What Is The Best Broadleaf Weed Killer For Lawns? Go No Further


Recently, you have just noticed an uncontrollable appearance of broadleaf weeds in the garden and yard, don’t you? Then, it is time to take a proper control or those aggressive weeds can jeopardize your grass and small plants.

On arrival of warm spring, weeds like henbit, dandelion, and chickweed begin growing rapidly. Through summer rains, they even reach their flowering stage when their presence is impossible to control.

Fortunately, there are some herbicide treatments to keep your lovely gardening from unwanted visitors. The best broadleaf weed killer for lawns should be environmentally-friendly and get rid of the weeds rather than other plants.

Below are some.

#1. Compare-N-Save Concentrate 41% Glyphosate - Best Killer of Unwanted Weed and Grass

Enthusiastic gardeners must have already heard or used Compare-N-Save products. This brand is famous for its strong-active herbicides and pesticides, for example, Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer 41% Glyphosate.

First to mention, this is a fast and effective killer to stubborn perennial plants such as broadleaf weeds thanks to its concentrated glyphosate content. It works the best for a separate range of weeds around pathways, flower beds or fences.

That I like about the glyphosate is its quick effect without preventing the residual growth. The chemical is absorbed through the foliage and travel to the root to kill weeds.

With 41% of glyphosate content, you can expect the visible result after 2 to 4 days, then you can grow new plants in the treated areas.

However, the Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer 41% Glyphosate is so strong that it can even kill your beloved plants. You must apply this herbicide selectively with caution. So, it might take time and effort.

More excitingly, using this broadleaf weed killer is also economical. 3 tablespoons of concentrate with a gallon of water are effective enough to control the normal weeds and grass. For aggressive broadleaf weeds, you should apply a little more - 5 tablespoons in 1 gallon of water.

1 gal. of Compare-N-Save Concentrate 41% Glyphosate can cover 25,000 sq. ft with 85 gallons of solution.


  • Health-friendly herbicide not harming you and environment nearby
  • Fast and strong application to tough weeds, like the broadleaf weeds
  • Economical glyphosate content and formula
  • Large coverage per gallon of solution


  • Potential destruction of almost all small plants it contacts
  • Required care and patience why applying to a dense range
  • Gummed layer of fungus on the sprayer

Please note that this herbicide needs 2 rainproof hours to be effective. Hence, you must choose a dry and calm day (no noticeable breeze). Take the weather forecast in mind. Also, do not pour the concentrate directly into the sprayer since more dense of glyphosate does not result in quicker effect.

Save this gold liquid for later uses - Good overall!

#2. Southern Ag Amine 24-D Weed Killer - Best Selective Broadleaf Killer​​​​

My grandparents live in the southern United States. They have beautiful grass ground in the backyard. And, you know southern grass requires more care rather than that in the transition zones, especially when it comes to unwanted weed treatment. They asked me for help.

Fortunately, I know the best broadleaf weed killer for southern lawns called 24-D Amine Weed Killer.

To your surprise, this herbicide can kills many lawn weeds on contact, yet do not harm your lovely lawns. It targets mostly on broadleaf weeds such as buttercup, chicory, or hawkweed.

No need to worry about your southern grass since their leaves are small and protective. Not to mention, the chemical formula has no harm to the soil. You can plant any crop days after the weed treatment.

As a plus, the weeds start dying after two or three hours of spraying. It is a super-fast result. All you need to do is to apply a low and economical rate of the herbicide: 1 to 4 print per acre of broadleaf weeds. You can refer to the dilution prescription to optimize the use and prevent unwanted effect on desirable plants.

My favorite formula for 1,000 sq. ft of lawn homestead is 3 tablespoons of the amine concentration and 3 gallons of water.

There are very few disadvantages toward this herbicide. For example, you have to water the grass several days in advance before applying the solution. It takes time a bit.

However, you must avoid watering the lawns a day and night after spraying to give the chemicals time to be absorbed.


  • Selective effect on a wide range of broadleaf without causing harm to lawns
  • Quick results. The weeds start dying after hours
  • Economical use since it takes little chemicals on a solution
  • Able to apply in a low-pressure spray nozzle


  • Time-consuming to water the grass frequently before spraying
  • Less coverage compared to the Compare-N-Save herbicide

All in all, this Amine Weed Killer works excellently for home lawns, cemetery, pasture, golf courses, and rangelands. Recommend for spring weed treatment.

#3. Roundup Concentrate Plus - Runner-up Glyphosate Weed Killer

The fan club of Roundup is as large as that of the Compare-N-Save since they have similar product lines at quality and price range. And the Roundup Concentrate Plus is a good alternative to the Compare-N-Save Concentrate 41% Glyphosate.

First off, they both use the glyphosate to kill the broadleaf weeds for lawns. Hence, there is no doubt that the herbicide will kill the weeds to the roots without spoiling soil or other plants (as long as you keep the desirable plants from contacting the solution.)

The glyphosate content in Roundup Plus is around 18% - it ideal for harder-to-kill weeds while not causing destructive effect on nearby plants in case of accidental contact as that of the Compare-N-Save. Rinse the herbicide off the desirable plants with water and they will remain intact.

Since the chemical travels from the foliage to the roots to kill weeds, they will only work without rain for hours. This time frame gives the spray time to be in effect. As the glyphosate concentration is less, the Roundup Plus needs being rainproof within 30 minutes.

For best result, the manufacturer recommends applying the solution during the sunny weather. Spray when there is no breeze in order not to spread unwanted drift to desirable plants.

Within 12 hours after spraying, weeds begin to wilt. Wait for 1 to 2 weeks for the complete treatment on broadleaf weed.

The coverage per 36 oz. solution is up to 3,000 sq.ft.

There is one big thing to complain. The direction advises to mix at 3 oz./gal. rate, yet I realised it does not work. Thus, I have to use more glyphosate. It seems not cost effective as advertised.


  • Effective on tough broadleaf weeds
  • Less-dense glyphosate concentration to prevent unwanted destruction for desirable plants
  • Quick result and shorter rainproof time frame
  • Bonus-sized cup


  • Wrong dilution prescription to optimal use

Though you can rinse the accidental contact of the herbicide to untargeted plants, you should still spray carefully.

#4. Roundup Poison Ivy Plus - Best Tough Brush Killer

Poison Ivy Plus is another product by Roundup, which has almost all features of the Concentrate Plus and more to handle with a wide range of tough and aggressive weeds.

To be specific, this herbicide is created with two brush-destroying ingredients: glyphosate and triclopyr. It is powerful to eliminate not only a bunch of unwanted broadleaf weeds but also poison ivy and poison oak.

While the glyphosate penetrates the weeds from their waxy leaves and kills them to the root, the triclopyr makes it even more powerful to get rid of the harder-to-remove poison ivy.

For your note, this Roundup works on leaves only, so do not waist spray in the ground or root.

Though the chemicals are not absored to soil and tranferred to nearby plants, they are harmful if you ingest or have a direct skin contact. You must be more careful. Also, do not spray the desirable plants directly.

For the optimal use of the Roundup Poison Ivy, you should follow the directions of the manufacturer. For example, use a sprayer for a large area to avoid direct contact with the herbicide and to fasten your work.

In terms of economical and effective application, you should combine 1 gal. of water with 10 fl. oz. of the concentrate. (The direction advises 6 oz. of concentrate, but I find it not effective enough.)

Like the Concentrate Plus, the spray needs 30 minutes off rains to work, so choose a fuzzy and calm day to apply the solution. The weeds will start wilting after 1 or 2 days while it takes about 2 weeks for the herbicide to complete the job.


  • Powerful herbicide which kills both harsh broadleaf weeds to position ivy, and more
  • Short rainproof time frame
  • Bonus-sized cup


  • Possible harm in case of direct skin contact
  • More expensive than other products with similar features
  • Only effective on leaves

As long as you are careful (a chemical mask, shoe and glove covers, full-bodysuit, etc.), this Roundup Poison Ivy Plus is the most powerful herbicide on the list.

#5. Preen Garden Weed - Best Budget Broadleaf Weed Preventer

If you find the best broadleaf weed killer for bermuda grass, I have already brought three names under your fingertips as above. They can remove all unwanted weeds from your beautiful grass. But after a period, broadleaf weeds come back and you have to apply a new solution frequently.

If you do not have time to do so, then use Preen 2464110 Garden Weed Preventer.

As its name suggest, Preen herbicide features a preventive chemical formula to stop new weeds from emerging for up 3 months. It does not kill the existing weeds (Compare-N-Save, Southern, and Roundup products do, instead.)

Accordingly, you can add the Preen Weed Preventer into the soil’s surface after mulching beds or 3 months before seeding lawns. The Preen will combine with particles in soil to create a weed-control barrier so that the weed can not even form roots, let alone showing their face over the grass.

This package is enough to cover 900 sq. ft. of land.

The Preen herbicide is guaranteed against the rains. In other words, it works even during the rainy season - the favorable time for broadleaf weed growth.

Importantly, the chemicals are not detrimental to existing plants or absorbed into edible vegetables and fruits.

Be careful while spreading the Preen Garden Weed Preventer. Once the powerful chemical contacts other plants, it can strip holes in leaves. This can damage your desirable plants.

You had better apply the Preen herbicide when your garden is dry or clear of lawns and other plants, so the granules will not stick and harm the wet leaves. On completing, remember to water in the granules within 2 days so that the preventer ingredient can easily bound with the soil.


  • Preventive benefit to save time in broadleaf weed control
  • Not washed away or effected by rainy conditions
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe for existing plants, especially the edible ones
  • Low price


  • Possible harm the leaves on contact
  • Required to clear the land in advance

Keeping your garden free from weeds for three months saves time and effort to the weed control, have a look now!

What Is The Best Broadleaf Weed Killer for Lawns?

Have you had your choice for the best broadleaf weed killer for lawns? If not yet, go over every product once again.

As a professional gardener who uses a dozen of weed killers, I must share that Compare-N-Save Concentrate 41% Glyphosate is the winner.

The powerful glyphosate content helps to remove even the toughest weeds and bring back the healthy environment for your lawns and plants. Not to mention, it is designed for economical use of solution: Just several drops of concentrate and some water, you can take control of your wide garden.

Overall, the quality is what you can not beat about this branded broadleaf weed killer.

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