All-terrain vehicle (ATV) sprayer is an useful tool for any homeowners and farmers out there. It saves a lot of hassle when you have spray fertilizers, pesticides, or water on vast gardens or commercial farms.

However, like any other tools, only the right product produces desired results. If you are having a hard time deciding on which ATV sprayer to choose, worry no more as you are here. I will introduce to you some of the best ATV sprayers based on my experience.

Best ATV Sprayer Brands


Ironton belongs to the Northern Tool and Equipment company, which focuses on manufacturing a wide array of products from metal and alloys. It is considered one of the leading brands in the spraying industry with top-notch quality products and additional accessories.

What makes Ironton stand out from the crowd is the 100% quality and versatility of its models.


As a quality-driven company, NorthStar always strives to offer the best products for customers. Thanks to the direct-from-manufacturer policy, the company can provide great items at affordable prices, which I greatly appreciate.

You may be surprised to know that NorthStar is also a part of the Northern Tool and Equipment company.


In 1903, Mr. Chapin started manufacturing compressed air sprayers and hand sprayers. That is the beginning of the well-known Chapin company nowadays.

All the products of Chapin are built from the best materials to offer users the best experience. Most notably, Chapin is the only company to build the air sprayers with a computer-controlled coating process in which corrosion is completely disabled.

The Best ATV Sprayers Updated On The Market

#1 Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer

Topping our list today is the eight-gallon sprayer of Ironton. It comes with a range of outstanding features to help you farm at ease.

Judging from the outside, you can tell that this model is built to last with sturdy construction. The tank is made of chemical-resistant Santoprene, which prevents it from interfering with the fertilizers or pesticides you fill in. On top of that, the UV resistance adds extra protection for the chemicals against the sun rays.

With this 1 GPM Ironton model, rest assured that your fertilizers will stay completely safe inside the tank to produce the best results on the farm!

This boomless ATV sprayer offers maximum versatility for users as it is compatible with virtually all pesticides. You will be glad to know that it is approved for use with Roundup agricultural herbicides as well.

Other convenient features include gallon marks and an easy-empty bottom drain. Plus, the manufacturer also equipped this Ironton ATV weed sprayer with its own adjustable spray gun nozzle to meet your diverse spraying needs. Isn’t it great?

Overall, this Ironton AVT sprayer is worth your investment for a compact and sturdy design. However, the limited tank capacity of 8 gallons makes it more suitable for domestic uses or small-scale farms.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Chemical and UV resistant tank
  • Reinforced hose
  • Adjustable spray gun nozzle


  • Small tank

#2 NorthStar Tow-behind Trailer

Next on our list is the NorthStar ATV broadcast and spot sprayer. From the name, it is a pull-type spreader that is towed behind your all-terrain vehicle.

Unlike the Ironton model, this Northstar is intended for heavy-duty uses featuring 21-gallon capacity. With such an oversized tank, you can spray more ground with few interruptions of running out on pesticides.

There is more to say about the tank!

It comes with extra-thick walls to protect the chemicals inside from ionising properties of UV rays. Also, the tank can hold many pesticides safely without interfering with any of them.

Few can beat the sturdiness of this product. It is constructed with Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves for superior reliability in the long term. Also, there are NSQ series pump to provide you better performance and best of all, 5 times higher durability.

I also appreciate the multiple spray options of this Northstar ATV sprayer. Most notably, it offers spot spraying function, which saves your money and materials by spraying only what you need, be it trees or fence lines.

There are a lot more advantages to tell about. But is there any drawback?

Unfortunately, yes. The model is not compatible with certain chemicals, for example, Clorox. Check the manual carefully before filling any chemical into the tank.


  • Extended lifespan
  • Faster priming and improved precision
  • Multiple spraying options
  • Boom included
  • Tow-behind design


  • Not compatible with some chemicals

Another Ironton model, but this time, I will introduce to you a heavy-duty version with a 13-gallon tank. Let’s see what this feature-packed unit got to offer!

First off, the model is equipped with an 1 GPM pump made of chemical-resistant components. The material makes sure the pump will last even if exposed to chemicals frequently.

Like every model on the list, the tank of this Ironton unit is resistant to UV rays and chemicals. There are gallon marks molded for you to track the levels of fluid at ease. Also, an easy-bottom drain is available, allowing users to remove excess fluid effortlessly.

The multiple spraying options are what make this ATV sprayer stand out on the market. You can choose between efficient broadcast or accurate spot spraying depending on the area you are working on.

As for me, I love the space-saving design of this unit.

This compact models make it convenient to store with the built-in hanging bracket. No worries about the sprayer taking up much space in your garage anymore.

However, I find the broadcast spraying function a little limited as this unit only features one nozzle that sprays about 3-4 feet wide.


  • UV and chemical resistant tank
  • 13-gallon capacity
  • Space-saving design
  • Pneumatic wheels for easy towing


  • Limited broadcast spraying function

#4 Chapin International 97200B

Another great option for middle-scale uses here: the Chapin International 97200B. It features a 15-gallon tank, which is sufficient for medium-sized fields.

The tank is made of heavy-duty translucent poly, which aims to improve the durability and show fluid levels. Also, there is a 5-inch mouth and drain plug, which guarantees to give you an easy time filling and cleaning up.

I think the impressive power is what makes this ATV sprayer appealing to many customers. The unit is capable of spraying up to 35 ft. vertically and 25 ft. horizontally, which is awesome at its price range. Also, the 4-.5 GPM flow rate allows you to cover a vast area quickly.

Like every product on the list, this Chapin sprayer also features a high-performance 12-Volt Diaphragm pump. Plus, triple filtration system is equipped to keep sediment out of the pump and prolong its lifespan.

Is there anything else useful for our tasks?

Yes, and in fact, there are a lot. For example, the 15-foot reinforced hose allows you to reach tight spots where your ATV cannot go. Otherwise, we have Lock-on feature to lock the sprayer in “open” position conveniently.

There is only one thing I want the manufacturer to improve on: the manual. To be specific, it lacks the priming instructions.

This is my story. When I received the package at first, the pump was not working. I had to contact the customer service, and they said that it needed priming. Unfortunately, there was no guide in the manual so I had to search for it on Google then. Not so convenient!


  • Impressive power
  • 15-gallon capacity
  • Wide opening tank
  • Triple filtration system


  • No priming instructions in the manual

#5 Agri-Fab 45-0292 Tow Sprayer

ATV pull behind sprayer is an incredible tool when it comes to spraying tasks, and I would love to introduce to you another sprayer of this type: the Agri-Fab 45-0292.

Again, the 15-gallon tank makes this sprayer ideal for small to medium-scale applications. The manufacturer designed the tank with large fill opening and drain hole like other products on the list.

This is a tow sprayer with boom, which features two no-clog spray tips for 7 foot wide coverage. And it does not stop there! Users will also receive a hand wand with 15-foot hose for precise spraying.

This Agri-Fab makes spraying a whole lot easier, be it large or small areas.

As a tow sprayer, this unit features universal hitch that fits any tractor of all brands. There are also flat-free wheels for easy rolling on the farm behind your ATV/ tractor.

I truly appreciate the 3-year limited warranty of this product. It gives customers 100% confidence when deciding to make a purchase.

Other specifications include maximum 1 GPM flow rate and 40 PSI pump.

However, nothing is without drawback. The tires of this tow-behind sprayer are so small to conquer rough terrains with the ATV. If only the manufacturer enlarged it a bit.


  • Universal hitch
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Reliable operation


  • Small wheels

#6 HappyBuy Spot Sprayer

The last product I introduce to you today is an ATV sprayer from HappyBuy. It comes equipped with a slightly bigger tank of 15.8 gallons for diverse applications.

Every component of this unit is of great quality to ensure you the best experience. The tank features extra-thick walls and UV, chemical resistant polymer to protect the liquids inside. Most notably, the pump made of diaphragm produces stable flow with high pressure.

Note that this durable pump is not allowed to be immersed in water for cleaning. Otherwise, it lifespan could be reduced.

I believe the HappyBuy is one of the best spreaders in terms of spraying evenly. It is capable of distributing the droplets with a diameter of only a few tens of micrometers. Impressive!

The unit requires little knowledge to operate. Simply load the sprayer on your tractor, connect the pump to the vehicle’s 12-Volt power supply and let it do the rest.

I believe you can use this ATV spreader at ease even if you are a novice.

Any drawback? Yes, and it lies in the boom. I would prefer a boomless design rather than receiving such a tiny and delicate boom included in this HappyBuy model.


  • 15.8-gallon tank
  • UV and chemical resistant tank
  • Even spraying
  • Effortless operation


  • Small and delicate boom

Why Should You Buy An ATV Sprayer?

Before digging in, let me walk you through a handful of benefits of an ATV sprayer. You will not hesitate to buy one anymore!

Designed For Large-Scale Use

Unlike the backpack spreader you are familiar with, the ATV sprayer is intended for heavy-duty uses. Thanks to the large tank and great power, it is capable of covering vast areas within a little time frame. Therefore, it saves users lots of time and effort in gardening or farming.

Ease Of Use

This type of sprayer offers maximum ease of use for anyone. Rest assured that even if you are a newbie with no technical knowledge, you can still operate the ATV spreader effortlessly.


As its name might suggest, the sprayer can be mounted to any of your ATV and brought to your working site. No arms fatigued or muscle pain guaranteed!


Feel free to put literally anything into the tank of your ATV sprayer, whether it is for irrigation or weed removal. This is also the point I appreciate best when it comes to an all-terrain vehicle spreader.

Types Of ATV Sprayers

ATV sprayers come in different sizes and shapes, but below I mention the two most common types.

Pull-type ATV Sprayers

Have you ever come across a sprayer towed behind an ATV?

Yes, it is a pull-type ATV spreader. Generally, this type comes with a higher price tag and requires more technical knowledge to use compared to other ATV sprayers. However, these cons are well justified by the fact that pull-type models have longer booms and larger tanks, which means you can spray extensive areas in a single pass only.

Mounted ATV Sprayers

This is a more compact and user-friendly type of ATV sprayers, which will fit beginners with limited knowledge. Instead of being dragged along, it does the job when mounted on top of your vehicle. Nonetheless, due to the small tanks, it is more suitable for domestic and light-duty uses.

How To Choose The Best ATV Sprayers

There are multiple factors that you need to consider while shopping for the best ATV sprayers. Follow me:

Tank Capacity

The very first thing to consider is your desired tank capacity, which depends on your working area. With a vast garden, you might want a larger tank to use the sprayer continuously without having to refill many times.

15 gallons is adequate for small-scale use. Meanwhile, a 26-gallon tank is ideal for bigger fields. You can even find 50 gallon ATV sprayer or 60 gallon ATV sprayer for commercial uses.


I have received tons of questions regarding whether an ATV with boom is necessary or not. If you want to sit still and spray a large area of land, investing in a boom is recommended. You can choose long or short booms based on your needs.


Durability is essential when we buy any goods, and ATV sprayer is no exception.

This factor depends much on the material, so pay attention to what your spreader is made of. Look for a model constructed with heavy-duty and chemical-resistant plastic.

It would be great if your model featured reinforced hose and metal valves to improve the overall durability.

Pressure and Flow Rate

When searching for any ATV sprayers, you may see PSI and GPM in the specifications. Wonder what are they?

Well, PSI and GPM refers to pressure and flow rate respectively. I will put it simply for you here, the higher both ratings are, the further and quicker your model can spray.

Hose Length

Most ATV sprayers come with 15-foot hose, which is sufficient for small-scale applications. Some manufacturer even provide extended hose for your convenience.

Spray Pattern

The most common spray pattern is vertical, and it is for good reasons. Vertical sprayers are capable of covering a large area evenly and effectively, which allows you to finish spraying at a faster rate.

Winding Up

This is the end of my article today. Have you chosen your ATV sprayer partner to accompany you on the farm?

It is great if you have made up your mind. But if not, do not worry. Take your time to consult the buying guide carefully and go around the market again. Perhaps you will find something that suit your demands best.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my next posts!

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