The Best Fence For Goats That Will Keep Your Animals From Jumping

As your farm welcomes some new goats, you think of goat fencing ideas and how to fence in goats.

Do you need a fence with or without electricity? How big is your protected area? What colors of the fence do you like? Answer these questions before you look for suitable fences.

Not only that, among thousands of products, which one is the best fencing for goats?

Don't worry!. We have a top-rated list of this product for you in our post. There are detailed reviews of the best fences as well as things to consider when purchasing.

Scroll down to find all the useful information you need.

Topping our list is the Yardgard 308303B Fence. How good is it?

You should know that Midwest Air Technologies Inc. YARDGARD is a well-known brand in the production and distribution of quality fences. Their products also meet the needs of many customers for protecting agricultural assets and residents.

This easy-to-use goat field fence offers excellent value to you for a variety of purposes. You can create boundaries for your land, manage garden and farm areas, and support rail fencing.

For animals like goats, this type of fence is ideal to keep them safe in the area you want without harming them.

Another worth buying feature of this product is the zinc-plated galvanized layer. It is rust-proofing for durable use.

Finally, you can choose different sizes depending on the purpose of use, such as 2'-6' height, 12 1/2, 14 and 16 gauges and 25', 50' and 100' rolls.

However, the quality is not consistent in some areas. A few loose wires lead to gaps in some parts of the fencing.

In short, if you are looking for an affordable option to keep your goats in the garden or farm, this field fence for goats will work great! So give it a go!


  • Sturdy build
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to cut
  • Heavy duty


  • Some of the wires may not be welded.

#2. YARDGARD 308361B Economy Fence

Another Yardgard is waiting for you. We want to introduce the YARDGARD 308361B Economy Fence. What can you expect from this model?

Like other Yardgard fence in the market, this economy fence is also sturdy and available in different sizes for you to choose.

From the garden, farm, plants, to the animals, you can buy this fence to create boundaries for your asset. Now your goats or dogs, cats can freely run and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about outside dangers.

There are more compelling reasons for you to select this fence. It is very portable and lightweight so that you can handle and build your fence quickly.

Besides,  the galvanized zinc coating makes the item durable for extended use. This material does not rust over time.

What's more?

You can choose the various height, length, and a number of gauges when buying the fence. And do not hesitate to purchase a package of 1-4 rolls with lower prices when you have large areas to manage.

Be warned: Some of the wires may be bent when you get it. So, you need to check the package on delivery.

All in all, this portable fencing for goats is just what you need to save your lovely goats from wild animals. What a good deal!


  • Strong and flexible
  • Lightweight and effective
  • Easy to use


  • The wires are a bit thin.

#3. Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence

When you want to buy the best fence for goats, the Premier 1 Supplies never let you down. That’s the reason why we mention five models of this famous brand here.

Let’s explore the first one now, the Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence.

This product helps guard poultry, sheep, goats, dogs, or cattle away from dangerous varmints.

You will have a complete 48" electric prefabricated fence and built-in posts, so it only takes about 15 minutes to set up this product around your farm.

In terms of conductivity, there are 35 ohms of resistance per 1,000 ft of fence. However, the manufacturer recommends that you minimize weeds on the fence to enhance transmit energy.

And the best thing?

Double spiked posts keep the fences stable on soft or moist soils. Not only that, the stainless steel material with copper makes this fence conduct electricity better than other kinds in the market.

For sufficient power, you need about 0.25 joules of the power supply for each fence roll. Use only low or wide impedance impulse generators.

You absolutely should not use current power but e Premier Solar or AC / DC power supply instead. Pay attention that you cannot handle high impedance style energizers with this electric net, or you will burn the whole thing up.

Apart from this, the fencing is excellent for small livestock like goats, sheep. Bring it home now!


  • Quick to set up
  • Good construction
  • Durable and high quality


  • It sags a little when using

#4. Farmily Portable Livestock Electric Net Fence

Coming next is the Farmily Portable Livestock Electric Net Fence. You may wonder why this product is on our list. Here are some reasons:

This product is excellent for goats, sheep, and other pets, but not suitable for chickens. This product is also available in either height 35" or 42" with a length of 164 feet.

Thanks to the bright green and the 14 white pieces in the fibreglass post, your area is highly visible from afar.

Other useful features are the netting and vertical struts. You have the struts with regular spacing between the poly wires and fence netting for a better mechanical border.

As a result, you finish building your fence within 10 - 15 minutes. Moreover, you can easily connect multiple mesh rolls.

To help your fence charger works properly, you should remove the weeds regularly to prevent them from reducing the voltage or even causing a fire. Also, consider the same brand of Fiberglass Rod Post or professional posts when using this device. Besides, remember to choose the power supply, depending on your fenced area.

Note that there are four plastic anchors included in the package that you need to tie them to the corner posts.

And you should never set up a fence for plants, or let the wires come in contact with wet grass!

Lastly, the fence does a great job keeping your goats safe, while deterring predators. Do you want to give it a try?


  • Fast installation
  • Quality materials
  • Simple to use


  • It does lean a little bit

#5. Powerfields P-89-G

Now we want to bring you one of the best fences from the Powerfields,  which specializes in supplying products for the farm industry. The manufacturers design the Powerfields P-89-G with American standards in mind.

Take an in-depth look at its outstanding features now.

First off, the manufacturer brings you great customer experience when attaching detailed product installation instructions and repair kits with brass and poly wire to fix the breaks of the fences.

Thus, you can quickly install a 40" x 164" netting with a pre-installed single spike post for every 12.5’ along the grid. Additionally, the conductive poly wire and non-conductive plastic fibres are molded together for added strength.

If you want to create a bigger fence, you can use the galvanized connector clips to connect the ends of the strands. Then, you should select from multiple Powerfield power supplies with a capacity of 0.25 Joules or more.

You know what?

This investment offers many benefits to you. You can protect family animals like sheep, goats, turkeys, pheasants, chickens, and other small animals from wild predators.

Last but not least, fifteen posts are provided to keep the fence tight. The barbed spikes on the pillars are strong enough to withstand frequent strikes by your animals. Also, you can move the fence quickly and correctly for a pasture system on flat ground.

We advise you to buy additional stakes to stake it down between posts better.

Beyond that, this movable fencing for goats is an ideal choice for your farm. Now your goats, dogs, chickens, turkeys, and guineas are safe from the coyotes and wild dogs.


  • Well-built and high quality
  • Easy to move
  • Very portable
  • Lightweight


  • The lower squares may be quite large.

#6. Premier 48" Electric Chicken & Goat Net Fence

Let’s meet the Premier 48" Electric Chicken Net Fence from Premier 1 Supplies.

Like another electric net fence, you can use this product to protect your animal safely and effectively. There is no need to worry about coyotes, dogs, foxes, raccoons, bears, or other wildlife anymore.

Inside your farm or garden, your goats or chickens can run freely and live healthy with the fresh air and grass. It sounds great, isn’t it?

So what can you do after making a purchase now?

The first step is to install the fence. You will find how easy it is to build this fence thanks to the PVC posts pre-fitted into a fence every 13.5 ft. At the corners and ends, do not forget to select the non-conductive support posts.

Furthermore, you can consider the Premier 48" FiberTuff posts for installation. After that, you use about 0.25 Joules of energizer for each fence roll.

For the longer fence, you can clip the multiple rolls of the net together by power clip at the end of the net. Due to the high electrical resistance, Premier recommends not to use this product for fences longer than 1000 ft.

The bottom live wire droops a bit, so you should use extra bamboo stakes to keep it upright and add ties. To avoid fire, do not use continuous energizers with this fence.

If you want a more portable goat fence, this net fence is perfect for it! It keeps dogs and other wildlife out.


  • Quick setup
  • Good quality
  • Easy to use and takedown
  • Perfect size for a small flock


  • The bottom live wire droops a bit.
  • There’s no included energizer.

#7. Premier 42" Electric Goat Net Fence

The third model from Premier 1 Supplies is also the best selling product on the market. The Premier 42" Electric Goat Net Fence is a perfect choice for your goats, poultry, sheep, cattle, and even pigs.

For the safety of use, the manufacturer designs this fence in yellow or white. It makes sure people and animals can see the fencing clearly to avoid touching the fence.

How about its power?

For optimum results, the manufacturer recommends using a premier solar or AC/DC energizer or other low or wide impedance intermittent pulse energizers. If not, you will face the risk of fire.

However, because the resistance is 380 ohms / 1000 ft, you should not use fences longer than 2 to 3 rolls or barriers exposed to large and heavy amounts of weed.

With the size of 9/42/6, you have a prefabricated fence with nine installed 42-inch horizontal wires and a vertical plastic chain every 6". Please check your protected area before buying this fence.

In addition to pre-assembled PVC pillars at distances of 13.5’, you should also use non-conductive posts to support corners and finishes for more stability.

As we mentioned above, all Premier products are easy to install, connect multiple coils to increase the length, and work well when using the right power. Of course, this product is no exception.

Overall, it's great to use this net fence for moving your goats to weedy areas on your farm. Go out there and get it now to keep your goats safe.


  • Versatile and convenient
  • Easy to set up and energy
  • Not hard to handle


  • The top line sags a lot if the ground is soft

#8. Premier Enhanced 42" Electric Poultry Net Fence

After exploring many products of Premier 1 Supplies, have you found the right product? If not, take a look at our next product, the Premier Enhanced 42" Electric Poultry Net Fence.

Even if the product name is explicitly implied for poultry, you can use it for your naughty goats to protect them from predators.

It brings the perfect combination into your backyard or farm because it has green color blending into the surrounding nature. It’s great that the goats or other animals can still see the fence well and avoid it when it is full of energy. You need to train them not to approach the two sides, however.

Just like many others, we can install PVC posts with 6" spike at 10' intervals very quickly.

It takes less than 15 minutes. Do some tasks actions, including removing it from the packaging, take the nets out, placing posts at the position you want to have the nets, placing them on and pushing them to the ground. That’s all.

Depending on how to install the fence, you need extra support in corners, in the middle between posts, and at the net end.

Note that acceptable conductivity levels on fences can make it difficult to have low soil moisture conditions. And you should use the Pos / Neg version of the mesh fence when the soil dries frequently.

For your safety, use low or wide impedance intermittent pulse energizers, around 0.25 Joules for each roll of the fence. Also, what you need is a Premier Solar or AC / DC power supply.

If you want your goats to stay where they should and are safe from predators, this net fence is an excellent choice for you.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to move
  • Fast shipping
  • Simple to put up


  • The posts are thin.
  • The fence has no included energizer.

#9. Premier ElectroStop Goat & Sheep Electric Fence

Our fifth product of Premier is the ElectroStop Goat & Sheep Electric Fence. Let’s get started with its highlight now.

This electric fence works well with goats and sheep. When you provide the right energy, animals like sheep, goats, coyotes, and dogs cannot penetrate the net.

Furthermore, the product has a 164' prefabricated fence with high conductivity and ten horizontal twines. Also, this 42" fence can be installed with large white plastic vertical struts every 12".

The interesting point is that the plastic vertical struts promote less deflection of the fence to avoid tangling and bundling during installation and removal.

Not only that, but you can also connect multiple netting rolls to increase the length of the fence. Besides, there are only 38 ohms of resistance for this product compared to 380 ohms for regular stainless steel wire fences thanks to tinned copper superconductors.

Therefore, the manufacturer recommends using about 0.25 joules of the power supply for each fence roll. You should use Premier Solar or AC / DC power supplies like other types of Premier 1 Supplies electric fences.

Beyond that, the low resistance is beneficial for longer fences or high weed contact fences. However, you need regular maintenance of vegetation to minimize weeds on the fence and reduce energy consumption.

Here’s something interesting for you.

The black and white fences of this fence provide 24/7 visibility of both humans and animals, even in light and dark conditions. As such, they can avoid stepping into the fence.

It would be perfect if they included better instructions or parts to make the strands alternate from the ground too hot.

In case you want to set up different grazing areas for our goats, try this electronic fence. It works great for the sheep, goats and other small animals in your farm.


  • Well-made and strong build
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple to set up and tear down


  • It has no excellent customer service
  • The fence doesn’t come with the energizers

#10. RentACoop Electric Fence

We soon reach our last top-rated fence for goats. It’s the RentACoop Electric Fence. Let's see exactly how excellent it is.

This product from RentACoop helps you keep your farm animals safe from the clutches of predators and wild animals. Although it is designed for poultry, you can still use it for small animals like goats.

Most electric fence products are easy to set up and use. For about 15 minutes, you can remove the rolls and posts fastening to the fence from the package and place the stakes every 12’. You should mow the area and use double spiked posts to hold the fence well on the ground.

The manufacturer recommends 1/4 Joules of power for each 164' roll of the fence, but you should only choose low or wide impedance pulse generators and avoid constant current energy.

You need to pay attention to your safety when handling the power supply. You can use a fence checker to keep your fence above 3000 Volts to prevent predators effectively.

Finally, you should trim grass and vegetation along the fence regularly so that they don't touch the wire of the fence and lower the current, even making it work ineffectively.

You will need two people to set this up. Do not forget to follow the directions.

If you want to look for the best electric fence to keep your goats safe and wild animals out, you can count on this RentACoop product.


  • Good quality
  • Durable materials
  • Nice packing
  • Easy to move around
  • Fast installation


  • You need extra stakes and string to keep the middle from sagging between posts
  • You buy the energizer separately

How to Choose the Best Goat Fences

There are some essential things to keep in mind when choosing the best fence for goats.

Check them out:

Goat trying to get over the fence

Goat trying to get over the fence - Image via Wikimedia.org

Protected Area

A goat can run freely over 250 square feet of outdoor space, so you need a minimum of 500 square feet of fence. Another tip is to keep about 12 goats per acre. A larger area you have, the happier your goat will be, and the more barriers you need.

Goat Fence Height

Generally, the sheep and goat fence lowes are at least 4 feet tall because a goat can jump over the shorter one. You should increase the height to 5 feet when raising mini or tall Nubian goats.

And do not leave gaps along the bottom as the goat can crawl under the fence very quickly.

Distance for Head

Goats like to stick their heads out to learn everything around them, so the horned goats are easy to get stuck in. Make sure there is no hole larger than 4" x 4" between the spacing, the cross brace, or the square of the wire panel.

Other Accessories

When raising goats, you can provide them with some toys, raised platforms, construction rolls, and logs. However, you should place the platforms or low tree branches at least 5 feet away from the fence. This way can prevent the goats from jumping from these things beyond the fence.

Additionally, you need to regularly check the fence strength and other problems such as sagging, chewing, or gaps created by goats.

What Kind of Fence for Goats Do You Use?

We know that you have many options to keep your goats safe from wildlife threats. Within the scope of this post, we suggest the popular wire fences that you can use on your farms or home gardens.

Here they are:


Goat Fence Billy Goat - Image via Pixabay.com

Electric Fences

They are traditional fences with electrical wires for livestock in large pastures such as goats and cows. This type is relatively inexpensive and straightforward to install.

Also, it is the best type of fence for goats. You should often prune nearby trees to keep your fences work properly.

Fences With Square Wire

The 4" square wire fences are strong enough for your goats to lean on. Also, it can keep them in place without hurting them thanks to the right size of the wire.

Woven Field Fences

You can use woven wires with big holes so that the goats can poke their heads through. These wires are thinner and less durable than traditional wire fences, but they are cheaper.

Cattle Panels

These durable panels can divide pastures into parts and make cattle yards, but they are very expensive with significant gaps that easily trap goats.

Welded Wire Fences

Fence wires with welded connections are not as strong as other types, so they are not suitable for goats. The animal can push the fences down and break the wires. Therefore, do not buy it to use on your farm or garden.

How to Build Best Electric Fence for Goats

First of all, you need to prepare T-post, galvanized steel wire or aluminium wire, insulators for T-post and corner post, electric fence charger, and grounding bars.

Then take the next step to make electric fences for your goats. It’s easier than you think.

Here are the instructions:

Step 1 

You place the fences by digging T-posts about 12-16 ft apart. You need 4-5 wires for your goat fence, so each T-post needs 4-5 insulators.

Step 2

When you have posted along the fence perimeter, you start stringing with corner post insulators. You attach the insulator to the starting point and wrap the wire around. Do the same for each wire strand.

Step 3

With a 4-wire fence, you can place each wire every 9 inches from the ground and pull them tightly when stringing to avoid sagging. Next, you use the corner insulators again at the corners. At the ending point, fix the wire to the insulator and pull it tightly.


You install the electric fence charger by following the instructions to set up precisely like attaching the charger to the fence, fixing the grounding bars, and checking the voltage on the fence with a voltage meter. Never touch the fence to see if it works or not.

It’s Time to Choose Your Best Goat Fencing!

Now you know how to buy the best fence for goats. You should follow your needs, your animal types, and the budget to find a suitable one. For your goats, you check your area, fence height, gaps for goat head, and other attachments before buying anything.

For your reference, we have experience with the YARDGARD 308303B Fence. We choose it for our home garden to protect our goats from wildlife. It works great and is very easy to set up. The anti-rust feature of this product also helps us feel secure when we place it outdoors.

How about you? Let us know your best choice and leave your comments or questions here if you want to ask us something about this fence type.

Find our post useful? Please help us to like or share it with your friends. Thank you, and see you soon.

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