Top 10 Best Motorized / Manual Retractable Awnings USA 2021 and Buyers Guide

Retractable Awnings protect your patios from harmful UV rays and other dangerous elements. They also control the sunlight and heat. You can easily fix them on soffits, walls, or roofs.

In this article, we have listed both motorized and manual best retractable awnings for you to choose them.

In outdoor spaces like patios, you can enjoy surrounding sceneries or fresh air. Providing shades, Retractable awnings multiply the pleasure many folds. Also, you can simply advance or retract them as you desire.

In fact, these canopies can be set on any outdoor spaces including rooftops. Most people use them in their lawns, patio gardens, and entrances. Some shops and resorts, use them for shading their entrances and surroundings.

Best Motorized Retractable Awnings

1. ADVANING Motorized Patio Retractable Awnings (Luxury Series)

Advaning retractable awnings luxury series adds character to the spaces. It also comes in 6 different patterns and colors. It is made with Acrylic Canvas (100% Solution Dyed). Hence, it may not fade easily in the hot sun.

In fact, the weave is designed to release the heat produced by sunlight. So, it provides cool shades underneath. it is also resistant to molds and mildews.

You can adjust the canopy using both crank loops and pitch loops. Crank loops help to retract or extend the coverage. Similarly, the pitch loops help to adjust the pitching angle. As a result, you can fully control both pitch and length of the covering according to varying positions of the sun.

With corrosion-free frames and long warranty periods, you can never go wrong with purchasing this high-quality product.

2. ROLLINGSHIELD Motorized Retractable Awnings

Rollingshield Motorized Retractable Awning features both electrical cranking and manual cranking. It is also perfect for both commercial and residential usage. These awnings are ideal for shading backyards, terraces, courtyards, balconies, cafes, patios, and restaurants.

The canopy is designed with Recasens acrylic fabric (100% solution-dyed). It has a special “Infinity” coating. Hence, these awnings are rot-proof, anti-stain, and water-resistant.

This fabric has High UV resistance. It is also Breathable, lead-free, Energy Saving, Tear Resistant and Easy maintainable.

In addition, the fabric roller is centrally supported to prevent deflection. These high-quality fabrics are manufactured in Spain. For high stability, the large units (20 and 24 feet) have three supporting arms. The rust-proof frames are made from stainless steel and aluminum.

In fact, these units are fully assembled in the factories. You just have to install them with the brackets provided.

3. ADVANING Motorized Patio Retractable Awnings (Classic Series)

In Advaning retractable awnings Lineup, the Classic series is one of the low-end models. However, these models have several features that other models seldom have.

This model features both manual cranking and electric cranking. It operates smoothly and efficiently in both modes. Some other models also have this rare feature. However, Advancing Classic Series is comparatively a little bit more versatile and can last longer.

The manufacturers produce this model in various sizes and ranges. You can find them starting from 8′ x 7′ to 16′ x 10′. Hence, you can choose from different sizes suiting your spaces.

Advaning classic series has a solid reputation for premium-quality awnings. In fact, only a handful of companies have this privilege. These products are of high quality. However, they cost a little bit more compared to the competitors.

4. DESTIN with Hood Left Motor Retractable Awnings (16 ft)

The Destin retractable awning is a sleek, heavy-duty, UV and shade solution for your outdoor spaces. It also has an aluminum hood cover that additionally protects the unit in retracted positions.

The high-quality frame is constructed using powder-coated aluminum and steel. In fact, this unit is supplied as an assembly. You can just install it on your walls, roof surface, soffit, or any desired space.

Interestingly, the canopy is made from acrylic fabric that is 100% solution-dyed. It provides excellent sun protection (UV 80+). It is also soil, water, fade, molds, and mildew resistant.

A powerful motor (120v 60Hz 1.92A) operates the canopy smoothly. For easy access, a 12 feet long cord 3 prong cord is attached to the motor.

The product comes bundled with a sleek remote for the motor. The packing also includes cranking wands, wall brackets, and user manuals. Long warranty periods cover the product ensuring peace of mind to the users.

5. ALEKO Half Cassette Motorized Retractable LED Luxury Awnings

ALEKO Half Cassette Retractable Awnings provide curb appeal to your spaces. They are perfect for both rain protection and shading. These products feature both electric cranking and manual cranking.

You can operate the motors with just a single click on the sleek remote. You can also partially or fully retract the canopy, which is huge enough to cover 76 sq feet. In fact, the opening and the closing operation complete within a minute with seamless smoothness.

The remote also has 3 settings to adjust the brightness of the bundled high-quality LED lights. In fact, these LED lights provide both brightness and decoration for the canopy.

To protect the retracting fabric, the semi cassette frame covers extra space in the front. Typically, the product is bundled with standard wall brackets (vertical) for wall fixing. However, it can also be fixed under the roof using ceiling Brackets.

Best Manual Retractable Awnings

6. BEST CHOICE Aluminum Polyester Retractable Awnings

Best Choice Aluminum Polyester Retractable Awning is a high-quality product. Hence, you can expect it to last for many years.

This awning is made from high-quality polyester sheets and aluminum frames. So, it weighs just about 36.5 pounds (16.5 Kg). It is also water, fade, and UV resistant. The high-quality aluminum frame has good finishing and powder-coating.

Typically, its large size (98×80 inches) is enough to cover an average patio. You can also use this canopy to shade balconies, entrances, and almost any outdoor space. It can provide an elegant twist to your spaces.

Also, the well-designed built-in reel and perfectly fixing crank handle make extending or retracting the canopy a joy. In any case, this awning will ease your life and never let you down.

7. TANG Pergola Shade Cover Retractable Awnings

In fact, Tang sunshade is more of a retractable slide than an awning. It is different from other awnings. Unlike other awnings, canopies hung through thin wire cables, providing distinct looks.

Typically, these canopies slide smoothly and perfectly on wires, blocking the sun rays. You can use them on almost any type of outdoor spaces including lawns, back yards, patios, and also above windows or doors. Their unique appeal never fails to gather attention.

In fact, the breathable fabric is lightweight than almost all other awnings. It also allows the breeze and drizzles to pass through. However, when the rains are heavy, just pull them back. This prevents water from sogging or hanging on the fabric.

Installing the eye pads and wire cables to pergolas or free-standing structures is relatively easy and simple. You can also adjust the settings to suit your preferences.

8. OUTSUNNY Adjustable Retractable Awnings

Outsunny Manual Retractable Awning is one of the best budget-friendly products. The product also includes a long crank handle, that eases the retractions and extensions.

The canopy is made from high-quality polyester fabric. This fabric also has PU waterproof coating. Hence, it suits well for both rainy and summer days. In addition, its effective anti-UV properties provide maximum protection against harmful rays of the sun.

Typically, this tough product weighs just about 50 pounds (23 Kg). Hence, you can transport it easily.

With its narrow design, it fits perfectly well above doors and windows. You can also fit them to shade any of your outdoor spaces including patios, balconies, rooftops, and porches.

9. ALEKO Retractable Awnings

ALEKO Manual Retractable Patio Awning is a user-friendly, inexpensive and flexible product. It is also an eco-friendly product. Typically, the opening and closing operation is smooth and completes in a minute.

The canopy measures 10×8’ in size. Hence, it can comfortably shade the entire patio, window side, entrance, or any outdoor space. It also comes in multiple sizes and a plethora of colors to choose from.

The polyester fabric used is 100% water and UV-resistant. You can also control the retraction and extension of the canopy with the hand crank.

You can install it on your wall or fascia with the brackets included in the package. Also, you can install it vertically against the floor using support arms that can be purchased separately.

10. AWNING ASSIST Brace Retractable Awnings

If your region is custom to warm weather and light winds, Awning Assist brace retractable awning can be an ideal choice. It is easy to assemble and also to install. In fact, this is one of the awnings that provide the most UV protection.

The powder-coated canopy is about 0.75” thick. Hence, it is also one of the awnings that lasts longer. It protects the occupants from occasional wind gusts and associated noise effectively.

The package includes supporting poles also. Hence, you may not need to purchase separately. The supporting poles enable the canopy to withstand light to medium winds. This product is easy to install, remove and transfer.

Buyers Guide

There are some important factors to consider before purchasing retractable awnings as we have listed below:


In the market, you can easily find good quality manual and electrical awnings. However, both of them have their own pros and cons.

The manual awnings are most widely available. They also have more options in colors and sizes. Operating them is simple and smooth. However, they require physical manual labor.

Typically, the electrical awnings provide more convenience. An electric motor does all the work just at a single click of a button. In addition, most modern electric awnings come with remote control for providing the utmost convenience.

On the flip side, you have to pay for electricity and remote batteries. They also have more components. Hence, the possibility of electrical or mechanical failure is high. In case of failure, you may have to pay more premiums for rectification.


The canopies of the awning have different materials. Typically, the manufacturers use Canvas, PVC, and Polyester to design the canopies. Naturally, each material has its own pros and cons depending on the atmosphere, especially in hot regions.


In fact, the canvas is a natural, organic material. It is also affordable and easily acquirable. With high tensile strength, it is one of the best durable materials available in the market.

On the flip side, environmental expose does damage the material. Hence, if you purchase canvas canopies, make sure they have a specialized protective coating. This type of coating helps the canvas to withstand a harsh atmosphere and also extends the life expectancy.


PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic-synthetic fabric. In fact, it is one of the best lightweight and flexible materials available in the market. It is also waterproof and does not need any additional protective coatings.

Naturally, this affordable material is mold and mildew-resistant. However, this material is less durable due to its low tensile strength.


Polyester is a synthetic material. In fact, it is both durable as canvas and weather-resistant as PVC. This material is also the least expensive compare to other ones. Polyester is considered to be a perfect choice for retractable awnings. Hence, most people prefer to buy polyester canopies.

However, Polyester is not water-resistant naturally. So, make sure canopies have a specialized coating for water resistance before purchasing.

The Frame

In general, the frame should be made from lightweight and durable metals. If heavy metals are used, they may strain the wall and damage it. In worst cases, it may even cause the awning to fall off.

Nowadays, most frames are made of aluminum and stainless steel considering the above-mentioned factors. So, most modern-day frames are durable and lightweight.

However, they tend to corrode and rust with time. An application of powder coating can prevent this flaw. Hence, look for powder-coated aluminum and stainless-steel frames.

Alternatively, you can go for acrylic frames. They do not corrode or rust. However, they are not durable and lightweight either. You can purchase retractable awnings with acrylic frames after inspecting the strength and structure of your walls.


The Retractable Awnings improve the appearance of homes. They are also affordable and versatile. In fact, they provide you the liberty of enjoying outdoor weather in the comfort of your home premises. They also enhance the environment and create a soothing atmosphere.

Typically, people use them to shades windows, entrances, patios, and even rooftops. Before purchasing, consider the size, color, and features to suit your spaces.

In any case, the weather may have a toll on them. So go for the ones with high-quality standards.

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