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How to Grow Avocado Trees in Gardens

The fruit of an avocado tree is called avocado fruit. It also has other names such as alligator pear and avocado pear. This tree is classified as a member of the Lauraceae family. Indigenous to southcentral Mexico, these plants are cultivated in many countries with tropical and Mediterranean climates. To maintain the quantity and quality, […]

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How to Grow Mexicola Avocado Trees in Gardens

Mexicola avocado is a high-quality, vigorous, and cold-hardy variety of avocados. You can grow this popular variety even in cooler regions. Indigenous to Mexican highlands, these trees can tolerate temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In a few years, each mature tree yields about 30 pounds of fruits. This article focuses on Mexicola avocado, […]

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How to Grow Mulberry Bushes

Mulberry bush species are members of the Moraceae family. This family consists of species of several deciduous trees commonly called mulberries. These trees grow abundantly in various temperate regions around the planet. Naturally, they grow abundantly in the wild. Many farmers around the world cultivate them commercially also. This article focuses on growing mulberry bush […]

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How to Grow Japanese Plum Trees (Loquat Trees)

Some edible fruit-producing trees are commonly called Japanese plum trees. They include Prunus salicina, Prunus mume, and Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica). This article mainly focuses on Japanese plum trees (Loquat), their propagation, pollination, harvest, and uses. Generally, the Japanese plum trees (Loquat) are small trees or large evergreen shrubs. They belong to the Rosaceae family. Previously, […]

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How to Grow an Asian Pear Tree

The Asian pear tree (pyrus pyrifolia) belongs to the Rosaceae family. Other popular members of this family include peach, nectarine, and apple trees. It is indigenous to the East Asian region. The edible fruit of this tree has many names including Chinese pear, Asian pear, Japanese pear, zodiac pear, apple pear, and sand pear. This […]

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