post-emergent herbicide. You can also pull them out mechanically.


Typically, the pre emergent herbicide chemicals can block most of the weed seeds from germination. However, some tough weeds like crabgrass may survive weaker herbicides.

To avoid such scenarios, the chemical engineers formulate herbicides with some specialized chemical compounds. We have briefed a few of such compounds below


In fact, many pre-emergent herbicides have this C-nitro compound as their primary ingredient. It helps to control weeds effectively in ornamental plants and also in crops.


This organic compound checks nuisance grasses. It also helps controlling weed growth in flowerbeds, brambles, vines, and lawns.


This C-nitro compound helps to control many broadleaf weeds and annual grasses. This herbicidal product can also be used in crops like soy, grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.


Benfluralin is a tertiany amino compound. It helps preventing root and shoot development in various weeds and grasses. Herbicides containing this compound can also effectively control weeds in lawns, crops, and ornamental plants.


Usually, this herbicidal product is formulated with benzamide and isoxazole. Hence, it provides excellent control of broadleaf weeds in vineyards and orchids.


Pendimethalin is a dinitroaniline compound. It inhibits cell elongation and cell division of weeds in crops, lawns, and ornamental plants.


Dithiopyr is a pyridine compound. It helps controlling many types of weeds and also crabgrass effectively


Siduron is an organic compound. Typically, herbicidal products with this compound prevent seeds of weedy annual grasses, such as crabgrass and foxtail grass, from germinating.

This compound also feeds the soil with nutrients essential for established plants.

Duration of Effectiveness

Typically, pre emergent herbicide products form a thick barrier under the ground. On average, this barrier lasts about 1-3 months, preventing the germination of weed seeds. However, few products offer much more long-lasting protection.

In any case, applying these chemicals in the spring and again in the fall provides the best results. Even if you use them once a year, they can control the germination of the majority of weeds.

How to Apply Pre emergent Herbicide Safely?

In general, most herbicidal products are safe. You just have to follow the labeled instructions. However, do not allow the children or pets to be near during application.


Some products may cause skin irritation or respiratory symptoms upon skin contact or inhalation. Hence, we recommend using protective gears and quality garden tools while performing any type of gardening work.

Wind Precaution

Typically, the wind blows the spray, reducing coverage in the targeted area. It also pushes the herbicide droplets to the plantation areas. To avoid these hiccups, select a calm day for spraying these products.


After completing the job, wash the gears and sterilize the tools. This helps to prevent various diseases both among plants and humans.

Pre Emergent Herbicide FAQs

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