Small Hostas: Top Choices That Will Make A Difference

I caught you! You have small areas in your lawn that you need to fill in, don’t you? Or are you just as crazy like me when it comes to small hostas?

I am working on a rock garden at home, and I know that choosing small hostas will make a big difference. They’re famous for being perfect as perennial border plants. Since these little cuties have lively colors, they will create a significant impact on my garden scenery.

I like it that small hostas can grow in tiny spaces. It became a hobby of mine to grow plants on small containers before I decide the perfect place to display them. In fact, I have several miniature hostas right now waiting for their hot spot in my garden.

There are plenty of varieties out there when it comes to small hostas. They will do great mixed with other plant groups in my landscape. It doesn’t matter what plants they’re with because they just naturally stand out.

1. Pixie Vamp - My Favorite Of All


Pixie Vamp is an intriguing name. Its flower blooms with a combination of lavender and deep purple shade and grows up to 7” tall and 16” wide. The clean, thick leaves are shaped like a heart with mid-green hue at the middle and diverse yellow at the edges. This yellow shade will then change to creamy white in time.

2. Cherry Tart Hosta - The Best Choice For The Summer


This smooth, spear-shaped chartreuse leaves will give you a bright yellow to golden shade when summer days. When grown in a bunch, they will look like a tiny hill of yellow leaves sitting on red stalks.  This small Cherry tart Hosta can grow up to 6” tall and 12” wide.

What thrills me the most is the waiting for its purple flowers to bloom during summer. This small plant grows well and maintains its color with some sunlight.

3. Holy Mouse Ears Hosta - Great For All Season


You will notice that the color of the center of the pretty and dense round leaves is yellowish to creamy-white. The edges of the foliage denote a blue-green margin. In between the cream center and the blue margin lies a light-green hue that perfectly complements both shades.

Holy Mouse Ears Hosta grows up to 6” tall and 12” wide with a thick bunch of purple flowers that also bloom during summer.

4. Crumb Cake Hosta - Goes Well Mixed With Any Hosta


This type of Hosta has a snug even mound of curvy honey-gold round foliage with a bit of rippled edge that is supported with glossy mahogany stems. Crumble Cake Hosta looks proud with its bright gold color during spring that changes to chartreuse after. It always stands out among all the hostas around because of its unique leaf qualities.

In contrast with the golden foliage, its lavender flower blooms in mid-summer. It grows up to 7” tall and 15” wide.

5. Little Treasure Hosta - Suitable For Edging


You’ll never miss spotting this little treasure Hosta amidst the variety of plants around. It’s dense, and a little bit curvy, the pointy bright yellow foliage has a narrow, blue-green tetraploid margin. It’s lavender flower blooms in the summer

This small Hosta grows up to 6” tall and 10” wide. This species is sun and slug tolerant.

6. Corkscrew Hosta - Grows Best In Small Containers


Hosta Corkscrew has a profoundly twisted and crooked, smooth, dark green foliage that is a bit white underneath. As typical to small Hostas, it also has a pale purple flower that blooms on summertime. It grows up to 8” tall and 18” wide.

This small plant is best to be planted under the shade with a bit of sunshine. Corkscrew is the best companion to light-green or gold foliage to create a delightful and profound toned accent.

7. Lakeside Cupcake Hosta - Robust Grower


Lakeside Cupcake Hosta is graced with almost round, somewhat cupped leaves. The foliage appears during spring showing a beautiful gold color at the middle with blue-green shade at the edges. This gold hue then changes to white and green stripe near the side.

This small Hosta grows up to 10” tall and 15” wide. Same as the other hostas, its pale lavender flower blooms at summertime.

8. Hosta ‘Curly Fries’- Looks Best As Border Front Liner

With its curving, wavy cluster of very rippled slender leaves, this small Hosta is flawless together with other colorful hostas. It’s best to be placed as a front liner of your garden borders. It is okay to put it in small containers and arrange it in groups to give impact to your landscape.

Just remember that Curly Fries Hosta will be its brightest when given a share of morning sunlight. With its red stalk and yellow leaves, it complements the deep purple flower that also blooms during the summer. It grows up to 10” tall and 20” wide.

9. Blonde Elf Hosta - The Fast Growing Eye-Catcher


Blonde Elf Hosta displays curly, golden foliage that is spear-shaped. The small plants have a high tolerance to sunlight, and its mound looks majestic with its lively gold color. Besides being an eye-catcher, it surely is a vigorous grower.

The Hosta grows up to 8” tall and 24” wide and of course, a purple flower in mid or late summer.


There is plenty of variety of small hostas that you can find around. If only I have a vast land to grace them with, then I should have started my own collections already. The hostas I have mentioned are all my personal picks that I see would be perfect for my ideal landscape.

Small hostas are easy to grow and add color, drama, and beauty to my garden. It contrasts with my lacy plants and keeps the whole place in great proportion. I know that once I’m done placing them all, my garden will never be boring.

How about you? Do you have your own personal favorites too? I sure hope you’ll like mine. Tell me about your small hostas. Don’t forget to drop a comment.

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