What Does Carrot Sprouts Look Like? Let’s me show you

It is funny when I think about it. Carrots are too ordinary in my life that I thought I know everything about it. However, what does carrot sprouts look like? I am unsure of myself.

Have you tried growing carrots at home? Honestly, I am interested. Why not? It is about time to venture into the vegetable garden. Carrots offer plenty of health benefits. They are not only nutritious but delicious and useful as well.

All my small hostas and pre-bonsai are healthy and well; hence, planting carrots is a new challenge. When my carrots start to sprout, I will tell you what it would look like!

How Would I Know That It Is My Carrot Sprout?

I should have planted carrots alone. Now that my vegetable garden is starting to grow, I am a bit confused. What does carrot sprouts look like?

Honestly, I am scared to pull weeds fearing that I may clear my carrots instead. How about learning about seed leaves for a start.

Seed Leaves

  • I have read that one of the technique to identify a carrot sprout is to study how seed leaves look like. Some call seed leaves as cotyledons. Cotyledons are baby leaves that provide nourishment to the plant, and they are the first pair of leaves that sprout from the ground.
  • Do you know that mostly, seed leaves look very different from the actual leaves of mature plants? It was tricky for me too. Would you like to see the difference? Watch this video to understand my point.
  • Take note that the baby leaves do not have the veins yet that you usually notice on mature leaves.

Why Identifying Carrot Sprouts Are Confusing?

To my delight, my carrots grew rapidly. In fact, all my vegetables grew at a healthy pace. When I look at the cute green leaves, I need to find out which of them are my carrots.

On the other hand, it looks like my potatoes or the cabbage sprouts. Worse is, are they just weeds? For an untrained eye like mine, it surely is difficult to classify.

2 reasons why carrot sprouts are hard to identify:

  • Carrot cotyledons are generic. Yep, they seem to look like any other seed leaves like grass.
  • Carrot sprouts are tiny in size. I need to give a lot of focus to be able to see the edges and form.

What Are The Different Ways To Identify Carrot Sprouts?

Well, of course, the best way to identify my carrot sprouts is to look at it carefully. I did take a closer look at it, for a long time. I know that it should be exactly where I planted the seeds. In fact, I have to use a magnifying glass just to be sure.

The first time I peeked, I may be too excited. The sprouts were still too small that I fear it might be a mistake. Therefore, I waited for a few days more for the seeds to grow a bit. I know that the waiting feels like dying, but I suggest you do too.

Well yeah, I admit, I did pluck a tiny leaf and crushed it with my fingernail. Okay, I was impatient. However, it helped. I tried to check if it smells like a carrot, and hooray, yes, it was! Try it, if you dare! The plucking technique is effective in identifying if the leaf is a carrot or a weed.


A friend taught me how to identify carrot sprouts by marking it using straws. I did not happen to apply it in mine, but the idea might be helpful to you. As instructed, you need to cover the soil with the straw after planting the carrot seeds.

The straw aids to retain the moisture in the ground. Take out the straw when the seeds sprouts. In using the straw to mark where you planted the seeds, you will know that the seed leaves are real carrots.

Watch this video to see how a carrot sprout looks like and how it differs from other, plant sprouts:


  • For you to be able to identify the carrot sprouts, wait for the seed leaves to grow a bit bigger
  • You may use a magnifying glass to see the sprouts clearly
  • Snip a leaf and check if it smells like carrots
  • check
    Mark the spot where you planted the seeds

It is good that I already know how to identify carrot sprouts.

So, What Does Carrot Sprouts Look Like?

A carrot sprout looks a lot like a palm or fern leaf. It resembles a tall, thin, and tiny green fan. Yet, for you to see this, you have to wait for the mature leaf to come out. Others call it rosette leaves.

Carrot seed leaves come out from the same spot. The first two leaves will look like weeds with an unblemished separation between the taproot and stem.


What does carrot sprouts look like? Now that I know how to identify carrot sprouts, the answer is quite easy. Just remember, to avoid confusion, it is better to mark the area where you planted the carrot seeds. This way, it will be easy to locate the sprouts.

You can do the same as what I did. However, if you have a much better way to spot carrot sprouts, would you care to share it with me?

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