Husqvarna 150bt Backpack Leaf Blower Review – The Best Cleanup Tool

No more struggling to sweep the front yard covered in leaves. No more frustration when the winds blow away the chunk of garbage you have just collected. Husqvarna 150BT is here to save the day with its amazing blower, ensuring the smoothest cleaning experience for you.

If you want to learn more about this product, stay with us and explore its features. Spoiler alert, we rate this powerful beast 4 out of 5 stars. Now, let’s see what it has to offer!

Husqvarna 150BT Reviews - Pros And Cons


  • Powerful X-TORG Engine for better fuel efficiency and less pollution.
  • Featuring high air volume and 251 MPH air velocity.
  • Lightweight and highly portable.
  • Comfortable to wear even for a long period.
  • Robust grip.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Highly capable.
  • Multiple settings are available.
  • Best fit for well-ventilated areas.


  • No leaf vacuum attached.
  • Slightly more expensive than its counterparts.
  • Strong force required to start the pull cord
  • Thin plastic parts can appear to be cheaply made.
  • Unsuitable for indoor use.

Husqvarna 150BT key features

While there are multiple leaf blowers on the market, Husqvarna 150BT stands out as one among the best. So what are the features that set this product apart from its competitors?

X-TORG engine.

 If you worry about a fuel-consuming leaf blower, rest assured that Husqvarna 150BT will help solve the problem for you. Its X-TORG engine is capable of increasing the fuel efficiency up to a quarter, which means you can save quite a lot of oil in the long run.

Also, the problem with many leaf blowers is that it releases too much carbon dioxide. Not only is this gas toxic to the environment, but it can also cause respiratory problems for customers. But you might feel relieved to know that the engine of Husqvarna 150BT can decrease the amount of exhaust fumes by half, so your well-being is better ensured.

Comfortable backpack harness.

 Another reason why Husqvarna 150BT backpack blower deserves to be on your wishlist is its well-designed harness. As the name already indicates, Husqvarna 150BT is a backpack blower, so feel free to carry it around on your back.

“But what if it is too heavy and stuffy?” - you may ask. Well, the harness is well padded to alleviate the weight and make sure it sticks to your back without causing any discomfort.

However, people over 60 years old may find it a bit difficult to use this Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower.

Extended warranty.

The standard warranty option of the Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower is two years, but you can get it extended by buying an extra pack of oil when you make your purchase with the device itself.

Another option for you is to buy ready-made fuel, which will give you an extended warranty of up to 4 years.

Cordless and ergonomic design.

Using a leaf blower is not a very pleasant experience, especially when the device is heavy and bulky. This is the reason why Husqvarna incorporates the Low Vib technology. Combined with the ergonomic design, Husqvarna backpack blower 150BT helps to lessen the pressure and stress placed on the user’s back and arms. Kudos to the amazing anti-vibration dampeners!

And that is not to mention the cordless feature of this leaf blower. Unlike many competitors who rely on extension cords to maximize the cleanup effectiveness, Husqvarna turns to a compact tool without a single wire. This feature is particularly helpful when you need to bring the machine to hard-to-reach places, such as the drains, gutters, or rooftops.

Husqvarna 150BT - a comprehensive look


The air speed of the Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower is 251 mph, which is enough to clean up whatever mess you need to tidy. At the same time, this speed is pretty tolerable as it does not generate loud noises.

Also, you should notice that this device is 150BT. With this rate, the chances are it cannot get rid of wet grass or large chunks of muddy garbage. Rather, the efficiency level of Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower is best suited for small to medium cleanup tasks.

X-TORQ engine

The X-TORQ engine is a highlight in Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower, as it proves the manufacturers actually care about the environment besides its profit margin.

This internal engine - designed to minimize the fuel use - is capable of saving you up to 20% of the typical energy usage, thus cutting down on the exhaust fumes by up to 60%.

In the long run, this feature will help you save quite a lot of money on fuel and oil. At the same time, it makes sure you and the surrounding area do not get overwhelmed in the smoke released. A win-win situation for both the customers and the ecosystem!

Low Vib technology

As previously mentioned, the Low Vib is born out of the need to provide customers with better comfort when using the Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower.

In essence, the Low Vib refers to the dampeners placed between the engine and the framework, thus dispersing the vibration. When you have to carry a leaf blower around for a long period of time, you will realize how helpful the Low Vib is. Personally speaking, we believe this feature is extremely helpful for older users, who may find dealing with a vibrating machine not an easy task.

Cruise control

All Husqvarna blowers 150BT function based on an internal fan, which will monitor the air flow and speed rate. It means that if you want to increase or decrease these two stats, you have to change the speed of the fan.

While many leaf blowers miss out on this feature, Husqvarna is quick to implement its cruise control. The moveable, circular handle is attached near the control panel, which gives you easy access to different fan speed settings. Feel free to pull it up or down depending on whether you want the fan to be more or less powerful.

Still, it is worth noted that while this cruise control can dial down the air flow, there is not much it can do to boost the efficiency of the leaf blower. The maximum speed rate is 251 mph and you cannot go past that.


Many people would expect a ready-to-use leaf blower from the box, but the truth is you will need to put some parts together.

First off, make sure you connect both the blower and the swivel joint with the hose. There are some hard clips needed to stick these components together, but the hardware is already available in the box.

Once the hose is fully connected, let’s move on to the throttle holder. There is an included screw, which allows you to seal the holder to the swivel. Now, you have to put in some extra efforts here, because the position and the angle of the holder will affect your comfort when you move the leaf blower around. Adjust the holder and the swivel so as it fits comfortably on your back and arms.

But that is not everything with the hose. You will also need to fasten the throttle cable to the hose and ensure everything sticks together. At this point, you may or may not want to attach the handlebar to the machine. It is totally optional.

But the next part with the blower tubes is mandatory. The manufacturers have already twisted the blower for you, so all you have to do is to attach it to the machine’s body.

Finally, let’s deal with the harness. Slowly position the harness on your body until you feel at ease. Feel free to tighten the straps if you think the harness is too loose. Make sure the harness is well covered across your shoulders and back to prevent pressure from accumulating at one particular spot. Check the waist belt and see whether your hips can feel the weight of the blower. Do not forget to fasten the front buckle for better security.

On a side note, you do not have to use the waist belt if you do not like it. However, once you decided to take off the belt, make sure it is off entirely. Do not leave the belt hanging around, as it can obstruct your move and affect the airflow of the blower.

Are you done with all the steps above? Great! Now you have a fully functional Husqvarna 150BT.

Personally speaking, we believe the assembly of this leaf blower is not very challenging. While the setup is a bit time-consuming, the instructions are pretty straightforward and customers can easily follow.

Fuel type

To work properly, a Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower needs both oil and gas.

Once you make your purchase, the manufacturers will give you a 2.6 ounce bottle of oil, so you just need to buy a separate tank of gas. Non-leaded gas is highly recommended as it does not hamper the lifespan of the machine.

However, it is a must that you have to mix the oil and gas in the correct ratio. Some customers propose 20cc of oil and one liter of gas, but we would advise you to stick to the manufacturers’ advice. It is best that you mix gas and oil with a 50 to 1 ratio, as any other ratios may not be compatible with how the Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower engine is designed.

What to do during the operation process

Operating a leaf blower is pretty simple, but there are a few points that you have to pay attention to.

First, do not forget a helmet and a pair of goggles. You can pass these if you only work in a small area with, and your main task is to clean up grass and plants. But if you - say - want to tidy up your rooftops, or you wish to blow away the dirt at your woodworking garage - having head and eye protection is extremely vital.

Since the airflow of a Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower is quite high, it will end up scattering small pieces everywhere. You do not want some debris to fly right into your eye, do you? Precaution is never extra.

Also, if your working environment is dusty, putting on a mouth mask can be of great help.

Another detail for you to bear in mind when using this leaf blower is to distance yourself from the receiving end of the blower. A forty - fifty foot radius is usually acceptable, as it allows you to clean up the leaves without endangering yourself.

What not to do during the operation process

Using a leaf blower may seem exciting, but there are some exceptions when such a machine may be a terrible choice.

If you want to clean up an indoor area, do not ever entertain the idea of using a powerful leaf blower like the Husqvarna (or as a matter of fact - any other leaf blower).

The same rule is applicable to poorly ventilated areas. When in operation, the Husqvarna 150BT releases exhaust fumes, which can cause bad odor and respiratory diseases. These gases need to be circulated around in the air for the sake of a customer’s well-being.

Furthermore, make sure you only use a leaf blower when your stance is stable. This machine is lighter than most of its counterparts, but it is still a heavy product. If your footing is slippery or unstable, there are chances that you may slip off and harm yourself. This means you cannot use a leaf blower when you are standing on a ladder or a scaffolding.

It is also recommended that you do not use a leaf blower in windy weather. The winds may tamper with your cleanup process by blowing the leaves and debris back to where they initially are.

You may think this is merely a matter of proficiency. But in fact, experts state that a leaf blower does not fit unfavorable weather conditions like rainy or dusty day, partly because of its poor performance, and partly because of its possible impact on your health. What if the strong winds affect your footing? Or somehow some flying objects hit you directly?

In short, save the leaf blower for a day when the weather is on your side and your visibility is not limited.

Husqvarna ​​​​150BT - how does it compare?

In our Husqvarna 150BT reviews today, we have talked quite a lot about the features of this machine. But how does it compare with other competitors? Let’s see.

Husqvarna 150BT and Husqvarna 350BT

While both machines come from the Husqvarna company, there are certain differences between these two models.

While the former is designed to accommodate the needs of industrial cleanup, the latter focuses more on household tasks. That said, the Husqvarna 150BT is more powerful than its 350BT, and probably will best fit customers who seek for an efficient blower with impressive air speed.

On the other hand, if all you need is a lightweight, backpack machine to tidy your front yard or your modest lawn, the Husqvarna 350BT is a more economical choice.

Husqvarna 150BT and Echo PB-580T

Both Husqvarna 150BT and Echo PB-580T are among the most favorite products when it comes to leaf blowers, customers generally favor the former choice.

This is because Husqvarna 150BT is more cost-saving, and it can hold up pretty well even when dealing with large areas. Customers with a limited budget who wish to tidy up their properties easily would go for this machine.

But that does not mean Echo PB-580T is any less functional. It is still a powerful beast. The problem is that people regard Echo as  a premium brand, so only people seeking a high-end leaf blower would turn to this choice.

Husqvarna 150BT and Poulan Pro 475 CFM

Both of these machines are pretty much similar in terms of price, weight and functions. So what are the difference between them?

The Husqvarna 150BT is slightly more powerful than its competitor, and it does not require prior running to use. But it requires some assembly from the customers. In short, this product is the best for those who have had some experience in dealing with machines,

Vice versa, Poulan Pro 475 CFM is not as powerful, but it is super easy to start and set up. If we are talking about amateur users, then this model is a reasonable choice for them.

In conclusion

Having a leaf blower can definitely reduce your cleanup workload, and we hope our reviews on the Husqvarna 150BT is helpful for you when you need to find a reliable machine on the market.

If you find our article informative, leave a comment below and tell us more!

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