Sprinkler System Low Pressure One Zone & How To Fix It?


It is safe to say that almost every household uses sprinklers to quench their plants’ thirst or even make sure that their houses are safe from let us say, fire. May it be sprinklers controlled by one’s hands or automatically systemized – they sure come in handy for both efficiency and safety. However, just like any other equipment we have at home, sprinkler systems also have their moments of breakdown. The most common problem we have with these water-providers is a low pressure in one of its zones.

Do not worry, if you have this problem with your sprinkler system, I can help you with that.


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Sprinkler systems have many usages – mainly, you can use it to water the plants or as ensured protection from fires when the fire alarm goes off. A sprinkler system provides water pressure to flow pass its long tubes connected to each other from its primary source.

In terms of a fire sprinkler system, the sprinklers plastered on the ceiling can detect smoke and will immediately spray water on the area affected. As for the sprinkler system we use in our gardens, we can set a particular time of the day, and these sprinklers will begin to do their magic.

More or less, each family can use up almost 9,400 quarts of water every year. By using sprinkler systems, households can surely save not just water but money as well.

What Is The Sprinkler System Low Pressure In One Zone?


(Low water pressure in one zone of sprinkler system)

When it comes to using sprinkler systems at home, higher pressure is always preferable. When one of the valves has low water pressure when it is on, this is a problem. Low water pressure in one of the sprinkler system's zones can cause a waste of water and money.

The Causes Of Sprinkler System Low Pressure One Zone & How To Fix It?


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As users, when one of our sprinkler system’s zones has low pressure, we tend to worry. Well, getting anxious is normal. However, we can actually do almost 90% of the work without the help of a plumber! It is actually simple; but first, here are the reasons why a sprinkler system zone tends to have low pressure:

Hydraulic Malfunctions

When we talk about hydraulic malfunctions, this means that there is a problem mainly on the water supply itself. If you are not getting enough water pressure from your sprinklers, it may be because the main source of water is not providing enough pressure to the valves.

1. Zones that are working together

When two or more zones are functioning together, this might create some problems. Usually, the water pass through two exits. One of the zones functioning might get less pressure than the other one. Make sure that the zones of your sprinkler system are working one at a time to make sure there is no splitting of water pressure that allocated for one valve. Turning off one of the zones that are working, will correct your problem in no time.

2. Clogging Situation

It is normal to have things be stuck along the tubes of our sprinkler systems. When this happens, water cannot pass freely because something is blocking their way. Twigs, branches, rocks and such can be stuck inside the tubes. Hence, it affects the pressure of the water released.

If this is the situation with your sprinkler system, hire a plumber to check on the passageways. It is better to let a professional do the job to prevent more damage.

3. Water Leakage

Leakage can also be a reason as to why there is a low pressure in one of the zones. Check to see if there is any leakage in any of the tubes to resolve the problem.

4. Broken Nozzle

Low pressure can come from a broken nozzle. Because if one of its nipples is broken, this can affect how it sprays water as a whole. Replacing the nozzle occasionally can prevent problems like low water pressure in your sprinkler system.

Electrical Malfunctions

Aside from getting problems with water, electricity can also be a problem here. Since sprinkler systems run using motors, electricity is part of the picture.

Zones that fail to do their purpose are usually the result of an electrical problem. It can either be associated with a wiring problem, the timer, a loose solenoid or a malfunctioning valve.

1. Problem with the Timer

If there is a problem with the water pressure, it is always best to start with checking the timer to see if it has no wiring problems. The timer is also the controller. When the timer goes off, your sprinklers start to do their work. However, if things do not work out the way they should, it is a sign that there is something wrong.

Running a test with your timer may help you see the issue with your sprinklers.

2. Loose Solenoid

A solenoid runs by electricity. This is like a small machine that manages the water flow on the valves in your sprinkler system. A loose solenoid is a problem. If it is not properly closed, one of the valves will remain open after use and can cause low pressure in one of the zones.

3. Malfunctioning Valve

As mentioned earlier, a malfunctioning valve can be a result of a clogging situation or a result of a valve that completely shut down or even leakage. With this, make sure to clean or replace the valves every occasionally. 

4. Crushed Pipe

A crushed pipe is a result when it is under a big tree with its roots already crawling around the pipes. The weight of the roots may damage the pipe and therefore may lead to its downfall. Managing the sprinkler system is necessary, most especially if it has been running for more than a decade. There might be pipes that are already rusty or crushed from all its work and this can definitely affect the flow and the delivery of the water pressure.  Replace the broken parts right away.


Sprinkler system with low pressure in one of its zones is a normal problem that every household experience. You can do some of the things I have mentioned without the help of a plumber. Nevertheless, it is always better to seek professional help so that the same problem will not happen twice. Hiring a plumber would be safer and more convenient for you as a user of a sprinkler system.

I tell you, it is never easy to handle it alone. Still, being aware of the horrifying probabilities that can occur with your sprinkler system can be of great help in solving it early. So, let us be proactive!

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