How Much Is An Electric Fence For Dogs & How Does It Work?

Whether your yard space is small or large, restricting your pet inside the space can be difficult. This is especially true, if your pet is not yet trained properly or likes to roam around freely. Therefore, having a proper fencing system is necessary.

However physical fences are not always the right choice either. This is because they may not be allowed in your locality or the cost might be high. Electric fence is a choice for many dog owners now due to several benefits it offers. However, many people are unclear about details regarding electric fence like the different types of fences and how much is an electric fence for dogs.

Here we bring you a basic guide on the main types of electric fences, their features and how to choose the right electric dog fence for your pet from our list of best electric fences for dogs.

Here is our lineup of best electric dog fence systems. Check these out to pick the right one for your pet.

If you are in search of a hassle free and quick to install invisible fence, the PetSafe Stay + Play is a good choice. It takes less than 45 minutes and can be reapplied to any new area easily. It can cover about ¾ acre land area, so your pet will have sufficient room for romping around. The dog collar is powered by lithium ion battery that can work for three weeks on a two-hour charge.  The low battery indicator helps to know if the power is low.  The important feature highlights include

Five correction settings for dogs of different sizes

¾ acre land coverage

Rechargeable lithium ion battery

Installation can be in an hour’s time or less


  • Battery can be recharged and lasts for longer time
  • Collar is very comfortable
  • Light in weight so is easy for travel
  • Set up is easy


  • The range is not large

If you are in search of an electric fence that has a combination of deterrents, the Sit Boo Boo is a good option to consider. It has loud beep sound, static shock and vibration modes to choose from. The system is best for dogs of weight that ranges from 10 pounds to 100 pounds.  Important features of this hybrid fence system include

Safety auto shut off in 10 seconds

Weather proof collar that works in any type of weather

One-year replacement warranty

Range of 20 acres

Wire is made of durable high-quality copper


  • Covers a large area of maximum 20 acres
  • Can support several collars
  • Collar is weatherproof
  • Wire is of durable quality


  • Is not suitable for dogs that weigh less than 10 pounds
  • Transmitter unit is not of good quality

This is an invisible hybrid fence system that is easy to customize and highly expandable. Although the wire has to be buried, the flexibility offered by the system is a big advantage. The fence can cover nearly 100 acres. Important features include

Inbuilt lightning protection

Alarm for wire break

Anti-linger property that discourages dogs from staying in warning zone draining battery collar

2-year manufacturer warranty


  • Extensive area of coverage
  • Has four correction levels and a training level with vibration
  • Can be used for several dogs
  • Collar receiver is waterproof
  • Price is low


  • Is not suitable for dogs with nervous temperament

If a durable and powerful system that works in any weather is what you need, the PetSafe dog containment wireless fence is ideal for you. It works in rainy condition and coverage is also very good. The main features of the product include

Five correction levels

Ideal for pets over 8 pounds

Covers an area of 90 feet (1/2 acre)

Wire is made of 500’20 gauge

Collar is waterproof

Takes about 80 minutes for installation


  • Burying the wires is not needed
  • Training pets is easy
  • Space allowed is sufficient
  • Is portable


  • Should be careful with metal objects

If you want an all-round model that has all the required features, the Extreme dog fence standard model is a good choice. The system assures strong signal and good safety even for the most stubborn runners.  Although the system is not as durable as the other premium competitor models, it is a very reliable fence system. The range of cover is 6 acres and the package include copper wire of 20 gauge with 1000 feet length. The main features of this electric fence system include

Coverage of 6 acres of land area

System is fully waterproof and works even if submerged fully

Warrant period of one year on fence, two years on electronic parts and 5 years after registration

Collar is very comfortable due to rubber covers which avoid irritation to dog’s neck


  • The collar can be assembled quickly
  • Long battery life
  • Easy and simple set up process
  • Uniform signal strength


  • Is very expensive

Electric Dog Fence Basics

Find below a comprehensive account of all things related to do electric dog fences including their working method, cost and charging.

Types of Electric Dog Fences

Electric fences are of two main types mainly inground electric fences and wireless fences. In the inground type an electric wire is placed under the ground in the perimeter of the region where you wish to confine your pet. A collar with receiver is worn by your pet and signal from the wire will make the collar beep, if the pet nears the wiring. This causes a minor electric shock to the pet.

The wireless fences also called as invisible fences are easy to use as the setup takes minimal time. You can have the system working in just a few hours. And there is no need for any moving or digging work. You have to just plug the system to an electric outlet and get the collar fitted on your dog. Training takes less than a day. It is portable so you can set it up anywhere. The coverage area can also be adjusted.


How does an invisible dog fence work?

How Does An Invisible Dog Fence Work?

A wireless or invisible fence is basically a fence that is not seen. The collar that your pet wears will recognize the barrier without any connection. The collar responds to the barrier when it nears it and set off a gentle shock to discourage the dog from moving beyond the safe zone. A vibration or beep can be found in place of the shock stimuli in some systems and there are some that have all three forms. You can choose whichever type you need.

Features To Look For In an Electric Fence

Here are the important features to consider:

Range of the Fence

In case of wired type, you have to consider the cable length given. For instance, 500 feet cable covers one third of acre. In case of wireless fences, the product will indicate the distance limit that your dog can move away from the system transmitter in a particular direction


The collar should be comfortable for the dog. Make sure it does not cause any irritation for your pet.

Using the fence for multiple dogs

If you own two or more dogs, you should consider how many dogs the transmitter can work with. A single transmitter can accommodate about three dogs at a time. This may increase or decrease depending on the brand you buy. Consider this, if you have several dogs.

Electric fence charge for dogs

Battery power is needed for the collar and the charge depends on the usage and brand. In general, the batteries can last for a few months. With rechargeable batteries, you need not have to store up batteries but make sure you know the specific volt power.

Output of collar

The shock level provided by a collar should be adjusted according to your pet. For a large dog, you may need more jolt than what a smaller pet may need for correcting the behavior.


How much does an electric fence cost per month?

How Much Does An Electric Fence Cost Per Month?

The prices of electric fence systems are not expensive as they often are made in DIY form. The low invisible fence cost DIY kits are often preferred by dog owners as the prices of the installed wireless fences and the DIY kits are same with the DIY working better than the former.

The cost however ranges from around $900 to $1500. This includes the wiring quality, collar cost, voltage meter cost and property size. For instance, the invisible fence cost 5 acres is more than the cost for a 1 acre or less yard.

 But there are expensive upmarket packages too that include trainers to help the dog know the system’s boundaries and also alert in case of power shutdown. The collar for receiving signals can range to several hundreds of dollars.

Are the Electric Fences Effective?

When compared to traditional fences, the electric form is more effective. While it is easy for a dog to pass through a physical fence either by going over it or digging under, this is not the case with electric fence. The dog will not move close to the perimeter. Your pup will not test the limits in case of electric fence mainly due to the shock factor.

Is An Electric Fence Safe For Your Dog?

Although there are contrary opinions regarding the safety and ethical use of the fences, they actually help keep your dog from vanishing and save his life, if he is likely to run out onto the street or run away.  With the fence in place, you can be assured of your pet’s safety and allow the pet to roam independently. With proper training, the collar is very safe. You will not have to worry about the collar being stimulated continuously. If this is an issue for you, there are collars that come with automatic shut off after a series of continuous stimuli.

Will The Electric Fence Be Damaged In Extreme Weather?

Based on the type of electric fence you use the fence may not work temporarily in case of extreme weather. A majority of electric fences work on RFID wave principle. So, they are sensitive to any interference. If the wires are buried, the chances of disturbances are minimum. In case of an invisible dog fence, the transmitters are more powerful and are not affected by rain. However, wind can affect all types of fences, especially above 20 mph. If there are strong winds, you have to remove the visible components and keep it away until the weather passes.

When Should You Avoid An Electric Fence?

If your dog is frustrated with barriers using an electric fence is not recommended. Barrier frustration is a condition where a mild mannered and tame dog can turn aggressive preventing another person or dog from approaching them. The dog can bark or even lunge at strangers when using the electric fence.  In such a case, using physical fence can be safe and effective even if it expensive.


As you can see from our basic guide and line up, the type of fence system you choose depends on several factors like the size of your yard, the number of dogs, your budget and more.

Now that you have gone through our basic guide and our system reviews on electric dog fences, If you are on a budget and your main concern is how much is an electric fence for dogs, the Sit Boo Boo fence system is a good choice. It has all the necessary features to contain your dog safely without burning a hole in your pocket.

But if reliability is what you are looking for, Extreme Dog Fence Standard system is a safe bet. For all round efficacy when it comes to wireless electric fence models, the best choice would be PetSafe Stay + Play system. It is a no hassle and quick set up system with long lasting battery, comfortable collar and five levels of correction for different dog sizes. The coverage of ¾ acre is also sufficient for most yards.

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