Best Pull/Tow Behind Lawn Mower Sprayer: Which One Is Your Winner?


Are you getting exhausted and drained after working on your lawn? Having an excellent place to behold is a joy to keep but have you ever thought of the possibility to make the task lighter and easier? Sometimes, a little help to ease the tiring routine gives a significant positive impact not only to your time but for your productivity and health as well. Have you considered investing on the best tow behind sprayer?

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Maintaining a well-kept lawn is not as simple as it seems. Hence, you need equipment that is useful in reducing your time and saving your energy. Let me show you the trusted tow behind sprayers for your buying guide.

Tow behind sprayers could be dedicated equipment, or you can attach it to a cart/trailer, truck to pull behind while cleaning the lawn. Some people call it “tow-sprayers” or just like how I call it, “tow behind sprayers.” Many designs, features, and sizes are available in the market for this sprayer to give a chance for you to pick what is comfortable to use at home. Usually, this equipment is skid-mounted, and it holds the necessities like the tank, engine and the pump.

To be more convenient, you can transform a skid into a trailer by attaching in an axle, tire and wheels set, and a low snag. I suggest that when you buy one, you need to consider the extent of your users to be able to pick a choice. You have to take note that the sprayer already comes complete with the tank along with the pumping and distribution system. Since it usually is heavy, you must ensure that the cradles/saddles can withstand the weight.




I used to have a stainless steel tank before, but what you find common nowadays are materials of fiberglass and polyethylene. Observe that the fiberglass is modified molds with the use of hand-rolled chopped fiberglass to make the most of the compactness and durability. Indeed the fiberglass is tougher than tanks made out of plastic and is supposed to last for about thirty years.  Check out with your nearest fiberglass tank builder and choose the shape that you fancy.

Plastic tanks, on the other hand, uses casting and molds. You may know that its life is half the fiberglass, but when your budget is limited, this indeed is your best option being low in terms of cost. Although both fiberglass and plastic tanks are highly resistant to chemicals, damaged plastic tanks after some time are challenging to repair. It is even beyond restoration after the punctures because no sealants or patches are sufficient for it.

Also, jet agitation is mostly applicable to plastic tanks while mechanical agitation is suitable for fiberglass tanks. Although the mechanical agitation is best in performance, only fiberglass tanks can withstand and support the weight and the force it generates during the process. In connection to this, the skids should be robust to hold all at once. As an idea, the cradle should bear an average of 3000 pounds.




Of course, the pump is vital in your spraying system. With its shape variations available, it consists of a pump, regulator, plumbing, strainer, and drive. Pick between gasoline and diesel models.


It produces a fixed-volume output basing on the size of the compartment. Considering the design, it is capable of 250 to 750 psi with 2-50 gpm volume. They serve as a perfect alternative for a piston pump.


Usually applicable to agriculture, roller pumps have an average pressure of 300 psi and are light in maintenance. It has a reasonable price as well.


The piston pump is high in pressure (800 psi) and is practical to apply on trees. However, it could hit you hard in your budget when it comes to maintenance.

On Road and Off Road: What type of sprayer is your need?

On Road tow behind sprayers 

On road tow behind sprayers are applicable for city roads and streets. Since it is heavy-duty, it requires equipment that is strong enough to hold the excess weight and the halting capability. All the parts such as the axles, shocks, wheel, tires, skids, light, fenders, and brakes must be in excellent condition. The on-road tow behind sprayer easily carries a 200-gallon tank and does not need any equipment.

However, this is practical for massive and vast area coverage.


  • Durable
  • Can cover a vast area


  • Expensive

The Off-Road tow behind sprayer

The off-road tow behind sprayer, on the other hand, is simple and easy to use besides the fact that it is lower in cost. The construction of the parts usually has customized designs to accommodate its possible weight.


  • Easy to use
  • It has a reasonable price.


  • Mostly are for personal use, covering a limited area.

10 Best Tow Behind Sprayer

I mean to help you find your best tow behind sprayer and today I am going to present the best brands found in the market. All that landed in my list prove to be trustworthy and garner the highest positive reviews worldwide.

This 25-gallon of the heavy plastic tank has a drain plug for quick cleaning, and you can mount it quickly at the rear basket of your ATV or tractor. The 12-volt spot Shurflo pump sprayer has a convenient 12-inch hose (3/8 inner dia. - 5/8 outer dia.) that aids well in your job of spraying more extensive or vast area, thus making your routine a breeze. The TCS25 model delivers up to 60 PSI and power sprays at a rate of 1.8 gallons per minute. If you decide to choose this unit, it comes fully assembled and guarantees a 90-day limited warranty.


The tank is a heavy-duty plastic material in an opaque shape with gallon call-outs, an 8’ harness that comes with heavy-duty battery clamps, and a suitable on/off switch. I like the thumb-control spray wand design because it helps my job accurate, particularly on isolated spraying. For product dimension, the tank is a whopping 31.5 x 21 x 17 inches and weighs 20.5 pounds. Do you think it is comfortable for you to handle?

To give you a quick idea, with my one GPM pump, the spray reaches up to 10-15 feet, and I am delighted with it. Well anyway, it is just for a conventional pattern spraying or so. I use this sprayer with a tow behind cart using my lawn mower. The 25-gallon tank is just too heavy to carry around the lawn. Therefore, I just put the sprayer on the top of plywood at the bagger's area of the mower, hook up the battery, and it works!

This tow-behind boom broadcast that is capable to cover wide areas and spot sprayer for specific space has a capacity of 21 gallons in 12 volts with 2.2 Gallons Per Minute at a maximum of 70 PSI. For the pump, the NorthStar on-demand NSQ series offers fast priming, excellent durability, longer life, the best in resisting to challenging environments and harmful chemicals. The model is equipped with a Honeywell micro switch for enhanced robustness and productivity. Boasting with its motor’s excellent performance in constant operation even in full load, it also includes a thermoplastic elastomer that you call Santoprene for a membrane pump and Viton seal valves for higher consistency and is able to resist any harmful chemical reactions.


21-gallon tank capacity is already large enough with designs that feature walls that are thick enough to resist UV destruction that is well matched with most of the available pesticides. Indeed, this deluxe tug-along sprayer is so versatile that it gives you accurateness and full coverage spraying in one. A complete remodel shows an oversized tank that fastens securely to a robust 100% steel wagon or cart that is capable of withstanding rugged terrain. You will notice that a folding back tow-bar, adjustable boom arms, and detachable axle and wheels allow you to store the equipment in the compact.

I also like the idea of the visible molded gallon marks for your convenience when monitoring the fluid level. You can easily tow this tank at the back of your ATV, garden tractor, or lawn mower. Other features include automatic switch off when there is no liquid flow to conserve battery power, and it comes with a unique pressure switch design that slowly cycles the pump for a reduced switch and motor wear. With its multiple spray options, it saves time and work. Thus, it says that this sprayer lasts five times more than other leading brands!

The Ironton brand has a one (1) GPM pump that is made of durable chemical resistant parts is compatible with the 13-gallon tank that is resistant to UV lights and suitable with any pesticides including roundup agricultural herbicide. There are also molded gallon marks into the body of the tank to make it easier for you to monitor the level of liquid inside. With its 7 ½ inches tank opening, it is indeed an that is easy to drain from the bottom. Tug-along trailer broadcast that can be a  spot sprayer at the same time at the back of your ATV, garden tractor, or mower to spray your turf, over the fence and the top of your fruit trees.


The features offered by this model is excellent for homeowners who want to maintain their territory. It comes with a sprayer gun that has an adjustable nozzle from strong flow or gentle mist. Moreover, for more convenience, it has a remote switch with battery clips. What I like about this sprayer are the multiple spraying options that work well in your yard, orchard, and more.

The water flow can reach up to an average of 12 foot vertical and 20-foot horizontal spray distance to the fullest while the spray pattern on the tank is about 4 feet wide. It also includes lightweight 3/8 inches and 11 feet transparent PVC hose that reinforces with synthetic braided cord for robustness. The hose sprayer is about 2 feet round spray diameter when held 1 ½ ft above the ground. For dimensions, the broadcast measures 40x 21.5x 21.5 inches, weighs 50 pounds, and is complete with 10” aerial wheels for quick and simple pulling.

Agri-fab model# 45-0292 is a 15-gallon capacity tank with a large opening and drain hole. Tank construction is of the poly tank with a steel frame. It also comes with flat free tires for smooth rolling and reliable performance. Imagine the tires going anywhere without needing to air them up.

You can spray boom with four spray tips that can reach a seven-foot-wide coverage and using a convenient hand-held self-coiling wand for spot spraying that reaches up to 30 feet. The rear boom covers 6 feet, eight inches. If you decide to pick this US-made unit with some imported components, it guarantees a three-year limited consumer warranty. This tow behind sprayer makes the use of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides fast and easy.


It is ideal and practical for large lawn applicants or huge turf boundaries. The tow behind sprayer is so simple to attach to your ATV or mower. Remember that a spray wand that is useful for targeted spraying around trees and bushes is included upon purchase. It also comes with a 12-foot hose to reach anywhere you want and a large screw cap for quick mixing of chemicals.

Although you still need to do some assembly, you can operate the vehicle efficiently, and the hitch connects easily to the vehicle’s electric source. Besides, it fits any tractor whatever the brand is. The actual dimensions are 55” x 24” x18” (LWH) and weigh 37 pounds. If you are curious how fast you can spray with it, for the record, I finished spraying my lawn with less than 30 minutes using all 15 gallons of fertilizer.

Both a boom broadcast to be able to cover a wide area and spot sprayer for the specific corner, this 31-gallon capacity sprayer has 12 volts and 2.2 Gallons Per Minute open flow NSQ series on-demand pump that provides faster priming and long life. Do you know that the unit proves to last five times longer than other brands? Also, the motor has excellent performance even through constant full operation and the model features a Honeywell Microswitch for enhanced sturdiness and competence. It boasts with a thermoplastic elastomer that you call Santoprene for a membrane pump and Viton seal valves for greater reliability. It is also capable of resisting harmful chemical reactions.


The large capacity tank designs offer walls that are thick enough to resist UV destruction and well matched with any pesticide. The security of the tank to a heavy-duty 100% steel cart that handles the bumpiest ground is the latest design. You can easily monitor the fluid inside with the molded marks in the gallon’s body, and the whole assembly is convenient to attach to your ATV or lawn/garden tractor. Remember that upon purchase the package includes one tug-along trailer boom broadcast that can also function as a spot sprayer and a remote switch.

Because of its multiple spray options, the unit is efficient in broadcast spraying that it trims big jobs down to size. It surely saves time and work by covering large areas with a 10-foot swath like railroads, fields and large lawns. Besides, the spot spraying is accurate and economical as well. You can indeed save money when you need to spray only little areas like trees, weeds, fence lines, and other isolated areas.

This brand of spot sprayer easily spray weeds, trees, fence lines, and other isolated areas. The tank is a translucent polyethylene tank with a 15-gallon capacity. The spray gun is adjustable to any pattern and can reach up to 25 feet vertically and 40 feet horizontally from where you are sitting. Take note that the pump only works when you are squeezing the spray.


The model features the top of the line Everflo 2.2 GPM and 12 volts well-insulated diaphragm pump. You can secure the whole assembly to your four-wheeler ATV, UTV, and other commercial vehicles. Do not worry since this is applicable to use with any roundup and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Upon buying, it comes with standard wire harness, lid with tether and gun clips.

The tank and pump size are very appropriate and manageable even for a beginner. Lastly, it guarantees a one-year warranty on the pump and its components. For the exact dimensions, it is 34.2 x 16.2 x 14 inches and weighs 18 pounds. The set actually gives a reasonable price while offering a wonderful performance.

This economical spot sprayer contains a one GPM pump and a 15-gallon white sprayer tank capacity with gallon callouts. The whole assembly also includes a lightweight hand wand, 120” wire leads, hassle-free on/off switch, 15 feet hose, and tough suction screens. The product dimension is 36 x 16.2 x 15.2 inches and weighs 16.9 pounds. You can easily mount this tow behind sprayer on your ATV, tractors, and mowers.


Check out this review to know more about this model.

The Happybuy spot sprayer has .6 GPM and 12 volts with a 58-PSI pump that can withstand fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. With this large water tank, the spray system can hold all 15.8 gallons at one time. This model has an enhanced endurance and works efficiency that makes huge spraying jobs easier and quicker. The assembly has a refined nozzle for even spraying that guarantees productivity and less waste.

The reliable diaphragm pump with stable flow lays a solid foundation for steady operation. The tank design has extra thick walls of special UV resistant polymer that is tough when dealing with chemicals. Thus, it prolongs its service life. The system itself has a simple structure that makes it user-friendly and results in high efficiency, economical, lesser cost, time, and effort.


The tank also contains a filter to prevent clogging and has a drain cap to make emptying of the tank simple and easy. This unit suits well in preventing and controlling pests and diseases in the vicinity making it a trustworthy brand to use.

The 15-gallon capacity tow behind spot sprayer can hold any fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicides. The tank is translucent in appearance with a five-inch wide mouth and drains plug for easy filling and cleaning. The design withstands common fertilizer and weed killers. With its high performing one GPM, 12-volt, 40-PSI diaphragm pump with quick connector alligator clips and dual filtration system, it indeed guarantees productivity at work.

The unit also has an 18” spray wand and adjustable poly nozzle that shut off because it has a lock on/off feature. It delivers 30 feet maximum vertical spray coverage and 18 feet horizontal coverage. Remember that upon purchase, it comes with a 15 feet reinforced hose as well. This Chapin EZ mount spot sprayer can easily attach to any ATV, UTV, or lawn mowers.


Chapin offers full technical support when needed.

An eight gallon tank for a tow behind sprayer is ideal when you are maintaining a minimal space at home. Hence, this is ideal also for beginners who want it small for the first time. I got my Ironton 8 gallon spot sprayer and loved it. It is not too big nor heavy and exactly what I need to spray over the fence and particular corners in my mini turf.

The one gallon per minute pump and 40 PSI performance are enough to complete the job. I like the robust material of the tank that can resist the harmful effects of chemicals. Santoprene is really outstanding along with its Viton components. Aside from this, the tank also resists UV rays and is compatible with all available pesticides.


The molded marks found on the body of the tank is useful when monitoring the liquid level. The 3 ½ inches tank opening is also convenient and makes draining the fluid easy from the bottom. This model is 100% approved for roundup agricultural herbicide.

The package includes a spray gun nozzle that is adjustable from long range area coverage (12 ft. spray height) to spot spraying. It also goes with a durable ⅜” x 11 feet transparent PVC hose (braided synthetic cord) that is light enough to carry around, remote switch, and alligator type battery clips. Remember that it carries a 12 volts battery and you need to buy the tow-behind cart separately. The average shipping weight for this purchase is 10 pounds.

What Do You Need To Consider When Buying A Tow Behind Sprayer?



Though I have mostly discussed with you what a tow behind sprayer is, I feel I still need to point out the factors that you need to consider when purchasing one. Buying one is a considerable investment so you may already have an idea base on what you need. Let me state some areas that you need to ponder on before you decide.

Tank material

The tank is the first that I look for when finding my best tow behind sprayer. As I mentioned, its material could be out of stainless steel, fiberglass, or plastic. I certainly would suggest fiberglass since it is most durable. Though expensive, the quality is justifiable making it reasonable.

However, you can opt for composite materials as well. Composite materials use strengthened plastics making it durable than the ordinary plastic materials. This type is far lesser in cost compared to fiberglass. The plastic material is cheap, but that is also the leading cause of why the quality is not reliable.

I suggest buying the basic plastic when you do not have any other choice at all.

Technical add-ons

I recommend making a checklist mainly when it is your first time to buy one. Buying your first tow behind sprayer is the beginning of being familiar with the system. Ask the experts on the necessary add-ons such as flow meters and gauges. They may only be under the add-ons category, but you will find them valuable as well.

Hose adjustability

Can you imagine a hose that you cannot adjust when needed? Yes, hose adjustability is essential mainly during working time. Together with the spray nozzles, look for additional features such as adjustable parts. It would be convenient to be able to switch from misting to streaming of liquid consistently.

Adjustable features make your work with ease and comfort knowing that you have the best tow behind sprayer that is dependable. With this, you no longer need to buy more tools to keep your sprayer working.

Consider the terrain

How big is your area? Make sure that your sprayer is suitable for your terrain and use. Therefore, let your territory be your basis during the purchase. For example, a bumpy terrain needs a sprayer that has pneumatic tires, so it is durable enough to sustain the impact.

For open terrain, plastic wheels are already appropriate for use.


As I have noted, the diaphragm pump is the best choice when you want your chemical mixtures to be even.

Quick Tips on Using Your Tow Behind Sprayer



I believe that familiarizing yourself with your tow behind sprayer can save your day big time. Even the basics can be of great help when the situation occurs. It does not only save up on time and effort but with money as well.

  • Always make it a priority to accustom yourself on the basics of your tow behind sprayer.
  • The available manual that comes with the delivery is the first start to be acquainted with the equipment.
  • It is best to take it for a test drive to be familiar with how it works.
  • I advise using water first on your first try until you are already comfortable with the adjustments before dealing with chemicals.
  • Learn to check on loose parts and tighten it before starting the day. Make it a routine to clean the tank every after use to prevent clog-ups.

Safety Tips When Using Your Tow Behind Sprayer

When dealing with chemicals, you expose yourself on hazards and accidents. Hence, it is better to educate yourself thoroughly on keeping safety as the first priority. With this, you will save not only yourself and the environment but also others as well when the situation arises.

  • Always wear protective gears like goggles, gloves, and masks before starting to work.
  • Do a routine check on your spray delivery system before starting the day. If you found a problem, ensure to repair this immediately.
  • Be accurate in following instructions in the manual particularly during the assembly of the equipment.
  • Follow the recommended safety standards diligently on flow rates and pressures. Always follow the schedule of calibration.
  • Be careful and drive with slow speed especially on rough and dangerous terrains.
  • Keep the equipment away from children and pets. Store it properly in its own packaging for safety. Never allow kids to do the operation.
  • I advise that you allocate an indoor storage area for your sprayer for those who have winter to prolong the life.
  • DO not forget to clean the sprayer according to the product instructor.
  • Apply a suitable antifreeze solution to the parts before storage.

My Final Thoughts

I always believe that choosing anything to buy does not matter whether it is big equipment or just a simple grocery item. Deciding what to pick will never confuse me as long as I know what I need. Making a list of the important factors that I personally consider as essential is my guide to choosing the right one. For me, the affordable product and at the same time works well are my priorities when buying.

Have you already thought about the different models that I have presented? I hope that you found what you think you can bring home that will meet your expectations. Cheers to that!

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