The 5 Top Rated Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Reviews

You are not the only one who is looking for an ideal turn mower that is capable of beating the challenge of taking care of a vast and difficult terrain. I find my current mower inefficient in cutting the grass in my turf. I am not satisfied seeing rough finish after a job. What is an ideal mower that offers excellent performance?

The top rated commercial zero turn mowers that made it on my review list is a great collection that I recommend to you who have the same concern as mine. When home mowers are not enough, it is about time to pick the finest that can do the best.

I know that these ZTR machines are high-end tools that make my chore a breeze. Their designs are of durability and advanced features for more extended performance and comfort. Therefore, if you have challenging landscapes and vast spaces that need trimming, I suggested owning a top rated commercial zero turn mowers.

Not only does it makes mowing faster, but also efficient enough to suit personal and business requirements. Hence, if you are thinking about business or just taking care of your turf, I recommend the top five on my list. Do not hesitate; these type of machines are already popular even in suburban areas. Indeed, it will be a worthy investment.

Top Rated Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Reviews



Our rating

Troy-Bilt is a trusted brand for zero turn mower that couples with standard riding benefits in a size of a wide cut walk behind mower. If you have a standard size lawn of a medium range and an even terrain, this lawn mower works best. The key-start mower features a powerful 382cc OHV engine that has a clean performance. Manufacturing intends to make the engine last for a long time.

Other features included fuel tank capacity of 1.3 gallons and a fuel sight window that is convenient enough to let you peek on your gas levels. It also includes a five height adjustable blade with manual power take off so it would be easy for you to manage the blade engagement. Besides, you can raise the seats to mid-back for ease and comfort while driving. The 13-inch steering wheel is soft to grip as well.


  • Offers a 2-year extensive warranty
  • Assembly manual is easy to follow
  • Includes chutes with no extra charge
  • Easy to change the oil
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides seat safety switch
  • CONS

  • Does not come with grass bag
  • Do not have free cover for the machine
  • You need to assemble the machine upon delivery.
  • Quality


    Our rating

    When a brand exists without wavering for decades, it is a sign of experience and high-quality performance. The Swisher 54 inch, 24 HP Briggs and Stratton electric start ZTR riding mower provide the capability to turn a full 360 degrees with ease and comfort along with its low center gravity for exceptional maneuver.  It features a new rapid response control system that offers you comfort and control of the machine.

    This well-made machine provides a trimmed, professional-looking landscape in less time and for a reasonable price. Along with the powerful engine includes an 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck with three gator-mulching blades. Besides, the commercial grade, heavy-duty, welded steel frame and the hydro gear 2800 transmissions with Ogura clutch is an addition to its high quality built. Check also the foot-assisted deck lift that allows you to raise the mower deck.


  • With full engine wrap
  • Composite fenders include integrated storage, battery compartment, and cup holder
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Heavy-duty
  • CONS

  • Heavy (300 lbs.) delivery carrier cannot bring to your front door.
  • Quality


    Our rating

    Ariens Zoom ZTR lawn mower is compact and agile for faster, useful, and comfortable mowing. It features a powerful professional-grade KOHLER 19 HP 6000 series engine that drives the machine a 42-in-zero-turn ride. It has a tough 12-gauge stamped Xlerator deck that stamps from one piece of steel engineered to provide maximum airflow, longevity, and durability. The V-twin dual hydrostatic lawn mower has a mulching capability although you need to order the kit separately.

    Riding the mower would make you feel confident and at ease in mowing small to medium sized landscapes. With its best-in-class speed, accuracy, and efficiency, an effortless foot lever system offers an easy adjustment on cutting height and premium high-back seat for relaxation. This machine travels up to 6 MPH forward and 3 MPH in reverse.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to attach a garden hose for cleaning
  • Easy to drive and operate
  • Reasonable price
  • Heavy duty
  •  Fast mower
  • CONS

  • No gas gauge visible from the seat
  • Gas tank is small
  • Quality


    Our rating

    This brilliant Husqvarna Deck Mower is a trusted brand that offers comfort and style that is excellent in grooming your landscape. The innovative zero-turn mower operates a revolutionary design and features that combines and delivers expected performance. The reasonable price is often an advantage that makes customers pick the machine as their priority choice.

    Husqvarna features a 23HP/747cc Kohler Confidant ZT730 4-cycle OHV engine that powers up in every trip of cutting your whole turf. The 42-inch fabricated (welded) steel 2-blade mower deck that holds the grass clippings fairly well. For added comfort and convenience, the machine provides hydro Gear EZT Hydrostatic transmission and a premium 18-inch high back seat.


  • Reasonable price
  • Fast performance
  • Durable; made of steel frame
  • Convenient and comfortable with ergonomically adjustable steering levers
  • CONS

  • There is no bagger available.
  • Quality


    Our rating

    Husqvarna ZTR Z200 series is not different from the cutting-edge design of their mowers regarding performance and high-quality machines. Innovative features are put together to take care of your landscape as you expect a powerful mower should be. Riding this machine is comfort and convenience in one making chores fun.

    The 54-inch reinforced steel cutting deck commercial ZTR mower boasts a power of 26HP Kohler engine that has a smooth output and quiet operation. Besides, the maintenance-free transmission makes it carefree to mow your lawn by yourself. See if you need to call one as your own. The engine is a 7000 series model with a cutting width of 54”.


  • Time-efficient, fast mower at 2.8 acres /hour
  • Easy to clean because of the removable deck panel
  • Reasonable price
  • Heavyweight and durable
  • CONS

  • Perfect in cutting but is not performing well in mulching.
  • Does not come with a headlight.
  • Zero Turn Mower Defined

    I found out that zero turn mower is already popular as a tool for large area lawns and home gardens. Its capability to turn with a radius of almost zero in value is where it got its name. The ability makes this powerful garden tool unique from others.

    I have my eye on the latest model that has four wheels (two rotating front tires and two drive tires at the back.) The tough tires can surprisingly rotate indecently, even to opposite directions. When the machine is in full power, it can turn around a point halfway after the driving wheels. See this video to learn How to The Commercial Zero Turn Mowers work:

    The machine itself can ride with another radius too along with its vigorous turning proficiency and smooth control. This makes cutting the grass for any terrain a piece of cake. Now you know that despite the fact that it is an extravagant tool, people still choose the equipment as the best choice. Zero turn mowers do not only cut grass evenly, but it is also fast to do the job ending up giving you the advantage to save time.

    Buying Guide

    What Are The Different Kinds Of Zero Turn Mowers?

    For your buying guide, it is best to learn the different types of zero turn mowers so that you can pick what suits your need. Find below the list and see which of them is the most practical and useful for your home.

    Lap Bar Control

    The control of this type of turn mower is the two bar just like the handlebars of any two-wheel vehicle. The lap bar, as you call is highly competent in trimming your lawns or yards. Do you know that it can control hydrostatic transmission? Handling lap bars is just plain and simple, making you relax while mowing your turf.

    Joystick Control

    Do you love playing with remote controlled toys? Well, I bet you will find this joystick controlled (remote control system with RC) turn mower! I can stay under the shade and work with the joystick to let the lawn mower do the job. Just how convenient is that?

    However, it is a downside to know that you cannot use this robotic mower for large lawns.  It does not include a real engine as well.

    Mid-Mount Mowers

    If you prefer heavy-duty mowers for your yard, the mid-mount type is what you are looking for. Although it is a bit shorter than others are, it is a high hand for a landscaper. It comes with a full deck and is capable of mowing open and wide-ranging area. With little storage space needed, this can even handle rugged and difficult terrains for you.

    Steering Wheel Control

    Similar to driving a car, this type of zero turn mower also has a steering wheel making you feel like hitting the road instead of your garden. The steering wheel is easy to maneuver and control than a lap bar. Try to sit in it before buying. Try to check if the distance between the steering wheel and the seat is comfortable for you.

    Front-Mount Mowers

    In this type of mower, the deck is located in the front making it very efficient in cutting the grass. It may be because being the deck in the front; the weight distribution is well balanced. It is easy for you to see the cutting deck while riding the mower; therefore, you can adjust as needed. However, it is an advantage that it is difficult to maneuver and turn around especially on tight spaces or sharp edges.

    Stand On Mowers

    This type of lawn mower is suitable for lawns that have landscapes. Its design is to cut the grasses and fit around any tight area. As a powerful mower, you can ride on it and handle tricky and hilly terrains.Since it can do the job well on small spaces, using it in an open place is just a breeze.

    The Advantages In Buying Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

    Of course, you need to know why zero turn mowers are efficient and are worth the investment. Below reasons makes ZTR a great value for your maintenance.

    • Easy to maneuver: Since ZTR can turn into zero degrees, it is easy to maneuver even on rough and hilly terrains. Commercial ZTR is far more powerful and effective than the standard ones.
    • Fuel Efficient: ZTR has a large capacity of fuel, providing longer time and efficiency for the engaine to run.
    • Durable: Commercial ZTR is heavy duty with blades that are rust-resistant and body materials of steel and cast iron. With the right maintenance, this machine will last for years.
    • High-Quality Performance: Commercial ZTR means to offer an excellent performance by providing more speed (4-8.5 MPH) for shorter mowing time and cleaner cut. With this, you will need less trimming and giving you opportunities to mulch your lawn.
    • Reasonable Price: With high competence, the machine offers features that are advantageous at a cheaper price. High-quality equipment is worth the value of your hard-earned money.

    What Do You Need To Consider When Buying A Commercial Zero Turn Mower?

    Buying a turn mower is a big investment. Hence, know what to choose by learning how to purchase the right equipment. Ensure that your money is worth it by considering the following factors.

    Deck Size

    Engine Size/Horse Power

    Cutting Height

    Comfort & Ease Of Use


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